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The Next-Generation Sales Development Team


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Inside View along with Televerde built a next-generation sales development team utilizing the latest marketing technology. This case study was presented at Sirius Decisions 2019 in Austin.

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The Next-Generation Sales Development Team

  1. 1. The Next-Generation Sales Development Team A Force for Stronger B2B Relationships and Revenue Tracy Eiler Chief Marketing Officer InsideView @tracyleilerSiriusDecisions 2019
  2. 2. • Our Challenge: Complex B2B Landscape • What Success at InsideView Looks Like • Key Takeaways Case Study
  3. 3. Our Challenge
  4. 4. FACT: B2B Buying Behavior Has Changed Forever Sources: Forrester, May 2017 Sellers Reign in the 21st Century, published by Mary Shea; CEB, Harvard Business Review 90% of decision makers do not respond to cold calls or emails prefer doing own research to engaging with a sales rep 84% 57% of the way through their buying process before talking to sales
  5. 5. Buyer is more in charge than ever before Alignment between sales, SDR, and marketing is more critical than ever Tightly orchestrated motions and consultative selling Need to be more relevant Shift from ‘volume mindset’ to ‘targeted engagement model’ B2B Buyer Now Has Higher Expectations 1 2 3 4 5
  6. 6. Data Right Targets Connections Right Relationships Insights Right Context and Timing Targeting Intelligence Technology-Driven Data Aggregation & Validation Financials News Public data Social Networks • Targeted Sales & Marketing Intelligence Platform • Helping companies transform their Go-To-Market strategy • Aligning sales and marketing workflows to engage with intelligence Who is InsideView?
  7. 7. Our Business Complexity Multiple revenue models - SDR approach has to be flexible Global Sales Organization Europe Partner-referral driven SMB <1000 employees Enterprise > 1000 employees Strategic Top 50 Accounts OEM/Partner Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, other
  8. 8. Exec Team Dynamically plan, execute, and manage your GTM strategy Operations Manage data quality Sales & Marketing Engage the right buyers with the right message at the right time Platform Offering Multiple personas
  9. 9. Complex Relationship Engagement Buying groups (6.8 people* on average) + even more influencers 67% had 3+ engaged departments 34 average engaged people per account Source: CEB 2017 Other/Unknown 16%
  10. 10. Journey to Success
  11. 11. Challenges to Alignment 2 3 Source: InsideView Market Report, 2018 Lack of accurate data on target accounts Measured by different metrics 1 Communication
  12. 12. Marketing exists to make sales easier
  13. 13. SDR Team
  14. 14. Role of the InsideView SDR SDR SDR SDR SDR Develop outreach strategies for new prospects, breaking into accounts to drive pipeline creation Customer outreach campaigns, partnering with sales/CSMs to increase account engagement & upsell Qualify inbound leads, book demos & meetings to develop pipeline for sales Special projects: competitive take-out, ex-customer win-back, etc. Qualify leads, engage with accounts, generate pipeline
  15. 15. Team Structure CMO Sales Development Demand Generation & Customer Lifecycle Marketing InsideView SDR Product & Solution Marketing Sales Enablement InsideView SDR InsideView SDR InsideView SDR Televerde SDR Televerde SDR Televerde SDR Televerde SDR InsideView SDR InsideView SDR InsideView SDR
  16. 16. Considering Inside/Outside Upside of Inside • Develop talent & “bench” for sales • Unified GTM team • Stay in driver’s seat • Immediate answers, face to face Upside of Outside • Ready talent pool • Fast experimentation • Ramp quickly, break up easily • Minimize management time • Industry best practices & metrics • Expertise & leadership Downside of Inside • Recruiting & retention • Demands on management time • Ongoing training • Need for instrumentation • Tech stack investment Downside of Outside • You don’t own the talent • Systems may not be compatible • Siloed communication • Less control • Perceived higher cost • Internal resistance
  17. 17. Our Blended Model Best of both worlds • Teams challenge each other • Easy to “turn on” a new SDR at partner – Fast to ramp – Team has complete focus – Allows more experimentation • Internal team is more integrated – Career development, cross-training, leadership opportunity, process improvement, close to sales, feedback for marketing, feel revenue goal more intensely
  18. 18. Where Should SDR Team Report? Message control from the start Provide complete service to sales Create the sales reps of the future Better feedback on campaigns More experimentation Recruit & retain in their image Career path (perception) More visibility into sales process Tighter personal relationships Closer to revenue
  19. 19. Funnel
  20. 20. The New Funnel
  21. 21. Path To Revenue Source: Forrester Research, Inc., “Build An Adaptive, Efficient Process To Elevate Leads To Revenue,” March, 2016 SDR
  22. 22. Inbound Process from MQL
  23. 23. Outbound Scenarios Scenario 1: Account-based strategy ● Orchestrated motions between SDR & marketing (see next slide) Scenario 2: Proactive research for new accounts ● Create a watchlist (personalized newspaper) to gather news on accounts - see what’s going on and decide where to focus ● Customize watchlist (e.g. leadership changes, acquisition, etc.)
  24. 24. Source: InsideView Orchestration between SDR & Marketing
  25. 25. ABM Engagement Design Total ABM Accounts: 300 Customers: 55% New Logos: 45% Types of Programs Programs Marketing/Field Muscle Target Accounts Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Direct Mail Low-Cost Direct Mail Low Yes Yes No High-Cost Direct Mail High Yes No No In-Person Programs Tradeshows High Yes Yes Yes Tradeshow Extras (dinner, room drop, etc.) High Yes No No Lunch & Learns / Onsite Meetings High Yes No No Customer Advisory Board High Yes Yes No Online Programs Paid Advertising Medium Yes Yes No Thought Leadership Webinars Medium Yes Yes Yes Landing Page Personalization High Yes No No Customized Emails Medium Yes No No Broad Emails Low Yes Yes Yes Sales Outreach Outreach Campaigns Medium Yes Yes No 1:1 Communications for upcoming webinars, events, etc. Medium Yes Yes No Personalized Coaching High Yes Yes Yes Executive Sponsor Low Yes No No Personalized Content Assets Medium Yes No No Internal Communications Included in regular review meetings High Yes No No
  26. 26. Make every touch a “give” Use social touches plus phone/email Get email marketing best practices from marketers Take the time to personalize approach Use human language -- not marketing spin Relationship tips The SDR has the First Relationship with the Account
  27. 27. Stack
  28. 28. CRM - ABM Play 1 ABM Play 2 ABM Play 3 ABM Play 4 Source: InsideView CRM Account, contact, lead repository & ABM orchestration
  29. 29. Day to day activity/tasks, sequences, templates, monitor content engagement
  30. 30. Highspot Content engagement & analytics
  31. 31. InsideView Lead enrich, account & contact information, connections, build a list, create watchlist
  32. 32. Key Takeaways
  33. 33. Measures in 3 Categories 1. Engagement & relationship goals 2. Pipeline & revenue goals SUCCESS METRICS EARLY • New names in target account (building out white space) • Higher program engagement across multiple contacts • Lift in website traffic from targeted accounts MID • # of meetings set with target accounts • Marketing qualified leads in target accounts • Program success with a target account • Call connects with target accounts LATE • Higher win rates • Deeper and broader relationships within accounts • # opportunities in targeted accounts • Pipeline in targeted accounts • Deal acceleration • Multi-product, multi-year deals
  34. 34. Engagement Example Calls & Meetings
  35. 35. Pipeline Account engagement Sales productivity & velocity Activity measures Softer measures -- promotability, fast ramp, sales satisfaction, feedback Measures of SDR Success
  36. 36. Appendix
  37. 37. Example Inside Career Path SDR 1 SDR 2 SDR 3 SDR Leader AE 1 AE 2 AE 3 Global Acct Mgr CSM 1 CSM 2 CSM 3 Global Acct CSM
  38. 38. Key Statistics Source: Bridge Group, Sales Development 2016, Metrics and Compensation Research Report
  39. 39. Key Statistics Source: Bridge Group, Sales Development 2016, Metrics and Compensation Research Report
  40. 40. Key Statistics Source: Bridge Group, Sales Development 2016, Metrics and Compensation Research Report
  41. 41. Inbound SDR Process (detail) MQLs route to SDRs ○ Lead is enriched - scoring, appending different firmographic data and routing to SDR based on territory ○ Dedupe lead to check if anyone is working on this lead or any other leads in this account and browse past activity history ○ Understand what’s happening in the account ■ business landscape and industry ■ how they make money ■ what connections we may have ■ technology used
  42. 42. Outbound SDR Process (detail) Scenario 2: Net new companies to InsideView Build out customized lists ● Build a targeted list of companies/people using ideal customer profile criteria ● Narrow down vs. spray and pray and focus on conversion ○ how many conversations with quality prospects vs. how many emails sent ● Dedupe against database ● Work out of contacts in outbound, sync new people with CRM ● Set up contact view to see who are the people to start reaching out to ● Create customized outbounding sequence based on their criteria ○ typically 10 steps lasting for 30 day, mix of phone, email and social touches
  43. 43. Using ABM as a Forcing Function ABM enriches lead generation with account-specific tactics Source: Retro Yet Revolutionary: Demystifying Account-Based Marketing” Forrester report
  44. 44. LARGE ACCOUNT Very small number of large existing or targeted accounts NAMED ACCOUNT Moderate or larger number of defined existing or targeted accounts DEEPEN CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Moderate or larger number of existing customers that receive differentiated outreach NEW MARKETS Any number of new or existing accounts in same vertical or other specific segment Account-Based Models InsideView ABM Approach
  45. 45. ICP > TAM > ABM: Taming the Alphabet Who are my perfect customers? Where do they work? What do they do? What accounts fit that profile? Where are they located? How many are in my database? Let’s target: 1 2 3 IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE Define your targets. TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET Find every matching account. ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING Target them one by one.
  46. 46. Ideal Client Profile Mapping: Before Industry A Industry E Industry C Industry B Industry K Industry D Industry F Industry G Industry I Industry H Industry J Industry L Re-evaluators Expanders IdlersDecliners
  47. 47. Ideal Client Profile Mapping: After Industry A Industry E Industry C Industry B Industry D Re-evaluators Expanders IdlersDecliners
  48. 48. Total Addressable Market