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STEP (Stibo Enterprise Platform) Trailblazer


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Stibo Systems’ Multi-domain master data management system allows companies to create a single authoritative view of their product and customer data, digital assets, and suppliers.

With this latest release, Stibo Systems has added

Ability to quickly access new industry-specific features
New customizable dashboard that focuses on what matters most
Enhanced matching and linking capabilities for product and customer data
Easily classified product data with auto-classification
Create interactive tablet based publications with dynamic page content
Personalize selling by using pre-defined templates
And much more

Published in: Technology
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STEP (Stibo Enterprise Platform) Trailblazer

  1. 1. TrailblazerChange the way you work
  2. 2. STEP Trailblazer Overview Key Benefits •  access new features without the inconvenience of upgrading •  fast introduction of new improvements/features •  low risk and reduced effort for testing new updates STEP Core Components Extensions access other components through a new set of component APIs. It is now possible to keep the core and other components unchanged for a longer period of time while choosing to upgrade selected components to take advantage of new features or important updates. advantage of new components or features. New components can be installed on its’ own and existing components can simply be upgraded while keeping other components as they are. Each component is dependent upon other components through principles of semantic versioning; where a given component version may depend on a specified range of versions of another component. New component APIs enable the writing of custom extensions that allow for easier upgrades. Deployment of the extensions can happen simply by installing it on STEP Trailblazer. Access Innovation STEP Trailblazer marks the inception of the STEP ecosystem, where Stibo Systems, its partners, and customers work together in developing extensions to the STEP system that can be distributed to all Stibo Systems’ customers. Upgrading to a completely new STEP release is no longer needed to take The STEP ecosystem is divided into components and each component may
  3. 3. Key Benefits •  ease of use •  increase efficiency and productivity •  individual user experience Work Smarter STEP’s web-based user interface puts the focus on the individual user with a clean and simple workspace, easily configured to provide focus on what matters most. starting point of what the user may want to do: User Profile – change settings, password, & logout Task List – go directly to the list of tasks of a given type screens will have full screen editing and a home button that will return the user to the dashboard. Browse through search results or task lists with reduced number of clicks / effort by using forward/back buttons instead of having to go back to the original list and choosing the next one. Business rules are validated upon leaving each field in the associated screen or portal, thus letting the user know immediately if there are inconsistencies. Make valid choices easier with the filtering of inter-dependent value lists. Target high priority items by filtering and sorting task lists and search results in a manner similar to Microsoft Excel®; highly scalable as filtering goes across all data in the selection, not just the data shown on the current page. Easily style text attributes (e.g. bold, italic, bulleted) with the use of the new rich text editor component. Search – initiate a simple search & reuse a previous one Data Quality Metrics – see selected data quality metrics, drill down into the objects behind the statistics, and even generate a report Hyperlink – access selected screens to perform specific actions Information – view specific information made available by the administrator Each app will take the user to a new screen that focuses on that particular task. These The customizable dashboard can be configured with a set of apps that provide a
  4. 4. STEP Trailblazer Overview Key Benefits •  assess potential for  positive impact in the  composition of golden  records •  ability to determine the  value a given third party  data set may contribute Automated Match Actions Automate match actions to execute automatic link to Golden Record or workflow driven clerical review depending on pre- defined thresholds. Create multiple sets of Golden Records from the same source data (e.g. Household identification as well as identification of individuals). Survivorship Rule Editor Ability to define a set of survivorship rules that determine which source data (name, attribute, reference) should ‘survive’ in the Golden Record and is supported by two different principles: most recent and trusted source. Additional Features • Export Golden Records with source records –the Golden Record and referenced source records are output on different rows in order to inspect if the match algorithm works properly. • Workflow driven clerical review of possible matches –examine possible matches and determine whether they are indeed matches. • Improved match pair review –evaluate and adjust algorithm, criteria, and weights. The comparison function now outputs individual scores for each scored attribute (name, address, birthdate, etc.) as well as the final comparison score between members. • Enhanced duplicate merge wizard –hide rows with identical values so a user can easily concentrate on the values that are different in the analysis of potential record matches. Overlap Analysis Analyze data that is not yet mastered by STEP to assess whether and to what degree the target data may contribute to matching and thus ultimately to composition of Golden Records. the analysis reports: • Number of records in the input file • Number of records compared to in the hub Match, Link & Identify Existing features for matching and linking multiple records & identification of duplicate objects have been augmented with out- of-the-box features for composition of Golden Records, associated survivorship rules, and messaging to other enterprise systems. • Number of records in the input file that matched one or more member records in the hub • Number of records that did not match to any records in the hub • Match percentage rate • Non-match percentage rate • Number of records in the input file that failed to be compared Look-Up-Before-Create Web Service Call Contributing to on-going data quality by minimizing the risk of creating additional duplicates, the STEP Web Services API provides a ‘look up before create’
  5. 5. functionality that can be used by external systems to check if the record they are about to create is similar to existing records or possibly already exists in STEP. Product Sourcing Product feeds from multiple suppliers can be imported into STEP and are automatically matched & linked into Golden Records that represent the best data set for a product. The resultant Golden Record contains a link to the supplier record that typically contains information about pricing, lead times, etc. Key Benefits •  gain visibility of suppliers for a given product and receive possible volume discounts. •  reduce confusion from customers by not seeing multiple similar products on a website. Key Benefits •  ability to choose supplier with the lowest price or shortest lead time, possibly offering both options to end customers •  increase conversion rates and reduce product returns by providing the best product data available to end customers •  continuously feed product updates from suppliers •  manual override changes can be introduced through a manually updated data source Product Consolidation Identify identical products from different suppliers that have been created with different objects in STEP. Key Benefits •  high confidence in total number of distinct customers •  ability to support customer-centric analysis such as total Spend (revenue) and total value (margin) across all channels and touchpoints •  enables consolidated knowledge about which products customers have purchased and in which channels •  reduce marketing spend and increase marketing effectiveness through elimination of duplicate / redundant contacts •  recognize household relationships to improve marketing and analytics. •  prevent the creation of duplicate customers •  enable transition from system-centric to customer-centric engagement MDM for Customer / Customer Data Integration (CDI) Using a combination of matching and linking algorithms in association with business rules, disparate customer records that have been confirmed as referring to the same party entity are merged together to form accurate, high-confidence records of resolved customer entities; also known as Golden Records. Golden Record data can be shared with consuming systems and can be transacted against in real time.
  6. 6. STEP Trailblazer Overview Commerce Made Easy Auto-Classification Remove the time-consuming reliance on manual intervention required by traditional methods and easily classify product data automatically, consistently, and accurately, across different brands and channels in multiple hierarchies. link rules Key Benefits •  faster time-to-market of new product  introductions •  prevention of errors and  inconsistencies •  impact analysis Retailers with multiple websites under different brands that are supplied from the same product set can automatically and efficiently assign new products to these websites. Manufacturers and distributors who produce electronic catalogs to their customers where products are categorized into many different standard hierarchies can automatically maintain links within the various hierarchies. web hierarchy
  7. 7. Google Shopping Affiliate Feed Google Shopping provides one of the most popular affiliate platforms where products from the affiliate data feed will appear as Product Listing Ads in Google search result listings as well as on the Google Shopping website. Easily generate feeds for Google Shopping while maintaining its specified hierarchy using the new auto-classification component. A number of different rule sets may be defined and edited in STEP Workbench. Each rule is specified in terms of conditions on object type, attributes’ values, or the hierarchy position of the product. Rules may also specify exceptional conditions. Rules may be automatically applied by business rule actions at different points in time. Authorized users must approve rules before they can take effect. Running an impact analysis on a rule before activating will produce a report listing detailed changes as well as statistics. Key Benefits •  easily promote and sell products on  google shopping •  faster time-to-market full rule editor
  8. 8. STEP Trailblazer Overview Create Interactive Experiences Create interactive tablet based publications with dynamic page contents so that pages can be augmented with related information (e.g. specifications on a product, additional detailed pages, sound, or videos) via touch. The result is an attractive combination of visually appealing pages and dynamic content. Creative users can accelerate the creation of such dynamic tablet publications while continuing to use their familiar Adobe InDesign platform. Key Benefits •  easily create dynamic pages •  quickly create template based publications •  increase conversions
  9. 9. Personalize Selling The new Print On-Demand Catalog Portal in STEP allows users to create pre-defined templates that adhere to corporate branding standards for sales representatives or managers that wish to create brochures or promotions to use for customer meetings, local area promotions, direct mail, etc. Three easy steps to print customer/product specific brochures or promotions:
  10. 10. STEP Trailblazer Overview About StiboSystems Stibo Systems is the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. Industry leaders rely on Stibo Systems to provide cross-channel consistency by linking product and customer data, suppliers and other organizational assets. This enables businesses to make more effective decisions, improve sales & build shareholder value. During the last 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped hundreds of companies to develop a trusted source of operational information. A privately held subsidiary of the Stibo A/S group, which was originally founded in 1794, Stibo Systems’ corporate headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark. For more information, visit Key Benefits •  quickly create location-specific marketing circulars •  increase revenue •  greater productivity •  improve customer service