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Social Media & Women Truckers Part One


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In my preview to "Social Media & Women Truckers: Part One" I ask the question "What are you Sponsoring?" with regards to Women entering the trucking industry. My personal story is complete but I will continue to use social media to raise awareness to this fixable problem. I am sharing the basics of tranparency which can reflect on you in a positive way or a negative way, it’s up to you.

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Social Media & Women Truckers Part One

  1. 1. •Social media is effective for social justice issues. •Influential individuals can be more relevant than organizations •Ignoring relevant issues in social media will harm your brand. •Carriers who persist in mistreating drivers, specifically women entering the industry who have been physically harmed should thoroughly evaluate their procedures.
  2. 2. The whole world in the Palm of your hand. Wireless Communications give individuals truckers the opportunity to interact in social media.  Laptops provide the ability to communicate via Skype, produce you tube videos and publish blogs.  Smartphone's like Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone provide applications for Facebook and Twitter to interact with the world from the most remote areas.  Trucker specific applications save time providing Industry information, Navigational tools such as The Weather Channel TV, Google Maps, Email, Voice Memo Recording, Camera/Video to document “incidents”
  3. 3. NEVER, Underestimate the velocity of an Individual over an organization  To be successful in social media you do not need a huge sales budget.  You need a willingness to LISTEN, Engage in problem solving and a commitment to transparency.  Take Action by responding and interacting. Social Media can be time consuming, complex and involved BUT it can be executed effectively from just about anywhere thanks to Smartphone's and wireless communications.
  4. 4. @TruckerDesiree @TruckinDogKarma
  5. 5. Authenticity shows whether you want it to or not. A trucking industry hierarchy exists in which drivers are at the bottom of the food chain. This does not apply in social media circles. Truckers are embraced in Social Media. Establishing influence in social media depends on how well you learn that your title really means nothing if you are not willing to communicate or make an effort to respond and give back to the social media community. Any ole girl trucker and any ole truckin dog does not equal success. Transparency can be Positive or Negative, it’s your choice.
  6. 6. • Bigger is not always better, INFLUENCE comes from Street Credibility • What have you done for me lately? • RECIPROCATE , COOPERATE, LISTEN, RESPOND #Trucking #Jobs #Freight #Logistics #SupplyChain #TruckerTuesday Empty partnerships appear to be collusion is this what you want transparency to mean for your organization?
  7. 7. Effective communication Sharing Learning Inspiring.
  8. 8. Re-Tweet Tagging Hash tags Photos
  9. 9. Examples of Negative Transparency • Trying to get followers rather than build relationships • Associating with only your closed community of cronies • Blocking your tweets • Not following people back These things show: Arrogance Unwillingness to listen
  10. 10. Associating with only your closed community in a public forum like social media and/or blocking your tweets imply you have something to hide yet you flaunt it in public. Blocking your tweets does not block visibility to others of who YOU follow. Surrounding yourself with only those who like you and agree with you is counterproductive in social media Being Social means learning from others not like you. Part of the Social Media experience is to learn what others are saying ** Obviously, major new organizations and celebrities cannot always follow everyone back but as a rule, follow your followers unless it is a spammer. (use truetwit to validate followers)
  11. 11. "Most of the owners of traditional media are older white males, where as 70% of the top 10 Tweeters are women" via @Aplusk (Ashton Kutcher ) #CGI2010 #Social Media #vaw Are you ready to address public scrutiny if the public, your customers and your employees can engage in a public forum at the same time without censorship? Remember ANYONE can participate in social media and become successful.
  12. 12. Are misleading advertising campaigns still cost-effective when the content can be torn to shreds and carry into mainstream media sources?
  13. 13.  Corporate Accountability  Politics  Social Justice  Human Rights  Charity  Animal Welfare  Community
  14. 14.  The balance of power has shifted to smaller groups who exhibit TRUE commitment to projects for the greater good. Understand “TRANSPARENCY” is MORE than a buzz word.  Forget about trying to promote your “BRAND” & protecting a tarnished image, just change your image. Contribute as you would in your community; get involved by sharing links not just of your own but of others. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!  Crowning AMBITION with service to others through social media can be an amazing way to form relationships.
  15. 15. Persistent use of misleading advertising , manipulative marketing strategies or underestimating the intelligence of your audience for PR remedies can cause a public demonstration from established social media influencers and blow your campaign to bits.
  16. 16. Getting Started Facebook “Fan/Like” pages are an easy way to get started in social media. •Be prepared to address controversy. Link your Facebook page to your Twitter page to save time posting content Do not neglect logging into twitter to respond to any @replies & to build your following in a relevant way. •Respond to comments on both Facebook & Twitter best as you can & FOLLOW-UP! **You can’t please everyone but you must make an effort to address relevant questions Wordpress/Blogspot can be set up for free which provides a place for open discussion. Photos can be included with slideshow applications like Flickr or Twitpic •Feeding photos directly into twitter with tags and #marks is encourage & highly effective. You Tube entertainment videos helps to build following in other mediums like Facebook & Twitter. REMEMBER: Individuals have a freedom in the way they respond and interact this is an advantage over an organization.
  17. 17. Social or Anti-Social? LinkedIn is great to converse with people inside the industry but the point of social media is to get out of your insulated environment and gather fresh ideas. Attack of the Splogs: Recently there seems to be an endless supply of blogs that appear to be real but have trucking recruiting ads, a phony testimonials from a fake people, no place for comments and are meant to appear real but they are not. This is the new spam. THUS: Spam + Blog = SPLOGS = Negative transparent anti social media. DIAGNOSIS: Long-term damage to your reputation and credibility
  18. 18. Targeted Audience • “Trucker Desiree”  Limited Trucking Issues  Alternative Energy  Travel & Pictures  Day to Day Adventures of OTR “ Truckin Dog Karma”  Animal Rescue  Occasional Trucking Issues  Children's Charities  Dog Musings & Pictures
  19. 19. Twitterella The basis of “Karma’s” account was created with a different targeted approach which was to follow other animal lovers, dogs, cats, horses, and bunnies who tweet. Cinderella Street Dog on Twitter: Karma was rescued as a result of Twitter and saved from heartworms by donations sent by her fans on twitter Despite her rapid rise of followers in a short period, loyalty followers from the @TruckerDesiree account began appearing in her timeline & vice versa. Karma’s followers & “Anipals” proved to be very active in social justice . I was introduced to a method to give back to social media by using her influence to participate in “RT” for animal rescue, children’s charities and an occasional #PawPawty . Imitated, Never Duplicated (Nice Try - @LittleRoadDog)
  20. 20. @Women Truckers With the knowledge I gathered from my other twitter tags, I began to use the @WomenTruckers on Twitter & Facebook fan page to aggressively to speak out about Violence against Women, especially for Women who were just entering the trucking industry as students and being retaliated against for reporting the abuse. It is wrong to have no remorse for misleading someone into an industry with no clear path to success. Furthermore, leaving out the chasm of information of what goes on between the CDL Mills to being able to seek a position with a Private Fleet is completely irresponsible. Women have been raped, assaulted and thrown off trucks for far too long during their training period. Leaving students stranded far from home with no money and further humiliated by poor in-house management. This has been common knowledge in the trucking industry but it has not been corrected & Must Stop! Social media has provided a place where outrage can be shared. Action must be taken to correct this problem.
  21. 21. The IRONY of the image of Women Truckers to general public is contrary to what is actually occurring in the trucking industry. Women Truckers represent strength, courage and resiliency yet they conceal a silent secret about what they have been experiencing. How can we pass this along to parents and girls empowerment groups who reach out to us as a symbol of strength? This is one of the reasons the free self help website “REAL Women in Trucking” was established. Are you facilitating the problem makers or the problem solvers?
  22. 22. Twitter partners like @Ebosswatch provide a place to “Rate your boss” a “Sexual Harassment Registry” and a “America’s Worst Boss” list. Workplace bullying advocate groups have taken an interest in trucking, THINK ABOUT IT……. Workplace bullying refers to "repeated and persistent attempts by one person to torment, wear down, frustrate or get a reaction from another. It is treatment which persistently provokes, pressures, frightens, intimidates or otherwise discomforts another person," according to Dr. Carroll M. Brodsky in The Harassed Worker (Lexington Books, 1976)
  23. 23. Perhaps it is time to review your system to track abuse and see if it is actually working ~ just sayin The End of Part 1 “Social Media & Women Truckers” Part 2 will focus on “Violence against Women in the Trucking Industry & Notable Social Justice Campaigns You can see the preview of “Social Media & Women Truckers” on PEACE OUT