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Safety drives your daily business                                                             Why SpotMe?Accidents at work...
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TMHE’s SpotMe System Reduces Warehouse Accidents


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To create safer warehouses for customers and employees, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) introduces its new risk prevention initiative: the SpotMe warning system.

Specifically designed to decrease traffic accidents in warehouses, SpotMe is equipped with infra-red sensors that capture the presence of forklifts and pedestrians at crossroads. Its prominent alternating flashing lights warn both forklift drivers and workers that there is danger of potential collision round the corner.

Being alerted of one another’s presence enables them to take the necessary measures of precaution in time. As a result, workers, goods and forklifts are protected and daily business runs safer and smoother.

SpotMe is easy to use and simply fixes to walls.

Learn more about the benefits of having SpotMe installed in your warehouse:

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TMHE’s SpotMe System Reduces Warehouse Accidents

  2. 2. Safety drives your daily business Why SpotMe?Accidents at work have a direct negative impact on the growth of your productivity. Warehouses are crowded, fast-moving environments, where very limited traffic rules exist.Researches in Europe show that: Needless to say, a very high extra attention from forklift drivers and pedestrians is required. In areas with poor visibility, SpotMe alerts truck drivers and pedestrians of the potential 6.9 million people suffered one or more work-related accidents in 2007 danger of collision, protecting the workers, the forklift and the goods. (the last year for which comparable statistics are available according to EU-OSHA). Its infra-red (IR) direction sensitive sensors detect the movement or the presence of forklifts +/- 450 million work days are lost each year. and pedestrian at the crossroads in due time. Whenever a crash danger is spotted, a SpotMe Every 3.5 minutes a person dies in the European Union as a result of a work-related warning unit is activated, which helps the driver to avoid accidents. accident or an occupational disease. What makes SpotMe unique and efficient? 1. Factory workers are better protected. Because prevention is better than cure… The alternating flashing lights (LED) used by SpotMe are far more efficient in preventing accidents than flashing beacons or fixed warning lights. 2. Goods and trucks are less damaged and the energy consumption decreases. Introducing SpotMe® Less panic brakes - and therefore an improved driving behaviour - help to reduce the risk of dropping goods and keep your forklift in a better shape, while also saving energy. 3. The system is easy to install and requires low maintenance. A revolutionary innovative warning system that Either you install it yourself, or our technician installs it for you! The devices are simply fixed on the walls, with no set-up on fleet required. increases warehouse safety . The sensor battery lasts up to 3 years. 4. The system is flexible, scalable and fits into most applications. SpotMe can be used at crossings, blind corners, doors and exits, etc. The warning unit can be connected to a standalone battery or plugged into the mains. Before AFTER