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Axis bank Presentation


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AXIS BANK- Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi

Students of IBS- Business School, Hyderabad

Presented by-
1) Mehar Komal
2) Syril Thomas
3) Neelaksh
4) Pareesh Bhatia
5) Payal Bhandari
6) Pramita Manju
7) Priyanka Kasture
8) Rebecca Benjamin
9) Rima Chakraborty
10) Rishi Agnihotri

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Axis bank Presentation

  1. 1. Introduction Vision and Mission Transformation Products and Services Innovation SWOT Analysis Strategies AXIS in News Marketing Financial
  2. 2. Tagline: “Badhti ka naam zindagi” Year of formation: 1994 (as UTI) Chairperson: Sanjiv Misra (Director) Shikha Sharma (MD and CEO) Industry: Banking and Services Rank: Third (Private Sector) Head Quarter: Mumbai Registered Office: Ahmedabad Introduction
  3. 3. Axis Bank : Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi
  4. 4. Vision To emerge as a “Best practices Bank” by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency , asset quality, risk management and expanding global reach. To be preferred financial solution provider excelling in customer delivery through insight , empowered employees and smart use of technology.
  5. 5. Mission Customer service and product Innovation tuned to diverse need of individual and corporate clientele. Continuous technology up grading while maintain human values. Progressive globalization and achieving international standards. Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices.
  6. 6. Transformation from UTI to AXIS Bank Avoiding confusion as several unrelated entities were using the UTI brand Alphabetically Axis comes on top on any internet banking Create fresh brand image by adding dimension other than mutual funds Acceptance for terms and conditions (including royalty) from UTI AMC
  7. 7. Products and Services Accounts and CardsCredit and Financing Capital Market Solutions Treasury Solutions Other Trending services
  8. 8. Lime – Lifestyle App Axis Mobile Axis Bank Suvidha Prepaid Card Youth Account Ladies First Card Innovations Thought Factory
  9. 9. Axis Bank : Ping Pay
  10. 10. STRENGTHS o Brand Name o Well distributed, Networked o Technology o Largest ATM Network WEAKNESS o Corporate, Wholesale Banking o Fraudulent Activities OPPORTUNITIES o Geographical expansion o Banking Solutions o Global Foot Print THREATS o RBI Regulations o Growing Competition SWOT ANALYSIS
  11. 11. Marketing Mix Product Place Price Promotion Banking and Savings Investment and Insurance NRI Services Loans Branches: 2904 Nos. ATMs: 12,743 Nos. Customers get value for money. Lower fee charge Advertising Print Media Personal Selling Tele Marketing Mobile App
  12. 12. Net Profit of 2015-2016 grew 12% i.e. 8,224 Crores Financial Analysis Net Advances grew to 21%, retail credit grew 24% and corporate credit grew 21% Source: www.moneycontrol.comSource:
  13. 13. AXIS in News Foreign Investment in Axis Bank to 74% from 62% percentage Axis Bank rises to 7-mth high; RBI raises FII limit Fitch Rates Axis Bank's Proposed First “Green Bonds” Axis Bank launches Innovation Lab to invest in start-ups
  14. 14. AWARDS Largest ATM network among Private Banks (Thegu, Sikkim at a height of 13,200 ft above sea level) AXIS Bank has been awarded various awards. 'Best Performing Private Bank' award at the Financial Advisor Awards 2015-16 'Best Loyalty Program of the year' for the second year in a row, 9th Loyalty Awards 2016 AXIS Bank has Eight International Offices
  15. 15. 1,947 2,402 2,589 2,904 Network of Branches & ATMs Expanding footprint across centresMultiple channels drive business growth One of the largest ATM networks in the industryUse of technology to provide services Branches Domestic Branch network Call Centre ATMs Customer Touch Points Point of Sale Mobile Banking Internet Banking Mar’13 Mar’14 Mar’15 Mar’16 ATMs Centres Covered Employees 11,245 1,263 37,901 12,922 1,636 42,420 12,355 1,714 42,230 12,743 1,855 50,135 Traditional Channels Electronic Channels
  16. 16. International Presence Branches at Singapore, Hong Kong, DIFC – Dubai, Colombo & Shanghai Representative offices at Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Dhaka Axis Bank UK Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank) Total Assets overseas stood at USD 8.06 billion
  17. 17. ANY QUESTIONS ?
  18. 18. 1) Mehar Komal 2) Syril Thomas 3) Neelaksh 4) Pareesh Bhatia 5) Payal Bhandari 6) Pramita Manju 7) Priyanka Kasture 8) Rebecca Benjamin 9) Rima Chakraborty 10)Rishi Agnihotri Presented By
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