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3d internet

  1. 1. 3D on the Web (3d internet)Vikas sarwara11092007mmec
  2. 2. Overview What is 3D internet? Applications (why 3D internet is important) History (where we’ve been) Current Status (where we are) The Future (where we’re going)
  3. 3. What is 3D internet? Combination of two powerful forces • the internet • 3D graphics The result: interactive, realtime 3D graphics delivered over the web.
  4. 4. Why now? Until recently, there were two problems: • slow computers • slow connections Downloading 3D content took a long time Once downloaded, it ran very slowly Quality of the graphics was poor
  5. 5. What’s Changed? Increased bandwidth into the home • cable modems • DSL Increased processor speed • 1 ghz and beyond Graphics accelerators • installed on all new machines • able to provide fast, high-quality graphics
  6. 6. Applications E-commerce • product visualization • 3D virtual shops • interactive demos • 3D “banner ads” Training • web-based training using interactive 3D
  7. 7. Applications (cont’d) Games • multi-player, fully 3D (e.g. Sony Everquest) Entertainment • streaming 3D animation (much lower bandwidth than video, can run full-screen, can have interactivity) Social Interaction • 3D chat spaces
  8. 8. Applications (cont’d) Education • virtual “field trips” • distance education as well as on-campus • virtual “experiments” for physical sciences • historical recreations for social sciences • 3D data visualization for various fields
  9. 9. 3D Web Technologies (3/13/12) 3D Dreams (www.doitin3d.com) 3D Groove (www.3dgroove.com) Alice (www.alice.org) Anfy 3D (www.anfy3d.com) Atomic 3D (www.atomic3d.com) Blaxxun3D (www.blaxxun.com) Cult3D (www.cycore.com)
  10. 10. Design How can 3D help me convey my message? What visual form should the 3D content take? (What is my metaphor?) What kinds of 3D objects are needed? How will they move? How will the user interact with them?
  11. 11. Animation and Interactivity Can be created in 3D authoring application and exported Can be created in a separate authoring tool (e.g. Pulse, Cult3D) Can be created using standard Javascript (Blaxxun3D, Shout3D) Advantages and disadvantages to each approach
  12. 12. Polishing Add sound, music if appropriate User actions should often have sound Put in context by creating a surrounding HTML page Add links to additional information pages
  13. 13. The Content Creation Team 3D modelers • fairly specialized skill • different modelers know different packages • can also create 3D content from scanning • 3D “clip art” also available 2D artists • probably already in-house for web page art • generally use PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro
  14. 14. Content Creation Team (con’td) Sound/music specialists • probably available in-house • must adapt skills to Web3D context Animators • often same as modelers • must be able to design for interaction Programmers • Javascript, Java both common
  15. 15. Example -- Forest Walk Forest created by Andrew Reitmeyer for the VRML Dream project Simply uploaded the VRML file to a web site and wrote a short HTML page to use Shout3D’s “walk” viewer applet on it Total time -- 10 minutes! Building the forest itself took a bit longer
  16. 16. Here’s the HTML<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"><center><applet width=300 height=250 codebase="../common/shout3d" archive="shout3dClasses.zip" code="applets/WalkApplet.class"> <param name=src value="forest.wrl"></applet><br><i>Use the mouse to walk through the world</i></center></body>
  17. 17. Key Points Simple 3D web sites can be easy to create Good 3D content can be compelling You need to build a good team Try to leverage existing 3D content wherever possible