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  1. 1. Question 7 Looking back at you preliminary task (The school magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? These magazines were both created in fireworks. With my school magazine and my music magazine I have kept some things similar, these are the placements of the date on the left hand side and the price on the top right, also the barcode is the same on the right hand corner. I have stuck to the theme of using three colours in my music magazine, as I did in my school magazine these are the first steps I had learnt in my preliminary task.I have added more interesting cover lines to my music magazine, also I’ve added a puff at the bottomof my music magazine “WIN! Festival Tickets Worth £50” . For my music magazine, my cover lines andmy mast head have had more thought put in to them. In addition to this my colour scheme seems tobe more consistent in my music magazine than the school magazine. The font I used for my schoolmagazine is very basic. Whereas in my music magazine I have added more fonts.
  2. 2. My school magazine content page is very simple in comparison to mymusic magazine. Firstly I created my school magazine contents infireworks whereas my music magazine content, I created in publisher.The layout is hard to produce on publisher, but the advantage is you canfit in a lot. Whereas in fireworks it spaces out the writing, making itdifficult to fit more writing and images. Also as there are more tools onfireworks making it harder to master the tools to create a content page. In my music magazine content I have more detail also I have separated the content page into sections, which I didn’t do with my school magazine, this gives it more of a professional look. My school magazine looks very plain, furthermore there are two colours used on the content page these are orange and white, compared to my music magazine there are three colours these are white, red and black which are bolder and easer to read with plain backgrounds such as white and black. On the school magazine I have three images. On my music magazine content I’ve put three images with labels attached to them also with the page numbers on the image, giving it a clean look. This also makes it closer to looking like a real music magazine. For the section labels I have used a red background with while bold text for them to stand out.