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Research and Design for the UX Team of One


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Research and Design for the UX Team of One

  1. 1. The User Experience Team of OneA Research and Design Survival Guide
  2. 2. Experience DesignerWeb DesignerInteractive DesignerInteractive DesignerInformation ArchitectInteraction ArchitectUser Experience SpecialistInformation DesignerWeb WriterUI DesignerHuman Factors ResearcherUser SpecialistCopywriterEthnographic ResearcherWeb DeveloperUser Interface DeveloperUX TEAMOF ONEUser ResearchersInteraction DesignersVisual DesignersContent StrategistsDesign Prototypists
  3. 3. The BiggestChallenges ForUX Teams of OneBuilding a basicunderstanding of UX17%Gettingpermissiontodothework13%Communicating +selling ideas12%Just Tryingto DoGoodWork12%Time8%Politics7%NoStrategy7%Creative Isolation6%StatusQuo5%TerritoryDisputes5%KeepingUpWiththeIndustryNoProcessHoldingMyGround
  4. 4. For teams of one,ideally methods are...✓ inclusive & participatory✓ focused on prioritizing✓ lowest fidelity possible✓ self documenting
  6. 6. UX QuestionnaireTeam. Who needs to be involved?Business Goals. Are we targeting measurable outcomes?Users Goals. What do we know about our target users?Tasks & Scenarios. What are the key work flows?Strategy. Why will people choose us over the alternative?ErinProductManagerDevTeamFront-End DevBack-End DevDatabase AdminDev ManagerKevin &ChrisContentWritersDataImport andIntegrationOurTrack-RecordGreatContentJen &JaimeSales &MarketingJoeFounderCORETEAMAPPROVERS(Need to confirm through competitive analysis)Our assumptions...Busy JobsHave kidsUpwardly Mobile ProfessionalsLife OptimizersPossibly skewing more female?No idea! Talk to Joe.Track How I Spend TimeGet IdeasReview my progressViewSuggestionsManualEntryDataImport-or-ViewDashboardReadDaily Email-or-Add toMy ListCheck OffWhen DoneUntil we know more about the users, we won’t know if these are the right tasks. Need to do user research!
  7. 7. UX Project PlanDURATION ACTIVITY OUTPUT WHOS INVOLVED2 weeks User ResearchResearch in two parts: (1) interviewexisting customers about what’s goodand bad about the product, and (2)interview target customers about howthey balance work/life today, painpoints, tools they use today, etc.Proto-Personas • Me• Erin, Product Mgr (attendinterviews and help takenotes)• Customer Support Team(help recruit existingcustomers to interview)2 days Product AssessmentReview existing product to identifywhat can be used in the new product,what needs to be improved, and what‘snot relevantHeuristic Markup • Me1 week Strategy WorkshopShare what we’ve learned so far andcreate alignment on our vision for theproject“Vision Board” thatIncludes Triads,Artifact from theFuture, andBang/Buck Graph ToLive on the Wall andInspire the Team• Me• Erin, Product Mgr• Dev Team• Customer Support Team• Kevin & Chris, Content• Jen, Marketing• Jaime, Sales• Joe, Founder3 days RecommendationsSynthesize research, productassessment, and strategy workshop andmake design recommendationsDesign Brief • Me (co-author)• Erin (co-author)• Jen, Jamie, Joe(approvers)2 weeks Initial ConceptsDo sketches and run a sketchboardsession. Develop higher fidelitysketches for approval.Medium-FidelityConcept Sketches forCore Workflows• Me• Erin, Product Mgr• Dev Team• Customer Support Team• Kevin & Chris, Content• Jen, Marketing• Jaime, Sales• Joe, Founder6-8 weeks Iterative Detailed DesignCo-locate with engineering team andproduct detailed wireframes for coreworkflows. Bring in contract visualdesigner for look and feel.Detailed Wireframesand Design Comps• Me• Contract Visual Designer(to be hired)6-8 weeks(concurrentw/ detaileddesign)User TestingConduct task-based usability tests oncore workflowsRecommendations forImprovements toDesigns• Me (conduct)• Erin, Product Mgr(observe)• Development Team(observe)ACTIVITY WK 1 WK 2 WK 3 WK 4 WK 5 WK 6 WK 7 WK 8 WK 9 WK 10 WK 11 WK 12 WK 13 WK 14User ResearchRecruit & PlanInterview & DocumentProduct AssessmentHeuristic MarkupStrategy WorkshopPlanConductDocumentRecommendationsPrepare & Deliver RecommendationsInitial ConceptsSketchSketchboard WorkshopRefine SketchesIterative Detailed DesignWireframesVisual DesignUser TestingTask-Based Usability Tests
  8. 8. Lo-Fi Learning Plan
  9. 9. Research Questions Mind Map
  10. 10. Heuristic MarkupStep 2: Attempt to Sign UpI guessed andended up in the rightplace, but I wasnttotally certain wherethis would take me. Is this the sameas my corporatelogin? Cant tell...Couldnt find this button at first.Blends in with the picure.What? Youreusing my data?Thats makes menot hesitant tosign up or sign in.Phone numberplease!
  11. 11. Journey LineTIMESign UpA little confusingStartProfileFun to fill out -asks engagingquestionsSet GoalsInteresting, butfeels a little clunkyLog EventPretty easy...Then I notice that Ican import data.Data ImportWow! Very cool. Ididnt realize it coulduse my outlook dataDashboardInteresting to see itwith my dataGrrr..Keep hunting around.Really cant figure outwhat Im supposed todo. Guess Ill try tolog an event...Not sure whatto do now, soI log off.Next day...EmailArrivesDont mind beingreminded, like thatit has some extracontentFollowLink toArticleReallyinteresting!Add sugges-tion to my listThis is a coolfeature and feelsreally seamlessNowWhat?
  12. 12. Sketching
  13. 13. Task Flow
  14. 14. Design Collage
  15. 15. Critical/Complex Graph