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The design secrets behind Slack’s amazing success


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Tina Chen, Design Lead at Slack, takes us behind the scenes to share the design processes at Slack. She’ll talk about what it's like to design at a company that’s growing rapidly, and walk us through a recent project that gave apps and bots the ability to interact more closely with users. We’ll also have a Q&A session with Tina after her presentation.

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The design secrets behind Slack’s amazing success

  1. 1. The design secrets behind Slack’s amazing success #Utwebinar @UserTesting Tina Chen ! Design Lead, Slack
  2. 2. UserTesting’s on demand customer insights platform enables companies to create powerful products and exceptional customer experiences. #UTwebinar
  3. 3. We Partner With Thousands Of Customers #UTwebinar
  4. 4. Across All Platforms, At All Stages Of Development Watch customers interact with: DESKTOP SMARTPHONE TABLET WEBSITES APPS & PROGRAMS PROTOTYPES & WIREFRAMES SURVEYS PHYSICAL PRODUCTS Anywhere people interact with your brand: AT HOME AT A STORE ON THE GO On any pla6orm or device: #UTwebinar
  5. 5. Traditional Testing 2 to 3 Weeks 2 to 3 Weeks1 Week ! Results In Hours, Not Weeks. Save Time. Save Money. Plan & Recruit Run Study Analyze Data & Write Report 1 Day1 Day Analyze Data & Iterate Plan, Recruit & Run Study Within Sprint 2 Days 4-7 Weeks #UTwebinar
  6. 6. Agenda •  Welcome •  Product Process at Slack •  Design Process at Slack •  Building Message Buttons •  Q&A Adam Rector Webinar Manager, UserTesting @iamadamrector Tina Chen Design Lead, Slack @meowr #UTwebinar
  7. 7. 8! ! Tina Chen Design Lead, Slack ! #UTwebinar Tina Chen manages the platform design team at Slack. She studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford and went on to become a Senior UX Designer at Google. She then joined Medium as a Product Designer before coming onboard at Slack as a Design Lead. Tina is a full- spectrum designer, covering everything from product strategy, interaction design, prototyping, to branding and visuals. She is deeply interested in understanding people's perspectives and motivations and designing the best products and experiences for them. @meowr
  8. 8. Tina Chen Design at Slack
  9. 9. About me
  10. 10. Product Process at Slack
  11. 11. Small Team
  12. 12. Growing Team
  13. 13. Product Workshop
  14. 14. Product Workshop Design Workshop
  15. 15. Launch Review Product Workshop Design Workshop
  16. 16. Design Process at Slack
  17. 17. Discover and Scope
  18. 18. Iterate and Prototype Discover and Scope
  19. 19. Build, Refine, and Launch Iterate and Prototype Discover and Scope
  20. 20. Consider all platforms Prototype and use internally Build in craftsmanship best practices Things we’ve learned
  21. 21. Pair designers on teams 1:1 and team studio time Weekly design critiques Slack: discussion, sharing, standup Design Collaboration
  22. 22. User empathy Voice and brand Doing the right thing for users Craftsmanship Building a product users love
  23. 23. Building Message Buttons
  24. 24. What work could happen in Slack? What could the user experience be? What should we build first? Discover and Scope
  25. 25. Refreshing attachments Main workflows Building blocks <-> apps Iterate and Prototype
  26. 26. Internal testing Working with launch partners Best practices and guidelines Build, Refine, and Launch
  27. 27. @meowr Thanks.
  28. 28. Questions & Answers ! Q A #UTwebinar