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Tradecloud introduction for Suppliers


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Tradecloud introduction for Suppliers of Buyer X

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Tradecloud introduction for Suppliers

  1. 1. Collaborate faster, increase margins, improve service Introduction Supply Chain Platform With the Tradecloud supply chain platform for manufacturing and wholesale companies
  2. 2. Supply chains go from reactive to ‘demand driven’ Tomorrow’s winners have a customer driven supply chain, which is fully integrated 2 Winners: • Compete as a flexible chain with a short time-to-market • Have a high supplier reliability and keep low amounts of safety stock • Realise higher margins and short cash-to-cash cycles with standardization • Innovate on top of their ERP system Losers: • Operate ‘alone’, reason in silo’s from the inside out • Compete on price • Have lower margins due to ‘specials’ and ‘rush orders’ • Have high stocks and WIP Siloed Goals Functional Excellence Supply Chain Integration Demand- Driven Extended Supply Chain Value- Creation Network MaturityLevel Inside-Out Outside-In Predigital Digital Supply Chain Functions Digital Supply Chain Digital Value Chain Digital Ecosystem
  3. 3. 3 80%of the data you need to drive and improve your sales processes is outside of your company’s walls Source: Gartner 2017 80% • 80% of the data resides at customers, service providers and warehouses • ERP software focuses on internal processes, but in reality most challenges lie outside of the company
  4. 4. On the way to the self-managing supply chain Real time, zero touch 4 What would it be like if..? • Almost all of your orders are ‘zero touch’ and you only have to react to exceptions; everything that’s correct will automatically be processed between ERP systems • All external communication is centralized and everybody works with the same information • There is real time insight in what happens, or can happen • Suppliers or buyers can easily connect with different ERP systems • Data improves over time, which can be used for forecasts and well informed decisions
  5. 5. Step 1: Order collaboration 5  One interface to connect many customers  Automatically send purchase orders to suppliers  Suppliers confirm orders online or from their own ERP  ERP data is immediately updated  Only exceptions end up in a workflow  All communication is centralized and ‘in context’ of an order or delivery  Real time insight in supplier reliability and possible risks  Expanding processes step by step with shipments, forecasts or central item management
  6. 6. How does it work? 6
  7. 7. Process flow for orders and confirmations 7 - Workflow - KPI’s Supplier A Your customerVia Portal  Workflow  Communication  Analytics  Orders  Shipments  Forecasts  Items  Invoices Purchase orders Confirmations NotificationsSupplier B Via direct ERP interface Via ERP interface Purchase orders Receipts Confirmations UpdatesUpdates
  8. 8. Email notifications “No need to check the portal every time” 8 Whenever one of your customers sends an order to you, you will receive an email notifications with a link to your Tradecloud account. • You also receive a notification when your customer sends you a message related to an order (line) • Every user can determine the frequency of the email notifications
  9. 9. Login to your account “Access to real time order date form everywhere in the world” 9 To log in to your Tradecloud account you have to visit the login page (click here for the acceptance/test environment login page). Here you can enter your email address and password, to get access to your account. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, verify your login (with a mobile device with authenticator app) to access your account.
  10. 10. Personal tasks list All your To Do’s in one place 10 When logged in, navigate to Tasks to confirm orders and answer questions of your customers • One list with all your order & communication tasks (for example new orders or questions from customers) • Filter on contact person, company and task type • Direct insight in the information to perform a task • Everything ‘in context’ of the order or order line
  11. 11. Orders overview Keep track of your order process 11 In the orders page you can find all orders from all your Tradecloud customers. • Easily find orders by making use of filters & search boxes • Filter on order statuses (eg. Issued or In progress) • Find orders of specific customers with the customer search box. • Possibility to view orders on header or line level
  12. 12. Order details page Tracking order status & communication 12 In the order details page you can find all information known about an order or line, including historical events, like status changes and conversations. • Easily confirm multiple lines at ones • Easily propose different quantities, delivery dates and/or prices • Order timeline to track the status of an order • Order specific activity stream • In context communication
  13. 13. Line details page Tracking order status & communication 13 The order line details page follows the same layout as the order details page. In this page you can find all information about the order line. • Easily propose different quantities, delivery dates and/or prices • Order timeline to track the status of an order line • Order line specific activity stream • Clear insight into requested/confirmed values • In context communication
  14. 14. In context communication “no more hidden information in emails” 14 In every order and order line page you can ask “in context” questions about the order or line. The messages you send will result in a task for your customer. • Everybody is looking to the same real time data • Tasks contain all relevant data needed to answer a question • Data is visible for everybody, so no data is hidden in the email inbox of your colleague
  15. 15. Confirm orders, with or without changesConfirming orders with one push on the button 15 Order lines can be confirmed in three places, namely; • In the task you receive • In the order details page • In the line details page You can confirm one line at the time or multiple lines at ones Also you can confirm lines with different quantities, delivery dates and/or prices then as your customer requests.
  16. 16. About the Tradecloud platform 16
  17. 17. Tradecloud is the leading supply chain platform for the manufacturing industry and wholesale  Supply chain integration in the cloud  Zero touch order handling  Real time insight 17 Some examples of users, in total more than 50 OEMs and 15.000 suppliers active
  18. 18. The advantages for suppliers 18 Automate operational sales • The supply chain platform helps suppliers to optimize their sales processes. Ensure that customers know right away whether you can meet their demand and ensure that orders and confirmations aure automatically exchanged with their own ERP system. • Via the portal, suppliers work 100% free, for integration with their own ERP they pay according to the number of transactions. Sell more, with less • Tradecloud is the leading B2B platform that focuses entirely on the international manufacturing industry. Connect once and get in touch with many potential customers. Real time insight and transparent communication • Realize stronger customer loyalty by responding faster to changes. Make fewer mistakes because you look at the same information and you communicate ‘in context’ with the customer. “We focus on the manufacturing industry and Tradecloud fits in perfectly with this as an effective e-commerce platform for our customers” Hans de Croon, Commercial Director “The customer's order is now sent directly to SAP via Tradecloud, where the customer order is then placed. Conversely, it also works with our order confirmation. Deviating confirmations are signaled immediately so that timely action can be taken.” Armand Goethals, Manager Sales Process Support
  19. 19. Connect to an existing network Tradecloud is the leading network for suppliers and buyers in the manufacturing and wholesale industry 19 • For suppliers: • Access to many potential customers • Free collaboration via the portal • Simple ERP integration • For buyers: • Many parties already connected • Access to many thousands of suppliers • One interface to reach everyone on the network • Standard ERP connectors available to start quickly and easily Focus on exceptions. Zero waste. Sustainable growth.
  20. 20. Suppliers can also integrate their own ERP system 20 Full end-to-end supply chain integration • Tradecloud offers standard ERP connectors for suppliers • Standard ERP connectors available: • Public REST API • iDoc over SFTP • EDI over SFTP • SCSN Network • CSV over SFTP
  21. 21. 21 Our mission: “Facilitating the world’s transition to a smarter and more sustainable manufacturing industry.”  Standard cloud platform with 100% focus on the B2B manufacturing industry and wholesale  Fast implementation according to proven model  Transparent price structure based on use  ERP independant  High adoption among suppliers  A free portal for suppliers, but also ERP connectors for end-to-end integration  A fast and flexible Dutch organization that thinks along with the customer Together on the way to the digital self-managing supply chain! Why Tradecloud?
  22. 22. Next steps: Onboarding Please first fill this form: Tradecloud Supplier onboarding checklist 22 Via the portal • After you have been invited you can connect to your customer and start receiving and confirming orders. You will be informed of any new orders or changes via email. Via ERP integration If you want to benefit from full ERP integration there is the following process: Choose integration method • Choose the method of integration (CSV, EDI, API, ..) • Signup for your subscription Process alignment • This has to be done between Buyer and Supplier upfront • See functional checklist here Setting up the connection • Technical implementation First test • Default Tradecloud message exchange is validated by supplier • Connectivity test has been completed, messages are transfered • Default Tradecloud test scenarios are used with real-life data • Onboarding dates are confirmed by Buyer and Supplier Acceptance test • The client provides an acceptance ERP environment with representative data. This data needs to be accurate production like data – no changes in the test data • Two sessions are planned with a lead time of 2 weeks; one for End to End testing and one for Go Live Live • The customer will formaly validate and accept the integration • Beyond this date, an RFC for additional support is required
  23. 23. 23 Email Phone 085 - 401 97 60 HQ Molengraaffsingel 12 2629 JD, Delft, The Netherlands Website Facilitating the worlds transition to flexible and sustainable manufacturing