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PetroChem Essentials december 2012


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PetroChem E-ssentials is a complimentary TÜV SÜD e-newsletter that delivers updates on the latest regulations and standards, critical to your operations.
In the December 2012 issue, we focus on:
•API Summit Showcases PetroChem Technical Experts
•PetroChem Inspection Services Profile: Gerhard Abel
•FAQs on Mechanical Integrity Inspection for Process Plants
•2013 NDT Training Program Schedule
•2013 PetroChem Open House events
•2013 PetroChem Trade Shows

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PetroChem Essentials december 2012

  1. 1. TÜV SÜD | Vol. 6 December 2012E-ssentialsPetroChem | Technical industry e-news updates essential to your operations CONTENTS: API Summit Showcases PetroChem Technical Experts 02 PetroChem Inspection Services Profile: Gerhard Abel 03 FAQs on Mechnical Intergrity Inspection for Process Plants 05 2013 NDT Training Program Schedule 06 2013 PetroChem Open House Events 07 2013 Trade Shows 08 h t t p : / / w w w. p e t r o c h e m i n t l . c o m
  2. 2. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 2 API Summit Showcases PetroChem TechnicalEditorial ExpertsDear Reader, radiography for code quality weld inspection andWelcome to the latest issue of PetroChem Essentials, the acceptance. Primary consideration should bee-newsletter from PetroChem Inspection Services, a subsidiary of given to material type, size, and thickness. OtherTÜV SÜD America. considerations should be given to the type of energy and phosphorus plate used. ProtectionThe publication of this issue of PetroChem Essentials coincides against backscatter is key in almost all situations.with the 2013 American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspection Technical experts from PetroChem InspectionSummit and Expo, which begins on January 7th in Galveston, Services will deliver several key presentations This presentation will outline some methodologiesTexas. A number of PetroChem International technical experts at the 2013 American Petroleum Institute (API) used to help establish technique developmentwill be sharing their latest research in papers, presentations, and Inspection Summit and Expo, to be held January for code quality inspection through computerizedworkshops at this year’s Summit. In this issue, we’ve provided a 7-10, 2013, at the Galveston Island Convention radiography.brief summary of those presentations, and hope that you’ll have Center in Galveston, Texas.time to attend one or more of these presentations at the Summit. “INSPECTION OF RAISED FACE HF ALKY The annual API Inspection Summit is the premiere FLANGES WITH PHASED ARRAY”—The future of energy production in the U.S. has never been brighter. venue for petroleum industry inspection and JOHN SELLERS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARYBut with that growth comes an increased focus on the importance reliability professionals and examiners. The 9TH, 10:30 AM (INSPECTION/NDE – 1)of safety. In an interview with the editors of PetroChem 2013 Summit will offer more than 100 individual Corrosion at petrochemical and refining facilitiesE-ssentials, I offer a perspective on some of the key safety issues technical program sessions, covering topics in will always be a major concern for pipingfacing energy processors and producers in the coming years. inspection and non-destructive testing, metallurgy integrity. HF alkylation units face an unusual and corrosion, and engineering, and analysis. The type of corrosion that attacks the raised gasketPetroChem is a leader in the implementation of mechanical Summit’s keynote address will be delivered by seating surface of the flanges. Safety conditionsintegrity inspection programs at processing plants around the John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United associated with the product, as well as access tocountry. In our article, “FAQs on Mechanical Integrity Inspection Nations. the area of interest affect the ability to reliablyfor Process Plants,” we answer several frequently asked inspect these areas. Identifying appropriatequestions about the mechanical integrity inspection process. New at this year’s Summit will be an optional inspection methods and tools is essential in one-day training component, scheduled for establishing a good inspection program of theseLooking ahead, PetroChem is pleased to announce its 2013 Monday January 7th, when eight separate in-depth flanges.calendar of technical training courses for non-destructive testing technical courses will be offered. The courses andoperators. Conducted in Pasadena, TX, the courses are once workshops include a half-day workshop on Phased Several factors must be taken into considerationagain being offered in conjunction with our partner, Lavender Array and Time of Flight Diffraction Technique, when implementing the inspection of the HFInternational. See our article for this year’s training schedule and led by Tim Armitt of Lavender International NDT, alkylation units. First and foremost is safety. Othersfor additional details on the program. PetroChem’s training partner. are access, timeframe, tracking, and cost. There are only a few ways to inspect these flanges toWe round out this issue of PetroChem Essentials with a lineup Here is a brief summary of the four presentations determine if they are fit for continued service. Aof 2013 industry trade shows, conferences, and other events that being delivered by PetroChem Inspection Services commonly used method in the industry todaymay be of interest to our readers, as well as the 2013 schedule of professionals at this year’s API Inspection Summit: is to visually check each flange set during anPetroChem Open Houses. outage by using a straight edge on the surface “CODE QUALITY INSPECTION THROUGH and measuring the damage to see if it is in theWe hope that you enjoy this issue of PetroChem Essentials. As COMPUTERIZED RADIOGRAPHY”— gasket seating area. This puts the inspector atalways, we welcome your comments or suggestions on ways to WILLIAM BOBBITT, TUESDAY, JANUARY greater risk of exposure to the product and forcesimprove this e-newsletter, or ideas for future topics.. Safe and 8TH, 2:15 PM (INSPECTION/NDE – 2) the owner of the equipment to wait until outageHappy Holidays, and a Prosperous New Year! Advancements in radiography in the past decade for cost of replacement. Phased array technology have been great. Computerized radiography is can be utilized to screen many of the flanges inThanks! no exception, although the mainstay seems to service, thus reducing exposure risks and providing be geared more toward profile and informational estimated replacement projections in time to inspection. Computerized radiography is capable budget for outages. of more, but in order to do so, certain steps shouldGerhard Abel be taken. Several factors must be taken into This presentation will outline some methodologiesPresident, PetroChem Inspection Services consideration when implementing computerized used to inspect these flanges and the benefits
  3. 3. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 3for doing so. The employment of pre-assessment, This presentation will cover actual capabilities same assessment of the shell can be applied toindirect/direct inspections, and post assessment and what to expect for results on the above the bottom allowing a thorough assessment ofcan prove to be valuable instruments in obtaining listed types of applications based on technician tank shell and bottom settlement, allowing for thean effective inspection. field experience with validated findings. False worst area of deflection to be identified based on expectations such as type of results to expect the vast number of elevations collected from the“PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF GUIDED and exaggerated capabilities will be addressed. bottom. With the inspection map created of the WAVE INSPECTION: A TECHNICIAN’S Actual benefits and how to effectively utilize the bottom, the entire affected area can be identified PERSPECTIVE”—MIKE SENS, technology will be addressed. Reported results for the area and the profile of the bottom to allow WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9TH, 10:30 AM and general guided wave inspection reports will for a more accurate finite element analysis of the (INSPECTION/NDE – 2) be analyzed. The presentation will also examine area. Tank calibration is another area where theGuided wave pipe testing is a specialty ultrasonic the level and type of training, certification, and technology can be utilized. Utilizing this technologymethod that can inspect various lengths of piping experience a technician should have, and what and for tank calibrations can ensure that volumesfrom a single location for a variety of damage end user should look for in a quality guided wave are derived utilizing the full surface of the tanktypes or situations. Guided wave testing can be inspector. shell and bottom to include all deformations areapplied in numerous applications: piping in pipe included in the computations.racks for CUI; piping in pipe racks for corrosion “THREE DIMENSIONAL LASERdamage at supports; sleeved piping such as road SCANNING OF ABOVEGROUND This presentation will discuss the information thatway and rail crossings; dock piping for external STORAGE TANKS”—IDA MARIE CARDEN, can be obtained by deploying three dimensionaldamage from environment; elevated inaccessible THURSDAY, JANUARY 10TH, 1:30 PM laser technology.piping on structures or equipment; buried piping (INSPECTION/NDE – 2)for general condition; piping through tank dike The application of three dimensional laser scanning For additional information about the 2013 APIwalls; piping through concrete walls; and piping of tanks provides owner/operators with a great of Inspection Summit, go to internal erosion potential from product information regarding their tanks. This technology events-and-training/calendar-of-events/2013/2013-flow. However, although guided wave testing is can provide detailed assessment of the shell of the inspection-summit.aspx. na credible inspection method, it has fallen into tank with regard for deformations. The informationdisrepute with some for inappropriate use or collected can provide an “as is” detailed digitalimpractical expectations. representation of any deformations present. ThePetroChem Inspection Services Profile: Gerhard Abel By most accounts, distributors meet the growing demand for energy in the U.S. and PetroChem’s important work with energy production while keeping workers safe. Gerhard Abel is the energy processors and distributors. in the U.S. is president of PetroChem Inspection Services, and entering a period of has been involved in the safety management and (PetroChem E-ssentials): There has been significant growth, inspection of energy assets for more than 20 years. significant interest here in the U.S. in the past few and some experts He holds a degree in mechanical engineering years on energy production from domestic sources, are even predicting from Technical University Wuerzburg in Germany, and a number of government and industry reports that the U.S. will and is a certified welding engineer. From his first are predicting a boom in domestic oil and natural achieve energy position as a certified code inspector for pressure gas production. From your perspective, what are independence in the equipment at TÜV SÜD in Munich, Germany, to the opportunities and challenges of the growth of coming years. This holding positions in the U.S. for the past 18 years domestic energy?anticipated growth is also likely to mean increased as Regional Manager, Director Industry Service,concerns about the safety of domestic oil and Vice-President and now President at PetroChem (Gerhard Abel): The boom in domestic energynatural gas production, transportation, storage, Inspection Services, Inc., Mr. Abel has spent production is already happening. Throughand processing facilities, such as pipelines, the bulk of his career involved in performing conventional production, as well as variousstorage tanks, and refining assets. inspections for, or managing mechanical integrity technological advances such as horizontal drilling programs in, the power generation, oil and gas, and the exploration of shale energy sourcesFor more than 30 years, PetroChem Inspection and chemical industries. and tight oil formations, the U.S. is producingServices, a division of TÜV SÜD America, has over 6,500 million barrel of oil per day today, aprovided state-of-the-art inspection and testing Mr. Abel recently spoke with PetroChem production level not seen since 1998. Even moreservices designed to help energy producers and E-ssentials about the growth of the energy industry telling is the 900-barrel-per-day increase from
  4. 4. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 4September 2011 to December 2012. That shows operations. In addition, newly developed energy insulation (CUI) programs have also seen increasedthat the increase in production is consistently resources such as heavy crudes pose different use as a tool to identify suspect areas and providegaining steam and, by most accounts, that trend challenges regarding corrosion of the assets a more targeted approach in inspection programs.will continue. containing those liquids. All of these factors need We’re also one of the first companies in the U.S. to be accounted for when developing mechanical to use small contained area radiography (SCAR)This development presents tremendous integrity programs for these assets. to perform x-ray inspections. Electromagneticopportunities for all companies involved in the acoustic transducer, or EMAT inspections forprocessing industries. These industries already (PCE): Alternative fuels and sources of renewable touchpoint corrosion monitoring, is also in use insupport more than 10 million jobs in the U.S., and energy are also gaining increased attention. Do the field, as are eddy current and IRIS technologyfuture job growth will help support the continued the safety issues related to conventional energy for the inspection of tubes in heat exchangers.recovery of the U.S. economy. Recent research processing and distribution apply to these newer Alternating current field measurement (ACFM)predicts that the U.S. will be energy independent energy sources? If not, how do they differ? inspections for the detection of surface cracks haswithin the next 10 years or so, and eventually been utilized by PetroChem for many years, asbecome a net exporter of gas and refined products, have advanced ultrasonic inspection methods, sucha complete turnaround of what we experienced as as shear wave, phased array, and automated UTrecently as 5 to 10 years ago. inspections for corrosion mapping purposes.Of course, every boom has its challenges, and the We recently acquired new equipment based onbiggest challenge in this current boom include the new technologies that use lasers for the calibrationsafe transportation of gas, condensates and oil to of tanks, significantly reducing the time needed toprocessing facilities, storage capacities that safely accurately calibrate the volume of a storage tank,store the products, and assets such as pipelines and generating significantly more accurate resultsand terminals that handle the safe transportation in the process.of these products. The present infrastructurecertainly needs expanded capacity and ongoing (PCE): What are the advantages andmaintenance, and that trend can be seen in the (GA): There are some obvious differences in the disadvantages (if any) of advanced non-destructivesizeable investment being made in these areas by safety concerns of ethanol derived from corn or inspection and testing techniques compared withthe oil industry today. sugar cane and gasoline refined from oil, such as more traditional forms of inspection and testing? the potential for explosions, for example. However,(PCE): The U.S. National Transportation Safety the protection of people and waterways, and (GA): The key to any successful inspection is toBoard recently designated enhanced pipeline avoiding issues such as soil contamination, apply generate reliable results that assure continuedsafety and infrastructure preservation at two of equally to conventional fuels and alternative fuels. safe operation of the asset inspected. Someits priorities for industry in 2013. In your opinion, And risks stemming from corrosion and erosion methods are more efficient in achieving thosehow safe is the domestic energy infrastructure for in transportation and storage assets have to be results, but there is no magic wand that replacesworkers, and what steps could energy providers addressed in much the same way. an experienced, well-trained inspector, workingtake to improve safety overall? to high-quality standard procedures. Any tool is (PCE): PetroChem Inspection Services is a leader only as effective and as reliable as the person(GA): It’s important to note that the safety in the use of non-destructive inspection and using it, which is why continued training ofperformance of the 2.6 million miles of pipelines testing techniques. Tell us about some of the more inspection personnel is the single most importantin the U.S. has improved significantly in recent advanced techniques that you’re presently using aspect of any inspection program. PetroChemyears. Safety incidents are down 59% since 1999, in the field. places great emphasis on this, and maintainsa major accomplishment. In 2011, investment in rigorous qualification standards to ensure properthe infrastructure integrity of the industry totaled (GA): PetroChem is driven by innovation in the qualification of our personnel, and the highestmore than $1 billion, a huge investment in the safe field of nondestructive inspection methodologies. standards of inspection work we perform. I amoperation of that infrastructure. We understand that, if you don’t recognize and proud of our managers and technicians in the field, implement new inspection technologies, you are and their commitment to quality.However, when it comes to the safe operation of not addressing the future of your business.any asset involved in the transportation, storage (PCE): PetroChem Inspection Services isor processing of oil or gas, it is never about a PetroChem was the first inspection company in the also a leader in providing refinery turnaroundsingle act. Instead, it is about developing a culture U.S. to successfully utilize guided wave ultrasonics management services. What are some of the keyof safety. As the infrastructure gets older, new for the inspection of pipes in the field. Real time selection factors for refinery operators to considerapproaches are required to assure continued safe radiography for detection of corrosion under when seeking turnaround management assistance?
  5. 5. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 5(GA): Plant shutdowns are stressful for anybody temperatures and high pressures, the oil and such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, radiographic,working in these plants. Construction activities natural gas industry and its suppliers have a and eddy current. As specialist in advancedneeded to repair, replace or upgrade equipment, strong safety record. But to maintain that record, technology, we pioneered long-range guided waveand the associated chaos that comes with these everyone working in the industry has to make ultrasonics, and are an experienced provider ofactivities, pose a significant safety challenge. safety their top priority, and take advantage of the advanced NDT services such as computerizedFacility Managers are looking for a service provider right technologies, standards, and best practices, radiography and ACFM.that understands these challenges, and who and programs. Every safety-related incident iscontributes to addressing problems rather than important because of the danger is presents to (PCE): Why should energy producers andadding to them. All of our turnaround projects people, the environment, and society in general. So distributors choose PetroChem Inspection Servicesare staffed by a senior manager with years of safety is everyone’s job. as their asset integrity and compliance partner?experience in turnaround inspection projects.We have also significantly expanded our NDE (PCE): How can PetroChem Inspection Services (GA): PetroChem Inspection Services is committedcapabilities and capacities in order to provide help petrochemical companies address these to providing solutions. We have the experience tothe complete array of services required for any issues? implement asset integrity management systemsturnaround project, from API inspectors to the full that meet the compliance requirements of API,gamut of NDE techniques. (GA): We’re a leading provider of both on-stream OSHA, EPA, and DOT and which provide our and turnaround visual inspection, and one of the customers with safety, improved reliability, and(PCE): In looking at the year ahead, what are some largest employers of API inspectors in the U.S. increased profits. Our mission is to consistentlyof the most important asset integrity challenges for Our mechanical integrity program is recognized exceed our client expectations by combiningthe petrochemical industry to consider? Why are as the standard in the petrochemical industry, traditional inspection methods with the mostthey important? and our ability to rapidly mobilize large groups of advanced inspection technologies in order to certified inspection personnel makes us a leader in achieve superior operating safety. n(GA): Despite a work environment that involves turnaround services. In addition, PetroChem offersheavy equipment, hazardous materials, high comprehensive traditional non-destructive testing,FAQs on Mechanical Integrity Inspection for Process Plants and provides guidance for the future inspection WHAT DOES A MECHANICAL INTEGRITY of in-service piping and systems and related INSPECTION PROGRAM INVOLVE? documentation. The program involves extensive inspection and sampling of large quantities of piping and WHAT IS THE GOAL OF THE PROGRAM? equipment at random points within a system. The goal of a mechanical integrity inspection is to Additional inspection points are also selected accurately assess the condition and integrity of to accurately assess the integrity of piping and equipment and piping systems, thereby allowing equipment at key areas of concern.PetroChem Inspection Services specializes in the operator to repair or replace faulty equipmentmechanical integrity inspection programs that help in advance of spill, explosion, or other adverse WHAT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED TOto ensure the integrity of piping systems, pressure incident. CONDUCT A THOROUGH AND ACCURATEvessels, tanks, and other related equipment and INSPECTION?components. In this brief article, we provide WHAT TYPE OF EQUIPMENT IS Prior to a mechanical integrity inspection, plantanswers to some of the frequently asked questions TYPICALLY COVERED IN A MECHANICAL operators should be prepared to provide extensiveregarding mechanical integrity inspection. INTEGRITY INSPECTION? documentation regarding piping and equipment to All types of piping and equipment found in be inspected. At a minimum, documentation shouldWHAT IS A MECHANICAL INTEGRITY processing plants are subject to inspection be available that addresses the following issues:INSPECTION PROGRAM? under a mechanical integrity program. These canA mechanical integrity inspection is a method for include pressure vessels and storage tanks, piping • Materials used in the construction of the pipingidentifying corrosion in pipes and other equipment, systems and components, relief valve systems and equipmentand for monitoring the effects of corrosion over and devices, pumps, and alarm systems, and other • Intended and actual operating pressures andtime. A mechanical integrity inspection program instrumentation. temperatures of the inspected systemsestablishes minimum integrity requirements • Minimum ANSI flange rating
  6. 6. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 6• Process fluids used in the inspected systems • Prior operating history, and results from• Classification information regarding the piping previous inspections systems • Findings from the current inspection• Classification of the types of circuits in use • Calculations of the rate of corrosion and• Corrosion rate and minimum remaining life of estimated remaining life circuits in use • Maximum inspection intervals established by• Actual intervals between prior external and API 570 & 510 internal inspections • Additional applicable requirements of any• Any unusual or localized corrosion that might authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) require specialized inspection techniques Intervals should be established for various types Of course, certifications are not a substitute for theWHAT DOES THE INSPECTION of inspections, including internal inspections, experience and judgment of qualified inspectionPRODUCE? on-stream inspections, external inspections, visual personnel.A mechanical integrity inspection produces inspections, and supplemental inspections.updated documentation and drawings for all PetroChems approach to mechanical integritysystems in use, as well as a description of the WHAT KIND OF EXPERTISE IS REQUIRED focuses on the requirements of OSHA 1910-inspection as performed. The final report provides TO CONDUCT A MECHANICAL INTEGRITY 119/API, thereby supporting efforts to conductwritten narrative descriptions of the condition of INSPECTION? cost-effective mechanical integrity inspections.piping and equipment and any findings of corrosion. Conducting a thorough and comprehensive PetroChem can establish a mechanical integrity mechanical integrity inspection requires industry inspection program based on code compliance,HOW FREQUENTLY SHOULD professionals with extensive experience in the as well as perform the inspection, data entry,MECHANICAL INTEGRITY INSPECTIONS inspection and evaluation of piping and systems. and data analysis needed to implement it. ForBE CONDUCTED? Inspectors should be certified to the requirements additional information about mechanical integrityThe initial mechanical integrity inspection of API 510, 570 and 653. Technicians utilizing inspections and PetroChem Inspection Serviceswill establish the maximum interval between non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques should mechanical integrity experience, visit our websitesuccessive inspections, based on the following be certified to SNT-TC-1A. Data entry personnel at should meet industry accepted practices regarding petrochem.cfm, click here to view our product computer-aided design and/or data management. videos, or contact us at 800-747-4099. n PetroChem Inspection Services Announces 2013 NDT Training Program Schedule ALTERNATING CURRENT FIELD electromagnetic yokes, permanent magnets, and MEASUREMENT (ACFM) (5 DAYS, bench units. Training covers a wide range of INCLUDING PCN EXAM, $2495) subjects, including testing principles for pre and in- Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) service inspection, types of inspection equipment, is a computerized electromagnetic method used technique selection, UVA inspection, product to detect surface breaking and cracking under technology, and codes and standards.For the third successive year, PetroChem Inspection material coatings. This course provides details onServices, a division of TÜV SÜD America, is once ACFM principles, software operation, and sizing MANUAL UT PLATE & PIPE WELDS (10again partnering with Lavender International Non- methodology. It is intended for technicians and DAYS, INCLUDING PCN EXAM; $3092)Destructive Testing USA, to provide an extensive supervisors starting out with ACFM testing and This course provides the requisite training for Levelset of training and certification options for non- evaluation. Students are expected to bring their 2 UT certification for those with a minimum of 12destructive testing (NDT) operators in 2013. own ACFM instruments and probes. months documented work experience. The course follows the PCN manual UT syllabus: covering UTThis year’s training offerings will be held in MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING (5 DAYS, theory, calibration, sensitivity, equipment checks,Pasadena, TX (near PetroChem Inspection’s INCLUDING CERTIFICATION EXAM, plate lamination and corrosion scanning, weldHouston headquarters), and will include the $1420) scanning, defect detection, and characterizationfollowing courses: These magnetic particle testing courses cover and sizing. The 80-hour course will be taught over portable and fixed installation equipment, including 8 days, followed by two days for the PCN exam.
  7. 7. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 7PHASED-ARRAY (12 DAYS, INCLUDING offline using the Olympus TomoView full analysis o April 15-28EXAM; $4175) software. The course also includes information o June 3-15This course also meets the general requirements on detection, characterization and sizing, which o August 5-17for Level 2 training and certification to the ISO advances skills to encompass full analysis • ToFD9712, EN 473, and SNT-TC-1A certification principles. o February 4-February 15schemes. A comprehensive course syllabus is o March 25-April 5available upon request. To be eligible for both the o May 20-31course and the exam, prospective students must o July 19-August 2hold a relevant Level 2 manual UT certification for • ACFM—Call for datesweld testing using angle beam probes. • TomoView Full Data Analysis—Call for datesTOFD (10 DAYS, INCLUDING EXAM; Tim Armitt, Technical Director of Lavender$3655) International, and a Level 3 instructor andThis course meets the general requirements for consultant, will conduct these training courses.Level 2 training and certification to the ISO 9712, With more than 20 years of NDT experience, TimEN 473, and SNT-TC-1A certification schemes. A specializes in ultrasonic testing, and has developedcomprehensive course syllabus is available upon The above courses will be conducted on the a wide range of training programs covering NDT inrequest. To be eligible for both the course and the following dates during 2013: the petrochemical industry. Tim has obtained ANSIexam, prospective students must hold a relevant • Magnetic Particle Testing Level 3 qualifications in UT, MT, PT, ET and VT, andLevel 2 manual UT certification for weld testing o March 4-8 is also a PCN Level 3 in eight separate categories.using angle beam probes. o April 29-May 3 • Manual UT Plate & Pipe Welds Additional information about the PetroChem 2013TOMOVIEW FULL DATA ANALYSIS (4 o January 21-February 2 training program is available at http://lavender-ndt.DAYS, $1545) o March 11-22 For questions about the program,This course is intended for those using Omniscan o May 6-17 or to register, contact Michelle Chapman, at 281-913-instruments, and for those holding Level 3 • Phased-Array 9064 or at ncertification wanting to view Omniscan data o February 18-March 2Dates Set for 2013 PetroChem Open House EventsPetroChem Inspection Services is pleased to • New Orleans, LA—April 17, 2013announce the schedule for our Open House events • Corpus Christi, TX—May 23, 2013at selected PetroChem facilities around the country • Chicago, IL—June 19, 2013in 2013. • Toledo, OH—July 26, 2013Each day-long PetroChem Open House event Our Open House events are an excellentincludes informative, “hands-on” demonstrations opportunity to learn more about PetroChem’sand technical presentations. Presentations and wide range of testing and assessment servicesdemonstrations run from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, and and capabilities, and to discuss your particularfrom 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. A catered lunch will challenges with our technical experts in analso be served at each Open House event for all informal setting.attendees. If you are interested in attending any of ourOpen House events are currently scheduled for the scheduled Open House events, please contactfollowing PetroChem facilities: Patty Sweeten at 281-884-5187, or at Patty_• Houston, TX—February 27-28, 2013 Sign up for Twitter• Beaumont, TX—March 20, 2013 and follow @TUVPetroChem. n
  8. 8. Vol. 6 December 2012 TÜV SÜD E-ssentials Page 82013 Industry Trade Shows and EventsFor professionals in the petrochemical, refining and power generation industries, keeping up with changes in technologies and regulations is a continuous effort.Attendance at industry conventions, conferences and trade shows is an effective and efficient way to stay current with the latest industry trends. Here’s a list ofthe some of the major industry shows scheduled for 2013:API INSPECTION SUMMIT, GALVESTON, TX, JANUARY 7-10, 2013The annual API Inspection Summit is the premiere venue for petroleum industry inspection and reliability professionals and examiners. The 2013 Summit willoffer more than 100 individual technical program sessions, covering topics in inspection and non-destructive testing, metallurgy and corrosion, and engineeringand analysis. For more information, go to 15TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL ABOVEGROUND STORAGE TANK CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW, ORLANDO, FLMARCH 13-15, 2013Sponsored by the National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM), the 15th Annual Conference and Trade Show will feature more than 50 technicalsessions on aboveground storage tank (AST) operations, AST integrity management, and AST environmental issues, and will also cover a number of specialtytopics such as aviation fuel storage. For additional details, go to 22ND ANNUAL RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM & SPRING CONFERENCE, MEMPHIS, TN, MARCH 18-21, 2013Sponsored by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), this annual symposium provides a forum for the exchange of theoretical and scientificinformation on non-destructive testing between researchers, engineers, inspectors, and equipment manufacturers in the chemical and petrochemical industries.For more information, go to PLANT ENGINEERING, INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE TRADE SHOW, PASADENA, TX, APRIL 19, 2013The American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Technical Chapter will host its ninth annual trade show, dealing with all aspects of engineering,inspection and maintenance of refinery and petrochemical fixed and rotating equipment. Proceeds from the show will help fund ASME’s South Texas Sectionuniversity scholarship program. For more information, go to ILTA, HOUSTON, TX, JUNE 3-5, 2013The annual conference and trade show of the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) is for professionals in the petroleum and chemical industries,including environmental and safety managers and engineers. For further information, go to INTERNATIONAL FUEL ETHANOL WORKSHOP & EXPO, ST. LOUIS, MO, JUNE 10-13, 2013Since 1985, the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo has delivered essential and timely presentations on every aspect of commercial-scale ethanolproduction, including production yield management, quality control, and regulatory compliance. For more details, go to Inspection Services, a division of TÜV SÜD America, will be exhibiting and/or presenting at many of the above events. Stop by our exhibit booth,meet our petrochemical industry experts, and learn more about how PetroChem can help you address your specific challenges, or sign up for Twitter and follow @TUVPetroChem for the latest updates.Your PetroChem contacts worldwide:Americas EuropePetroChem Inspection Services, Inc. TÜV SÜD Chemie Service GmbHToll-free: 1-800-747-4099 Phone: +49 214 30-62653Fax: 281-884-5199 Email: beate.seiss@tuev-sued.deEmail: Web: DISCLAIMER All reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the quality, reliability, and accuracy of the information in this newsletter. However, TÜV SÜD is not responsible for the third-party content contained in this newsletter. TÜV SÜD makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of information contained in this newsletter. This newsletter is intended to provide general information on a particular subject or subjects and is not an exhaustive treatment of such subject (s). Accordingly, the information in this newsletter is not intended to constitute consulting or professional advice or services. If you are seeking advice on any matters relating to information in this newsletter, you should – where appropriate – contact us directly with your specific query or seek advice from qualified professional people. The information contained in this newsletter may not be copied, quoted or referred to in any other publication or materials without the prior written consent of TÜV SÜD. All rights reserved © 2012 TÜV SÜD America Inc. || PetroChem | Technical industry e-news updates essential to your operations ||