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Presentation1media star pro

  1. 1. Star Profile
  2. 2. I’ll be writing a star profile about Beyonce Knowles, she was born in 1981 September, she’sfrom Houston Texas, USA and she is an American singer, in addition she is married to therap artist Jay-z who she did a collaboration with in called ‘Crazy in love’ which a numberone hit this was released in 2003. Her genres of music have been a mixture of R&B andsoul. She first began to sing with girls LaToya Luckett, Kelly Rowland and LaTaviaRoberson in their teens, they were called ‘Destiny child’ they sang Gospel, rhythm andblues, hip pop, they were an official girl group from 1995 till 2004. Beyonce’s first albumwas ‘Dangerously in love’ 2003, then her second album ‘B’day’ 2006, furthermore her thirdalbum ‘I Am ..Sasha Fierce’ 2008, lastly her most recent album ‘4’ released in 2011.
  3. 3. Her early image was simple clothing such as a cap with long hair and silk trousers; thevideo ‘crazy in love’ is a performance video, as there is a lot of dancing there are a lot ofclose up shots with flashing light flicking in Beyonce’s face, however with a shadow to itmaking it dark. In addition to this in the music video there is a lot of movement, also thereare camera shot effects within this video, with cross cutting. However in comparison to hermore recent music videos such as ‘single ladies’ there is a lot of movement however shechose a black and white theme, and the lighting is bright with a long shot focusing on thedancers and her. Furthermore also there is dancing which looks continuous, however theydo have similarities which are the motif of having a dance in the music video also wearingclothes which reveal her legs. Moreover in the video ‘diva’ its very up beat, the video is amixture of concept and performance, filmed in a industrial warehouse and it is black andwhite like the music video ‘single ladies’ there is uses of cross cutting and many costumechanges, also the lighting changes throughout the video sometime dark and at times in thevideo its bright, this may have been done to sell the song as the lyrics aren’t a narrative inany way, the music video has chains and Beyonce wears sunglasses, in her more recentvideos there isn’t much of this, there aren’t any uses of cross cutting also there is lessediting in her more recent videos. < Crazy in love; BIGMY HIT
  4. 4. Irreplaceable Halo ‘Best thing I ever had’ 2KgyQUFk&feature=relmfu In some of Beyonce’s videos they have some similar features for example the music videos ‘Diva’, ‘Single ladies’ and ‘Sweet dreams’. Each of these videos has two female dancers beside Beyonce as her dancers making them performance videos, in addition to this she has black and white video filming in her videos which many artists don’t do. On the other hand Beyonce does have other songs and music videos which represent other genres such as ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘Halo’, ‘Best thing I ever had’. In most of these videos there is a lost of sexual display costume wise Beyonce has always worn tight clothes or clothing which shows of her legs and curvy body, her hair ha stayed brown with blonde, in her most recent album her hair is blonde possibly to represent one of her best albums, the record company Columbia may to try to sell Beyonce through most of her performance videos as the artist is known for her stage presence, also through dance choreography.
  5. 5. Always dancing;
  6. 6. Beyonce says in2012; > In her most recent music video ‘End of time’ the music video is of Beyonce performing this may represent how far she has come as a solo American singer, furthermore suggesting she doesn’t have to do a music video as her performance and presence on stage would be just as good 2011 album also suggesting vocally she’s strong therefore music videos ‘4’ most are not needed to sell her songs. Now Beyonce in 2012 is recent. known worldwide and she is famous for her albums and her presence on stage of how she performs each song with all her energy.