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Cannonball your startup

  2. What is branding? "Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room" - Jeff Bezos And what is a brand? A brand is an identity or the face of the company and the services you provide. Branding plays a significant role in the success of every business. In the case of startups, powerful marketing can help boost your brand in its early stages. Think again, if you believe branding is not important for a startup.
  3. Uniqueness Your unique brand name will help differentiate your product to the product of your competitors. Identification Creating and maintaining a strong visual brand can help customers easily recognize your brand. Recognition Increase brand recognition to ensure your brand is at the forefront of all your marketing materials. Goodwill A brand is a symbol of your quality. This goodwill can even ensure the sale of your slightly pricey product. Importance of Branding
  4. What compels people to buy? 5% of the consumers purchase a product because of rational reasons like pricing, features and comfortability. Whereas, 95% of the consumer buying behavior depends on how the customer feels subconsciously about your brand.
  5. Consider these while marketing your brand Simple yet catchy name Pick a name that is easy to spell, to remember and open for further expansions for future. Have a good story A brand story is a foundation around which your brand is built and helps your customer connect with you. Collect your color Colors are not just visual aid but also representations of feelings, emotions and experiences. Mission and vision A mission is the objectives of your brands. A vision is your future prospects. A value is your brand voice.
  6. Find your font Typography can be intimidating when you start making designs and the choice of fonts speaks for you. Model a perfect logo Your logo is a simple, appropriate unique identity of your brand. The logo should also project your ideas. Involve an agency Instead of going through all the various choices, you just have to focus on decision-making. Maintain the consistency It is vital to maintain the consistency of your brand as your brand doesn’t stop developing.
  7. In essence, startup branding startup brands should no longer revolve around their products or services. It is all about differentiating and standing out in a competitive, saturated environment. To know more about how an agency can help you to boost your brand, reach out to us.
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