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Intro Tradecloud for OEM suppliers


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Intro: Tradecloud for OEM suppliers

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Intro Tradecloud for OEM suppliers

  1. 1. Sell more, with less. Enabling the digital supply chain for Industry & Wholesale
  2. 2. Tradecloud is the B2B platform for industry & wholesale  Connecting buyers & sellers  +30.000 suppliers  200% growth YTD
  3. 3. Enabling the digital supply chain  Zero touch order handling  Sell more to new & existing customers  Shorter sales cycles, higher margins
  4. 4. The problem: Increasing complexity in B2B sales  Sales teams spend at least 25% of their time on ineffective communication with customers via email and Excel  Bad forecasts result in high safety stock  Long leads times are no longer accepted by the market  OEM’rs do not use webshops which makes it difficult to upsell products to existing customers  A highly flexible and fast supply chain is needed to serve customer demand
  5. 5. The solution: One supply chain platform to connect all customers
  6. 6. The result: a predictable supply chain  Zero touch order handling  Higher reliability  Less safety stock  1 version of the truth  Shorter lead times: more speed  Actionable insights that increase margin and reduce waste Our goal with Tradecloud is to grow 200% with the same amount of people Frank-Jan Evers - BPA With Tradecloud we saved 50% on operational purchase processes. Sander Uljee - Intersafe Better supply chain insights leads to more sales Pieter Loeff - ERIKS We share 200K orders lines + CAD drawings fully automatic Erik Groten Steenwelle - Nooteboom
  7. 7. How does Tradecloud add value? Manual order handling Peer Best Peer Worst Moving the needle for you What does 50% less manual work mean for you? Reliability What does 1% increase in reliability mean to you? Zero touch, focus on exceptions 4 min. per order Email based, focus on processing 12 min. per order 99% 61% Insights What does real time insight in orders & deliveries mean to you? Real time insights in status & risks Little to no insights in suppliers, communication via email and excel
  8. 8. Integration options • Access to existing platform users • Active customer success management • Tradecloud invests in key players 1. Via Portal •Replaces e-mail •No impact 2. Export / Import •Download orders in fixed XML format for use in other systems 3. Full ERP Integration •ERP integration with own systems •Receive orders, send confirmations FREE
  9. 9. How does Tradecloud compare to alternatives?  Tradecloud has 100% focus on supply chain optimization for manufacturing and wholesale companies  We provide a platform (not software) with many suppliers already on the platform (network effect)  We are not a technical solution (like EDI) for static processes, but provide real time supply chain analytics for dynamic processes & continues improvements  We have a clear and transparent pricing model  Our subscriptions are all-in, including maintenance, updates and support
  10. 10. Sell more, with less? Call us for a demo