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TMHE’s iF Award Winners Enter the BEST CREATiFES Book 2013


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In 2012, TMHE received the iF gold award for its BT Optio L-series. This follows two other forklift trucks winning the iF label for quality design in 2009: the BT Levio and the Toyota Traigo 48. As a result, TMHE’s Design team has been included in the recently released BEST CREATiFES book 2013.

The book honours the companies, people and products that are part of the iF ranking, and allows them to introduce themselves and their working philosophies. TMHE explains how it creates forklifts that are safe, durable, productive, driveable, and simple for customers to use.

Find out more about this special privilege:

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TMHE’s iF Award Winners Enter the BEST CREATiFES Book 2013

  1. 1. Toyota Material Handling EuropeTHE PERSON / PEOPLE BEHINDMagnus Oliveira AnderssonHead of Design“When designing a truck, we make sure that the appearance strengthensour brand and our world-leading quality.”THE COMPANYToyota Material Handling EuropeFields of actionToyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is the European organization ofToyota Material Handling Group, which is part of Toyota Industries Corpo-ration – the global leader in materials handling equipment.TMHE helps businesses of all sizes across Europe meet today’s materialshandling challenges. The organization offers a full range of Toyota counter-balanced forklifts and BT warehouse equipment, along with related servicesand solutions. TMHE began operations in 2006, integrating the Toyota andBT materials handling business in Europe. TMHE is also responsible formanufacturing and distributing the Cesab forklift brand.Active in more than 30 countries across Europe and with headquarters inSweden, TMHE has a European Office in Brussels and production centers inAncenis (France), Bologna (Italy) and Mjölby (Sweden).AwardsiF product design award gold: BT Optio L-series low level order picker(2012); iF product design award: Toyota Traigo 48 electric counterbalancedtruck (2009), BT Levio powered pallet truck (2009), CESAB Drago 250counterbalanced truck (2000), BT Lifters RT1350 reach truck (1982);ADI Compasso d’Oro: CESAB Blitz    rago counterbalanced trucks (1994); /DExcellent Swedish Design: BT Reflex reach truck (1995)iF ranking 2013company: position 155, creative: position 169ContactMjölby, Swedenphone TMHE DESIGN CENTER environment and people’s safety. The final form has a meaning and a clear message: it interprets SAFETY, DURABILITY, PRODUCTIVITY, Toyota’s core values. The TMHE Design Center is constantly in touch with teams of ergonomists, DRIVEABILITY AND SIMPLICITY engineers, marketing experts and sales people so as to always stay close to the customers and their evolving needs. In a dynamic world, people do not only expect forklifts to be highly functional and The TMHE Design Center aims to develop user-friendly; they also want to have an emotional connection to it. purposeful and innovative design solutions that fulfil functional and ergonomic demands, As Sakichi Toyoda, the company founder, once said, the possibilities in design and creation are adapted to customers’ requests. The role of the endless: “Open the window. It is a big world out there.” In line with this philosophy and with his design is not merely to create something stylish: invitation to “Be ahead of the times through endless creativity, inquisitiveness, and pursuit of improve- it adds further value while satisfying the social ment”, the TMHE Design Center embraces future challenges. considerations and responsibilities for the