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Why choose a btec in media


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Why Choose Btec Media Studies

Published in: Education
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Why choose a btec in media

  1. 1. Jobs 90% of jobs in this industry sector are filled through word of mouth. A BTEC in Media makes sure there’s something to talk about. For a successful career in the media industries it’s an enormous benefit to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. The BTEC in Media helps learners do this by proving they have the commitment, skills, and practical experience to succeed. And, with a wide range of units, courses may be tailored to the interests and aspirations of each learner. Let’s look at how a BTEC in Media is helping thousands of learners take an important step towards their goals and their dreams.
  2. 2. Progression for Learners A BTEC in Media can help you achieve your full potential. Learners are rewarded along the way for consistent hard work and demonstration of their knowledge. A BTEC in Media offers active learning in a vocational context and builds confidence, competence and motivation in learners.
  3. 3. A Firm Foundation The Media and Creative Media Production qualification provides learners with a clear understanding of the employment opportunities, job requirements, and working practices in the media sector. Learners are given the opportunity to start building the technical skills and knowledge relevant to an industry (or industries) in the media sector
  4. 4. Flexible to fit around your curriculum Some learners are incredibly focused, determined to make a success of their chosen career in media. For others, it’s not so clear cut. A BTEC is a flexible qualification, made up of a number of units, which are determined by the level and size being studied. These units can be taken independently or alongside more traditional qualifications, to suit the interests and the aspirations of the learner. Teachers and tutors can work together to plan and create their own resources or use our new and improved range of support materials.
  5. 5. Engaging for everyone Students, of all abilities, often fail to see the link between what they learn in an academic sense and the world of work. BTECs in Media change all that. The vocational learning style is completely different from the more traditional routes. Students may research their topics and present results in a wide variety of ways other than written text. They don’t have to work alone – group interaction can often play a part, for example through teamwork and role-play. BTECs can engage and enhance the performance of all learners, who recognise that the skills they are developing are those that employers will value. They are learning in a practical way without the need to commit to an apprenticeship.
  6. 6. Focusing on career aspirations The Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National Certificates and Subsidiary Diplomas in Creative Media Production focus on specific sub-sectors of the media industries, such as Radio Production, Games Development and Print Production. The title of the qualification obtained can even reflect their chosen specialism, e.g. BTEC National Certificate in Creative Media Production (Interactive Media).
  7. 7. Rewarding hard work and effort Students learn best when they can apply their own knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to a subject. In a subject like media, and in others, it’s often the case that learners are already motivated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It’s right that this natural energy can be focused and rewarded. A BTEC in Media allows it to happen. Hard work is rewarded. Assessment is ongoing, motivating students to analyse and improve their own performance.
  8. 8. Transferable skills Studying for a BTEC in Media is not just an end in itself. Learners develop media technology skills that are applicable in a wide variety of work situations or when studying for other qualifications, such as a Higher National in Art and Design.
  9. 9. For More Guidance If you want to know anything else about the course please email or see Miss Walsh, Mrs Makda or Mrs Riley on the following email addresses and they will arrange a time to sit with you and go through the content of the course. 0 Miss Walsh: 0 Mrs Makda: 0 Mrs Plumbly: