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Email Marketing Audit Sample Report


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Evaluate your email marketing performance with an email marketing audit from Markitors -

Here's a sample email marketing audit report. It includes an analysis of:
// Subject Lines
// Sender Name
// Personalization
// Body Copy
// Image
// Call to Action
// Mobile Optimization
// Frequency
// Send Time

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Email Marketing Audit Sample Report

  1. 1. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS AUDIT? The Email Marketing Audit we’ve performed for ABC Company evaluated the most important factors that impact your email marketing performance. In the evaluation process we determined which issues would be most important for your consideration as it relates to a prioritized action plan. In this report we only present the issues we believe will likely bring the most efficient results moving forward. The report is organized by the sections we believe have the most impact on your email results. At the end of the report you’ll find our prioritized action plan and strategy to improve the email marketing efforts for ABC Company. OVERVIEW // EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT + STRATEGY // SUBJECT LINES - How your subject lines impact your performance. // SENDER NAME - How you build trust with readers. // PERSONALIZATION - How your emails are relevant to subscribers. // BODY COPY - How your emails are concise and compelling. // IMAGE - How your images attract a viewers attention. // CALL TO ACTION - What drives readers to click and convert. // MOBILE OPTIMIZATION - How your emails appear on mobile devices. // FREQUENCY - How often you should send emails to subscribers. // SEND TIME - Best times and days to send emails.
  2. 2. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: SUBJECT LINES HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » There have been adaquate email subject line A/B tests with emojis, exclaimation points, CAPS, and different calls to action. » The majority of winning emails includ a “!” and emojis in the subject line » Average open rate on the account is 8.21% - lower than the “Daily Deals” average of 10.4% » Average click through rate is 1.96% - equal to the average of 2.0% » Including the words “Limited Time” in the subject line produced the highest open rate - and has only been used one time » Average subject line length was 53 characters
  3. 3. SUBJECT LINES » Penny Ounces for Veterans at Livwell - Limited time! // 12% Open Rate, 1.61% Click Rate » 8/11 Breaking News from DEA + Hot Cannabis Deals! // 11% Open Rate, 3.4% Click Rate » 7/28 New Dispensaries on ABC Company & Hot Deals! // 11% Open Rate, 2.72% Click Rate » 7/28 New Dispensaries on ABC Company & Hot Deals! // 17% Open Rate, 1.8% Click Rate » 2/12 Crazy Cannabis Deals from ABC // 10% Open Rate, 2.37% Click Rate » ABC Company June Newsletter // 10% Open Rate, 2.14% Click Rate » 2/5 Crazy Cannabis Deals Alert from ABC Company // 10% Open Rate, 1.32% Click Rate » ABC Company March Newsletter // 10% Open Rate, 2.32% Click Rate » ABC Company August Newsletter // 9.58% Open Rate, 2.21% Click Rate » 2/26 $99 Oz & Other Crazy Cannabis Deals from ABC // 9.35% Open Rate, 2.5% Click Rate » Update on 420 Plans in Denver // 9.28% Open Rate, 2.42% Click Rate » 3/4 Live Resin for $45/g & Other Crazy Cannabis Deals from ABC // 9,24% Open Rate, 2.31% Click Rate
  4. 4. SUBJECT LINES // RECOMMENDATIONS To grow your email marketing efforts, you’ve got to have subscribers open your emails. It all starts with the subject line. » INCLUDE LOCALIZATION : MailChimp research suggests including a city name in the subject line. We recommend using MailChimp segmentation to send targeted emails to subscribers in each city. Just make sure to exclude recipients of previous localized campaigns to prevent a subscriber from receiving multiple emails. Then, include a “General” email to cover your bases. Example: Limited Time Cannabis Deals in Denver New Dispensaries In Denver + Today’s Sales (You have 1,350 subscribers within 25 miles of DEN) » KEEP SUBJECT LINES SHORT : MailChimp research recommends keeping your subject line to 50 characters or fewer. You can easily shorten your subject lines by removing the date from your subject lines (7/28) and your brand name (ABC Company or ABC Most 2014 emails just had the subject line, Crazy Deals Alert. » USE DIFFERENT SUBJECT LINES : Include “hot” keywords in the subject line like, “Limited Time Sales”, “Save at Least” “*|FNAME|*, save on”, “Member Offer” “Start off right” “Kicking off the” “Offer Just For” “Special Offer Just” “An Exclusive Offer” “Additional Coupons” “______ Off Coupons” “Today’s Sales” “Specials and
  5. 5. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: SENDER NAME HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » All 2016 emails are sent from ABC » Most 2016 emails are sent from andre@ABC » Some early 2016 emails were sent from feedback@ABC, aleonard@ABC Company. com » All 2014 emails are sent from ABC Company & ABC » Most 2014 emails are sent from info@ABC RECOMMENDATIONS: » Use the from name to say who you are as the sender, and keep it consistent over time. We recommend either using Andre at ABC Company (if you continue to send from andre@ABC or ABC Company if you consider resuming sending from info@ABC » We would recommend changing the sender name to “Andre at ABC Company” for your next campaign and sending from andre@ABC
  6. 6. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: PERSONALIZATION HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » 802 subscribers have a value in the full name field (11,932 subscribers do NOT) » 7,418 subscribers have an unknown location (5,316 subscribers do have a location) » No email campaigns have been sent yet using location segmentation » (1) Email automation campaign exists - however, it does not have any call to action to update a user profile » Your list contains a lot of useless data with fields like “grade, click, open hard, optout, complain, trap, deceased.” - Even “Company” only has 60 subscribers with values for that field.
  7. 7. PERSONALIZATION // RECOMMENDATIONS Personalization is a key component to email marketing. The more data you have to work with, the more effective your messaging can be. » LIST MANAGEMENT : Delete the fields that don’t make sense - grade, click, open, hard, optout, complain, trap, deceased : Include a “First Name” field in the list and on your website sign up forms : Split the 802 subscribers with Full Name into First and Last Name fields » USE AUTOMATION TO GATHER MORE DATA ON SUBSCRIBERS : Develop email automation sequences to gather more data. Send out welcome email with a call to action to update their profile to receive relevant deals (Location, First Name, Other). Send follow up emails with other calls to action to fill out profile. Once the profile is filled out, you can then target your Hot Deal emails to relevant subscribers. » ONLY INCLUDE LOCALIZED CONTENT : Only include localized content in your email newsletters so the content feels personalized - as if Andre hand picked every deal presented in the email.
  8. 8. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: BODY COPY + IMAGE HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » Emails are so large and long that they are being cut off in email inboxes » Images are not optimized for inboxes - they are too large in both file size and in dimensions » Looks and feels like two guys run the business » Recommendation: customize the Themeforest theme to match the feel of your branded website. Utilize this theme for future email campaigns to ensure a consistent brand experience.
  9. 9. BODY COPY + IMAGE // RECOMMENDATIONS Body copy and images are improve click rates and impact deliverability in email marketing. The images you currently include in newsletters may be negatively impacting your deliverability. » OPTIMIZE IMAGES FOR EMAIL : Resize images to be no more than 800 pixels in width : Save images for the web by resizing them and saving them for the web using a tool like Photoshop » LESS IS MORE : With weekly emails, save time for yourself and for your readers by reducing the amount of featured content in the newsletter. Not only is this necessarily because your emails are currently being cut off in email providers like Gmail, but it is also a good idea to reduce the amount of scrolling and visualization a recipient must process. We recommend testing a plain text email format to capture all the content in a clear and concise format. » MATCH THE LOOK OF YOUR WEBSITE : The header of your outbound emails should look similar to the experience your subscribers should have on your website. Right now there are inconsistent headers and colors, with different blues, grays and images. * We have provided 2 templates to work with for the Crazy Deal Alerts & Industry Newsletters in your MailChimp account
  10. 10. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: CALL TO ACTION HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » Emails contain more than 60 links to click on. The further the scroll, the less likely it is that someone will click on a link » Top pieces of content clicked: - News stories (The DEA) - Jobs - Surveys - ABC Company - Dispenseries » More people click on links than image links RECOMMENDATIONS: » Include a button to click on instead of a text link or image » Reduce the number of calls to action » Reduce the number of external links, and instead embed YouTube and News content on your blog
  11. 11. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: FREQUENCY + SEND TIME HERE ARE THE KEY TAKEAWAYS: » Main days that you send are on Thursdays & Fridays for Deal Alerts » Main days that you send newsletters are on Tuesdays » Your best send times (based on MailChimp recommendations): » Sunday: 4pm MST » Monday: 3pm MST » Tuesday: 4pm MST » Wednesday: 10am MST » Thursday: 3pm MST » Friday: 3pm MST » Saturday: 8am MST » Recommendation: Send Crazy Deal Alerts every week on Tuesday (instead of Thursday or Friday). Switch up newsletter to be sent on Sunday. Use Mailchimp’s Send Time Optimization Tool to ensure best delivery time. Continue to test which day to send is best.
  12. 12. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: HIGH PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Reduce length and file size of newsletter to improve deliverability rates » Localize content with several different newsletters focused on content for local areas » Clean list by eliminating fields no longer being used - and add in new fields that should be used » Optimize images for the web and for email inboxes » Redesign and experiment with shorter, more focused newsletter templates » Reduce number of external links in email, and instead embed content on your own website to drive traffic back to your site
  13. 13. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: MEDIUM PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Build out email automation sequence to gather data from new subscribers » Create new sign up form on website with first name field » Match the look and feel of your website with the email templates » Include call to action buttons within emails » Keep subject lines short - less than 50 characters
  14. 14. EMAIL MARKETING AUDIT: LOW PRIORITY NEXT STEPS » Limit the use of exclamation points in subject lines » Change sender name to Andre at ABC Company for personal feel » Purposely send campaigns on different days of the week (Tuesdays for Deal Alerts, Sunday for Newsletter) to test which days are best in open rates and click through rates. » Share email campaign links on social media accounts to drive additional subscribers » Test different subject lines with different “hot” key phrases