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Steria Recruitment Presentation


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Steria Recruitment Presentation

  1. 1. Steria Recruitment Award Winning Services Contact Steria Recruitment Ltd, 420 Thames Valley Park Drive, Thames Valley Business Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1PU +44 (0)870 0107715 ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  2. 2. contents About Steria Recruitment 3 Our services 3 Quality and best practice 3 Making a difference to our clients 4 How can you do more with Steria Recruitment? 4 Our services 5 Contract resource delivery 6 Permanent resource delivery 7 Supply chain management 7 Interim Managers 8 Consultancy 8 Industries 9 Insurance 10 Banking 10 Utilities 10 Public Sector 11 Doing more for our candidates 12 Contractor charter 13 Testimonials 14 Data protection 15 Professional accreditations and memberships 16 Locations 17 ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  3. 3. About Steria Recruitment We are an expert IT resourcing company and Steria (the outsourcing and technology company) resourcing business and current holders of the prestigious Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) IT and Telecoms Staffing Company of the Year 2007 award. This award recognises best practice excellence in client and candidate management, employee development and community involvement. Our services With over 29 years experience of delivering first class contract, permanent and interim IT and business personnel and working in partnership with our clients, we provide real business benefit through our resource management solutions. We provide: ♦ high calibre permanent, contract and interim IT and business personnel ♦ managed solutions including Sole Supplier and Master Vendor ♦ full resource and agency management outsourcing Our industry and sector focus provides our clients with the experience and skills their specific business requires, maximising business benefits. Through our client portfolio of blue chip companies we are able to offer candidates a wide range of opportunities working with new technologies, in dynamic environments. In addition, as part of an IT services company our candidates have further opportunities available through our parent company projects. Quality and best practice Our commitment to quality is intrinsic throughout our organisation, extending not only to dealings with our clients, but also to the candidates we represent. This approach is reflected in our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for contract resource provision and our membership and accreditations with recruitment industry recognised bodies, e.g. the Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo). ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  4. 4. Making a difference to our clients We provide flexible resourcing services and solutions for our clients, specialising in the placement of contract IT specialists, Interim Managers and individuals for permanent roles. How can you do more with Steria Recruitment? The IT resourcing business you engage with should be professional and knowledgeable ensuring the service you receive is reliable and secure. We continuously work hard to ensure that our services are of the highest quality and set us apart from our competitors. We ensure maximised speed of placement, streamlined processes and minimised costs through our proven best practice processes, procedures and innovative solutions. ♦ Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) It and Telecoms Staffing Company of the Year 2007 - this award recognises best practice excellence in client management, allowing clients and prospective clients to have complete confidence in their selection of us as a resourcing partner. ♦ Over 29 years experience - understanding the challenges the resourcing market faces from both client and agency perspectives enables us to make quick, informed decisions. ♦ Client tailored sourcing - proactive profiling of our database aligned to your business requirements ensures the suitability of all candidates in advance of submission meaning you receive only candidates aligned to your specific needs. ♦ Supplementary resourcing - our unique solution utilising our offshore resources extends our working day, enabling us to work longer on your requirements, maximising speed of delivery. ♦ Legislation and compliance - our dedicated Best Practice Manager ensures compliance to employment law and legislation minimising potential risk to you from employment legislation. ♦ Quality - our commitment to quality is reflected in our embracing the Association of Technolgy Staffing Companies (ATSCo) Code of Practice and recognised by our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for contract resource provision, resulting in you receiving only the highest level of service. ♦ Technology - our robust in-house e- procurement resource management system supporting our professional resourcing team results in fast, efficient resource searches, ensuring you are passed only the most suitable, highest calibre candidates. ♦ Market intelligence - we actively promote an awareness of general market conditions from a client, contractor and agency point of view to ensure that we are aware of and can respond, quickly and effectively, to every issue and development that could have a potential impact on your business, and provide resourcing solutions to deal with them. An example of our awareness is our benchmarking of candidate rates against the ATSCo rate card ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  5. 5. Our services Doing more for our clients through... ♦ contract resource delivery ♦ permanent resource delivery ♦ supply chain management ♦ interim management ♦ consultancy Our services are built on sector, business and technology understanding developed through strong, long-term client relationships. Working in partnership with you we develop the right solution to meet your current business requirements and through our flexible client management approach, your business has the ability to adapt as your operations develop. Our experience in delivering effective resource management solutions, coupled with our contractor and agency migration expertise, ensures you have the agility to make business changes whilst assuring continuity of day-to-day operations with minimal risk. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  6. 6. Contract resource delivery We provide a flexible IT resource pool that delivers a diverse range of technical IT and business skills to complement your existing employee base as and when your business dictates. Our highly trained professional resource consultants deliver superior contract personnel with specialist skills, enabling your critical projects and programmes to be delivered. Through our best practice approach each candidate is deployed with speed, is in possession of the appropriate skills and experience and is compliant with current employment legislation. You are assured of the highest quality of service whether it is delivered through: ♦ individual placements – we fill ad-hoc requirements as and when requested ♦ sole supply – we take full responsibility for filling every requirement, in an exclusive partnership between you and us. ♦ master vendor – we take responsibilty for filling every requirement, and additionally engage the backup of additional suppliers through our own Preferred Supplier List (PSL). We can also work with you to create a PSL specific to you. ♦ resource management – we act as a resourcing partner and engage with the business to understand requirements and design and implement managed campaigns to deliver new skills in the short, medium and longer term. The building of a tailored delivery model will bring cost saving and improved productivity whilst freeing up your management time to focus on core activities. ♦ agency management – we become the single point of contact for the supply and effective management of all IT resource. We take the responsibility for filling every requirement and have the experience of manging multi-tier agency models. ♦ outsourced resource capability – we provide an industry proven client resourcing service enabling you to focus on core business activities whilst ensuring that the critical internal resourcing function is fully effective and exceeds stakeholder expectations. A resourcing team, tailored processes and automated workflow can be deployed either on the client’s site or remotely on Steria’s premises. ♦ provision of teams for specific projects – we source the complete team for your specific desired project ♦ Interim Managers – we provide experts in their field who are effectively immediately and provide fast, practical and measurable results in a range of business scenarios/projects. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  7. 7. Permanent resource delivery We provide multi-level permanent recruitment. Our flexible pricing and service delivery structure enables us to provide bespoke permanent recruitment solutions. These include: ♦ Contingency recruitment - where fees are payable only on successful introduction of a candidate. No fees are paid up front or for an unsuccessful search. ♦ Retained recruitment - usually under a sole agency agreement, a requirement is processed for a pre- determined period of time with payments made at agreed stages of the process ♦ Search and selection - an executive search, or headhunting service, involving referrals, networking and targeted headhunting into pre-agreed industries and organisations. ♦ Technology and enabled services - our e-enabled resource management system offers web enabled workflow visibility including requirement and candidate tracking. ♦ Preferred supplier services - we have extensive experience of working as part of a preferred supplier group and to pre-agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), maximising speed and quality of delivery. ♦ Sole supplier services - working in partnership with you we take full responsibility for filling all your permanent requirements Supply chain management Supply chain management can create an internal cost and administrative burden increasing the risk of poor service and legislative non-compliance. We provide fully managed resource supply delivering: ♦ reduced administration ♦ improved information flow ♦ re-engineered, streamlined processes ♦ a comprehensive supply model geared to your resourcing plans ♦ effective management of employed talent Our customised flexible resource capability ensures agility, optimum performance and significant cost reductions are achieved with legislative risk management in-built in the solutions. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  8. 8. Interim Managers Real time solutions for real time problems Our Interim Management Network of senior executives and directors have extensive experience of operating in major corporate and public sector clients. With a strategic view, specialist experience and the ability to undertake senior roles at short notice they deliver tangible, practical results. We provide Interim Managers with: ♦ experience across all main business sectors ♦ proven capability and experience of delivering business change and specialist IT programmes ♦ expertise of business performance improvement and corporate recovery ♦ practitioner knowledge of supporting organisations in both the commercial and public sectors We have access to experienced executives across all main functional areas including Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations. With specialist credentials in the IT services sector, we are particularly strong in terms of our Interim Management Network and are able to offer strategic leadership as well as practical support to an existing management team. Consultancy All our consultants are subject matter experts who offer knowledge and solutions to help you stay on top in a complex, challenging business environment. Our consultancy services will make a lasting difference to you. Our experienced consultants have an in-depth sector and subject knowledge and highly effective communication skills to deliver: ♦ supply chain efficiency ♦ coaching and mentoring ♦ healthchecks ♦ programme and project management ♦ programme and project support ♦ service management ♦ risk management ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  9. 9. Industries Sharing risk, delivering rewards We operate across all major business sectors, with dedicated divisions in banking, insurance, public sector, and utilities. Across these industries are many common challenges, but there will also always be issues specific to your sector and company. We do more than anyone to treat each client as an individual. Many of our people are experts in particular industries, with real insider knowledge. They speak your language and understand your pressures. We have worked in true partnerships with companies large and small and believe in working with passion and commitment to ensure real rewards for everyone. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  10. 10. Insurance The insurance industry continues to face the challenges of reducing costs and sustaining growth whilst responding to regulatory pressures and the increasing demands of the market. Helping you to meet those challenges we deliver tailored, flexible IT and business resourcing solutions to many of the UK's leading insurance organisations. Savings and productivity improvements through our flexible resourcing solutions release your budget for reinvestment elsewhere and provide you with the agility to meet new market opportunities. Banking The need to achieve operational excellence, the demand to improve shareholder returns and the obligation to meet regulatory compliance has remained top of the banking agenda for the past decade. Our flexible IT and business resourcing solutions present you with the opportunity to do more - better, faster and more profitably whilst system and operational changes are implemented by the high calibre resource we provide. The challenges may not change but the approach we use to address them has never been more sophisticated, more effective or more commercial. Utilities As an IT resourcing company with a dedicated utilities team our business is to understand and improve yours through the delivery of innovative flexible resourcing solutions and services. With debt and arrears management and mergers, acquisitions and disposals the current sector hot topics, we are able to supply resources with expertise and experience in these areas to enhance your business operations. As part of Steria, the outsourcing and Technology Company, we can offer a complete approach to resourcing, outsourcing and technology solutions. From the provision of individual contractors and senior Interim Managers through to the outsourcing or offshoring of managed services we are ideally placed to meet and exceed your requirements. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  11. 11. Public Sector Is it ever possible to deliver a better service with less money? We believe the answer is 'yes'. Our excellent reputation in the public sector is based on innovation, value for money, collaborative approach, commitment to long term partnership and the ability to deliver on promises. We have delivered flexible resourcing services and solutions to the Public Sector for over 20 years, providing the right people and skills at the right time and cost. We recognise that with £20 billion of savings to be met over the next 2-3 years, only suppliers with a passion to provide commercial innovation will be in a position to support the Public Sector in achieving this objective. We continually seek to understand your business pressures and align our service provision to support the achievement of success. Through our sector focus we have been able to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the skills required by individual departments. Our database and network of public sector candidates ensures that a pool of appropriate resources is aligned and available to meet the needs of government organisations. Our relationships with candidates go beyond simply having them registered on our system. We pride ourselves on communicating with our potential candidates to understand their key strengths, skills and availability. This pro-active approach to resourcing gives us access to those skills in high demand and allows us the agility to respond to requirements with the right individuals. Steria is registered under the Office of Government Commerce Catalist Framework - ranked 4th largest of more than 100 suppliers. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  12. 12. Doing more for our candidates We offer candidates a wide range of contract and permanent jobs across all UK industry sectors and IT skill sets. Our client base of large blue chip and major central government organisations offers you the chance to work at the cutting edge of technology. In recognition of our best practice excellence in the area of candidate management we have been awarded the title of Technical Staffing Company of the Year 2005 by the Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo), underlining our commitment to deliver to you the highest level of professional service in all your dealings with us. By registering with us and providing us with details of your background and experience, we can ensure that you will be actively considered for all relevant existing and future positions across our client base. Additionally, because we know our clients well, we can proactively explore opportunities on your behalf within our existing relationships. We guarantee that we will discuss each opportunity and prospect with you before passing your information on to any prospective employer/assignment and we will maintain regular contact with you throughout the whole recruitment cycle and beyond. We are able to offer all our candidates discounted training courses through Steria Learning Services. ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  13. 13. Contractor charter We recognise that taking care of you creates a mutually beneficial working relationship. That is why we have our contractor charter through which we aim to: ♦ make prompt payment ♦ return calls in connection with payment in a timely manner ♦ efficiently handle any changes to your status ♦ keep full and accurate notes on each contractor to avoid unnecessary duplication of contact ♦ offer opportunities to work on high profile accounts within many and varied business sectors ♦ • employ only highly professional recruitment staff who are totally focused on introducing you to the right position ♦ never advertise jobs that don't exist ♦ follow the ATSCo Charter for both contractor and client care ♦ operate to our Best Practice policy ♦ provide you with discounted training through Steria Education and Training ♦ conduct an exhaustive search for a replacement contract once your current assignment finishes ♦ ensure everything we do is in line with DTI Resourcing Industry regulations ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  14. 14. Testimonials We take pride in the high quality service we deliver. Our contractors appreciate this, and this is what they have to say about us: “Many thanks for all the input you gave in putting me forward to the client and then chasing down interviews related to my current contract. In addition, the speed of turnaround with details of confirmed arrangements, contracts and eventual start details were all on the button. It's nice to deal with a company and an individual that gives one the confidence of not feeling like just another Agent's earner.” Contractor placed in a large insurance company as a Programme Office Manager “All my dealings with Steria Recruitment, from initial contact whilst looking for a contract, to the service I have received since they placed me, have always been polite, professional and helpful. The self billing service that Steria Recruitment provides has meant that I am paid on time and a copy of the VAT invoice is sent to my home each week.” Contractor placed at a logistics company as an IT Project Manager “From the initial point of contact, Steria Recruitment have provided me with an excellent recruitment service offering both a supportive approach and ensured a clear and honest communication channel between the employer and myself throughout the interview process. I was more than satisfied with the services of both the individual agent who kept me up to date with the progression and developments of the process and the support the company provided her during my application. Should I be in the position of looking for employment in the future, I would have no hesitation in contacting Steria Recruitment to assist as they are both helpful and, more importantly, professional.” Permanent placement of a Service Delivery Manager “Initially, I was not keen on coming down from London to Bracknell on a daily basis but due to the good relationship and good treatment of Steria Recruitment towards me, I am never in doubt to extend my stay here in Bracknell. I have since extended three times. I am very pleased to be representing Steria Recruitment.” Contractor placed at an international vehicle rental company as an Application Support Specialist “I've found them very understanding about the irregular timing of my invoices, given my extensive travelling schedule with the client. My main contact at Steria Recruitment has been able to sort them out swiftly, and without any inconvenience to myself or my accounts. I like the 'open book' nature of their arrangement with this particular client.” Contractor placed at a logistics company as a Project Manager ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  15. 15. Data protection All registrations and job applications will be processed in compliance with the requirements of the Data Project Act 1998 and Privacy Regulations 2003. Steria Recruitment is committed to maintaining compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. The personal data contained within a candidates' CV is managed by Steria Recruitment, from the process of receiving CVs to disclosing the data to prospective clients/third parties for the purpose of proposing candidates for contracts (or permanent positions, where relevant) for services with clients. Any additional data requested by clients/third parties, or use of candidates' CVs for any purposes other than that described here will only be processed with the prior consent of the candidate. Steria Recruitment will retain candidates' details on our database for the purpose of finding work. In addition to the above, Steria Recruitment will use these details to notify candidates of potential jobs and opportunities, make them aware of news items and initiatives and to request updated information, from time to time. At any point in time candidates have the opportunity to un-subscribe by sending an e-mail to ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  16. 16. Professional accreditations and memberships Our professional memberships and accreditations reflect our commitment to quality and the high levels of service we endeavour to provide to our clients and candidates: The Association of Technology and Staffing Companies (ATSCo), provides and enforces a clear set of business standards that members adhere to and that enable prospective clients, contractors and permanent candidates to have confidence in their selection of an ATSCo member. We consistently apply industry best practice to everything we do. Testament to this is our BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for contract resource provision, the auditors of which are Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  17. 17. Locations Reading office 420 Thames Valley Park Drive Thames Valley Park Reading RG6 1PU UK tel +44 (0)8702 416181 fax +44 (0)8702 426282 Manchester office Parkway 4 Parkway Business Centre Princess Road Manchester M14 7HR UK tel 0870 0107714 fax 0161 8483083 Edinburgh office 7 Lochside Avenue Edinburgh Park South Gyle EH12 9DJ UK tel +44 (0)870 0107713 fax +44 (0)131 3179090 ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008
  18. 18. Contact us 420 Thames Valley Park Drive Thames Valley Park Reading RG6 1PU UK tel +44 (0)8700 107715 fax +44 (0)8702 426282 email ©Steria Recruitment Ltd 2008