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The Rudolph Logistics Group also chose to use the Toyota I_Site fleetmanagement solution. It is a dedicated reporting and ...
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TMHE Customer Rudolph Praises BT Forklifts and the Toyota I_Site


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Find out more about the Toyota I-Site:

As a company with great awareness for environmental sustainability, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) was delighted to assist logistic provider Rudolph in optimising Alnatura’s material handling process.

Alnatura is a German chain store specialising in organic foods. Its logistics centre is located in Lorsch, Germany. Rudolph was looking for a more efficient solution to their picking process, so they contacted TMHE for a solution.

A fleet of BT forklifts, including the BT Optio series and the BT Staxio series, now assists in the process, while the Toyota I_Site helps to reduce energy consumption and improve safety.

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TMHE Customer Rudolph Praises BT Forklifts and the Toyota I_Site

  1. 1. Case Story / Alnatura Distribution / Logistics Commitment to sustainabilityGreen Logistics Responsible Material HandlingThe topic “Green Logistics” is high on the agenda at Al- When selecting the equipment, we were looking for anatura. The chain store specialized in organic food busi- supplier whose energy and environmental policies cor-ness established its own logistic centre at the end of responded with Alnatura’s ideas”, says Erik Duckstein,2009 in Lorsch (Germany) in order to supply its trading Key Account Manager Consumer Goods at Rudolph Lo-partners as well as Alnatura stores in a more efficient gistics. “We were particularly convinced by the BT Reflexand environmental-friendly manner. By grouping the flow reach truck. The device saves resources and thereforeof goods, many kilometres have been saved. For mana- fits perfectly with Alnatura”, he adds.ging the warehouse and the picking, the company relies The environmental awareness already played a majoron the services of the Rudolph Logistics Group and the role in the design of the BT Reflex. The reach truck istrucks and fleet management solution of Toyota Material designed for clean and energy efficient operations and isHandling Deutschland. characterized by a high degree of recyclability at the end of its operating life. Ultimately, the reach truck was not theRudolph Logistics Group only one to convince. Next to it, Rudolph uses four otherRudolph Logistics Group was in charge of planning and types of vehicles from Toyota Material Handling in theimplementing the warehouse-processes and the mate- distribution centre. These include electric pallet stackersrial usage. Now this logistics specialist from Baunatal, and pallet trucks, as well as order pickers and forklifts.together with 75 employees, operates the logistic inside “In the warehouse we have a fully-owned truck fleet fromLorsch warehouse. Bio-products are stored and picked Toyota Material Handling,” says Cord Ellerbrock, Branchwithin a space of 20,800 m². Cooling and heating coils Manager Lorsch.make sure to always keep the right temperature. Thewarehouse and the office building are designed accor-ding to ecological criteria: for instance, the façade is Facts about Rudolph Logistics Groupmade of larch wood from the neighbouring Oden forest. The Rudolph Logistics Group is a globally active logistics providerThe approximately 3,000 different products from the Al- with more than 2,200 employees at 36 locations in Germany, Eu-natura range benefit from a high-bay warehouse with rope and the Arabian Peninsula. The Group is headquartered in Baunatal near the geographical centre of Germany. The company17,000 pallet positions and a 3,500 m² bulk storage for develops and provides comprehensive logistics solutions for a widefast moving items. To organise the warehouse for all em- range of industries, the focus being on the Automotive, Transpor-ployees and suppliers in a clear way, the different areas tation, Consumer Goods, Industry and Fulfillment business units.are indicated by different colours. Thus, the columns forthe incoming goods of the cross-docking warehouse areorange, and the ones for the outgoing goods in purple.“We must make sure that we offer the Alnatura custo-mers first-class services. This includes the use of reliabletrucks as
  2. 2. The Rudolph Logistics Group also chose to use the Toyota I_Site fleetmanagement solution. It is a dedicated reporting and consultancy ser-vice that provides businesses with all information they need. TP - Technical Publications, Sweden — 749689-040, 1211By using the low-level order pickers BT Optio Series,most of the Alnatura dry foods are picked at two levels.To pick an item for a store, three kilometres must be par- The BT Reflex is designed for clean and efficient energy, efficient ope-tially covered. This requires a lot in terms of productivity rations and is characterised by a high degree of recyclability at the endand speed. The BT Optio has a platform height of one of its operating life.meter and allows employees a grip height of up to 2.80meters. This allows for optimised picking routes by divi- In addition a specialist combines the data from the ma-ding into half the need for an order picking area. With ap- chines with data from the TMHE service database, ana-proximately 40,000 daily picks, it produces a significant lyses the data on behalf of the customer and providesperformance gain. The three-wheel Traigo 48 electric se- advice on how to improve productivity, safety and reduceries trucks and the electro-stacker BT Staxio series take costs. “This forklift on-board system is very simple to set-over the discharge of the truck. The BT Staxio is particu- up and does not require complicated software or hard-larly suitable for the use of double-deck, and therefore ware installation on site,” says Udo Feix, Key Accountalso for the handling of the pallets in the truck. Manager at Toyota Material Handling Deutschland. Toyota I_Site on-board system also includes access con-Modern fleet management with Toyota I_Site trol for drivers, which helps to improve safety at work.In order to continuously improve processes in the dis- This gives access to authorized employees of the com-tribution centre and thus to drive down costs, Alnatura pany only, and the forklift is protected from being usedand the Rudolph Logistics Group also chose to use the by an unauthorized person. Furthermore, it records theToyota I_Site fleet management solution. The system number and power of the collisions per driver and device.measures the performance of the truck fleet and offers The battery monitor supports a better battery manage-the possibility to monitor and control remotely decisive ment. Thus, the energy consumption is reduced and thefactors like operating costs, productivity and security by battery life is extended. This is how Toyota contributes tocomputer. The operating data from the truck fleet are the environment. “It is important for us to keep the energytransferred using wireless technology to a central data- consumption to a minimum. This is why we opted for To-base. The data are available via a web interface. yota’s fleet management solution”, says Erik Duckstein. TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE, MANAGING THE TOYOTA AND BT MATERIALS HANDLING BRANDS IN EUROPE