How did you use media technologies in


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How did you use media technologies in

  1. 1. Q.1 In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. Our own websiteTwitter feedThe navigationbar at the topof the page,allows theviewers toview pageseasily.
  3. 3. Ed Sheeran The use ofthe links tovarioussocialnetworkingsites reflectshow thiswebsite ishigh inprofessionthan ours .They haveincluded photosand contactlinks along witha ‘videos’ page,which we havealso done onour own musicvideo, whichshows thesimilarities inconstructionfrom our ownwebsite to aprofessionalwebsite .As this is theoriginal artistswebsite, has atwitter feedlocated in thecentre of thepage. Which wealso have in ourown website.Twitterfollowbutton forfan base.
  4. 4. The twitter feed is in the centre of the websitehomepage. This shows that it is quitesignificant. As it takes up a lot of space on thepage, further this targets the audience directly.The Twitter feed allows Ed Sheeran to see hisfans comments and possibly to reply to some.On our website we have also included a Twitter feed,however our twitter feed on the bottom right handside, for fans of Andrew to look at if they would likeand our target audience. As Twitter is a big socialnetworking site this aims at our target audience andallows our artist to become known to others that maynot know of him.This shows that we have included the target audienceand this enhances the image of the artist. As Twitter isworldwide and is a well known social network used bycelebrities and many people of different ages.
  5. 5. On the left hand side the use of having a news feed, allows fans and the public to alwaysbe up to date with the artists events. On the right hand side is our own website with anews feed, which we included to update fans and the public on Andrews performancesand what he has been doing with his time, by us having a news feed, it has given ourwebsite a professional element and meets real website conventions.
  6. 6. We have included a gallery for our artist on our website, this is for fansand to keep fans update on his latest The gallery indicates real mediaconventions, as we are aiming to keep the fans and public up to datewith the artist. In order for the artist to be known we wanted to useimages to get people to be more interested.
  7. 7. The element of thecontact page, makes thewebsite appearprofessional and thisallows companies whowould like to know aboutthe artist the opportunityto speak to the artistsmanger and team. By usincluding a ‘contact’ pagewe have met the realmedia conventionsthrough our research andmedia technologies.
  8. 8. This shows the dates of the ‘tours’ page this allows fans and the public to know whenthe artist will be performing. Further by the use of the ‘Buy tickets’ button this allowsthe public to have access to buying tickets easily, also this then gives the element of aprofessional appearance. The real website page in comparison to our ‘AndrewManning’ tour page shows that we have used the same elements of real mediaconventions.
  9. 9. Ben Howard official websiteThe official ‘Ben Howard’ website has very similar features to the home page of our artists home page. Thefeatures are ‘news’ and dates to show when the news was updated. This then shows that we have used realmedia conventions on our own website , making it look as professional as a real artists website.
  10. 10. The ‘Ben Howard’ website features a gallery page and our own‘Andrew Manning’ website features a gallery. By including agallery in a website this shows the artists progress and allowsthe public to see the artists style, in terms of clothing andlatest hair styles.
  11. 11. The use of having a page where fans and the public can buy tickets and viewthe vital information of dates and venues of where the artist will beperforming, makes the website professional. Through the screen shots ofthe real artists website ‘Ben Howard’ in comparison to our own artistswebsite ‘Andrew Manning’ we show that we have successfully shown realmedia conventions and successfully enabled our audience to be involvedwith the artist.
  12. 12. DigipakThe ‘Killers’ have used anelement of black and whitephotos, and they have used boldtext to show the title of the bandwhich presents a clear view forthe audience. Further a barcodeis included, with the photosthey’ve used inside with thesong titles at the bottom of theback cover. The images used arevery clear, giving it a professionallook.
  13. 13. DigipakOur digipak meetsreal mediaconventions as wehave included afront cover with aclear heading ofthe album name,we have includedlyrics and we haveensured that wehave put a barcodeon the back cover,along with thesong titles. Byadding theseaspects to ourdigipak, we havemet real mediaconventions.
  14. 14. DigipakThe Kooks have madesure that they have acolour theme, which isred black and white. Wealso have chosen blackand white as our themefor our digipak , thisshows that we havethought about ouraudience and we havetried to make itprofessional and clear,therefore meetingmedia conventions.They have includedlyrics, which we havealso done in our owndigipak. They haveincluded song titles onthe back cover alongwith an image.
  15. 15. Music VideoA real music video featuring Ed Sheeran.Here the girl is inthe centre of thecrossing, with thepublic surroundingher. This presentsher vulnerability.Further due to thechosen crops, ofher hood which isup and her blanketheld close to her.Giving her a lostlook.
  16. 16. Here is an official video, thebackground has been blurred out, withthe girl in a clear view. As this showsthat it done at night time, as the lightsof traffic and the streets are shown inthe background.
  17. 17. We used a blur focuswhen our artist waswalking into the distancefor the end shot, this wasin Piccadilly circus, weused the public as assetfor our artist top blendin, this is similar to theclip in the other video, aswe have used the lightsand taken advantage ofthe lights of shops andstreet lights to bring ourartist and narrative out.This shows that we havesuccessfully used aconcept of a real mediaconvention in our ownmusic video.
  18. 18. Here we have edited apart of our music video togo from colour into blackand white. Here we haveused an effective editingtechnique making it lookprofessional and capturingour target audiencesattention, further thisshows our intendednarrative. This is to showour artist in a vulnerablelight, in the city of Londonwhich his unfamiliar with.Here we have successfullyused our chosen locationalong with a long shot, midshot and an extreme closeup to achieve our target.
  19. 19. Here our artist is walkingonto the train, here weshow how he is lost in thecity of London, by himgetting onto anunderground train, showsthat he is attempting tofamiliarise himself withthe city, this links to thelyrics of the song,therefore meeting a realmedia convention, bysuccessfully meeting amedia convention.Here we have used an overthe shoulder shot, thispresent emotion, furtherprovoking our targetaudiences emotions, thisshows that we have usedreal media conventions byconsidering every aspect interms of lyrics, camerashots and
  20. 20. Here we have used thepublic, to present ourartist in a vulnerableplace. We then placed thesame shot at night time,giving our video anelement of time andthoughts put into one,presenting our artistsframe of mind, trying tofigure out his future inthe new place. Throughthis we have used a senseof real media, after athought-out process onhow to craft our musicvideo.
  21. 21. Through the use of the comparisons to realmusic artists website, we have shown our ownwebsite, and we have shown various similarities.Through this we have shown that wesuccessfully used real media conventions in ourown music website.Tafadzwa Msipa and Lauren Greene.