Being a Successful User-Centred Product Manager


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This workshop is about building an effective and nimble user centred product team building great products for a global audience. It’s about deciding what a Minimum Viable Product really is and [the hard part:] what to do once you’ve got one. I’ll go behind the scenes at Optimal Workshop to discuss our design and development process, how we handle customer support and how the two are intertwined for the good of our customers.

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Being a Successful User-Centred Product Manager

  1. 1. User-Centred Product Manager Being a Successful
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m pleased to meet you. This is a conversation PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS
  3. 3. My Context In-house design and development Design & development services Installed software with licensing and support Software as a service Andrew Mayfield @andrewfantastic
  4. 4. frustrations! ! please write 2 or 3 things you’d like to discuss today on post-it notes ! 2 minutes
  5. 5. What does a Product Manager do?
  6. 6. What does a Product Manager do? ! ! Please discuss as a group. ! 5 minutes.
  7. 7. Align and prioritise activities that influence
 product design, development and positioning
  8. 8. Align and prioritise the wants and needs of 
 people who use the product, and 
 people who work in or on the business
  9. 9. A Product Manager is responsible for making sure that a team ships a great product
  10. 10. …assessing product opportunities, and defining the product to be built
  11. 11. Product ecosystems Systems thinking Holistic thinking Complexity theory
  12. 12. As Product Manager you own The Roadmap
  13. 13. How a Roadmap Works
  14. 14. Inputs to The Roadmap ! How do things get onto your roadmap? !
  15. 15.
  16. 16. agile? ! lean? ! kanban? ! waterfall? ! iterative?
  17. 17. Stay nimble.
  18. 18. MVP
  19. 19. viable minimum product
  20. 20. viable! feasible usable useful doable
  21. 21. ok, next?
  22. 22. COMMUNICATING The Roadmap As clear as you can for 3-12 months As fuzzy as you can after that for 3-5 years
  23. 23. Roadmap from where? ! to where?
  24. 24. Roadmap from … the PROBLEM ! to … your VISION
  25. 25. problem Your product exists to solve a
  26. 26. Quantifying the effectiveness of information architecture is hard work PROBLEM:
  27. 27. vision Your product needs a
  28. 28. stories
  29. 29. Product Vision
  30. 30. Product Vision For (target customer) Who (statement of the need or opportunity) The (product name) is a (product category) That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy) Unlike (primary competitive alternative) Our product (statement of primary differentiation) ! ! from the book: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
  31. 31. For information architects (IAs) ! Who want to make websites and intranets easier to navigate for their users ! Treejack is a tree testing tool for IA testing and validation ! That provides quantitative user research to prove or disprove terminology and hierarchy choices by isolating the IA from any other visual concerns ! Unlike other methods and tools on the market ! Our product is inexpensive, easy to use and has great looking charts that management can read for themselves. Treejack TREE TESTING
  32. 32. Help experience designers understand where and why people get lost on their website. Treejack TREE TESTING
  33. 33. One Sentence
  34. 34. How does a Product Manager differ from a Project Manager
  35. 35. How does a Product Manager differ from a Senior UX Designer
  36. 36. User-Centred Input Ideas for Ensuring
  37. 37. empathy the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
  38. 38. Building team empathy Can you think of a way you could do this in your workplace? ! Discuss.
  39. 39. Dog food day
  40. 40. Dog food day A day where you are the user. ! Invite a user, or a team of spend time with you and your product team. ! You work with the user(s), or for them, to achieve their goals using your products.
  41. 41. User research What methods are used at your workplace?
  42. 42. User research Mix of methods Mix of people
  43. 43. Customer Support Have you, personally, ever worked in 
 customer support at your workplace?
  44. 44. Aim to be rid of customer support Take action, don’t create more process Roster everyone onto support
  45. 45. “BTW - I love your products. I enjoy using them so much that I sometimes get frustrated when I have to do other parts of my job. Mike
  46. 46. Work in pairs
  47. 47. PODS
  48. 48. SNIPER SQUAD
  49. 49. Who prioritises the work? ok, but
  50. 50. Someone else? Development team Marketing team Customer support The Board
  51. 51. it’s your job. You’re the product manager,
  52. 52. He who screams the loudest Watch out for:
  53. 53. Synthesise ! Analyse ! Decide
  54. 54. Prioritising as a group ABC Important vs Urgent Impact vs Difficulty
  55. 55. kano model Ideas for being
  56. 56. kano model Delight, Performance or Basic needs
  57. 57. kano model
  58. 58. Know what to do next, why, and who for.
  59. 59. THANK YOU,! YOU’RE AWESOME Andrew Mayfield @andrewfantastic