Guideline for svct ngo interns by Shefali Saroha


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Guideline for svct ngo interns by Shefali Saroha

  1. 1. Road – Map for SVCTActivitiesReport for SVCTShefali SarohaMBA Student, FMS, University of DelhiIntern, SVCT
  2. 2. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust Roadmap for SVCT activities About SVCT Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust is an NGO operating from Janakpuri working for the benefit of the poor and the needy. It works for the inmates of Tihar Jail and their families, organizing health camps and spreading cancer awareness. The NGO has grown leaps and bounds in the few months that it has operated in and now also holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification for its excellent and effective implementation of day-to day operations and systems. The NGO also hold weekly health camps in the downtrodden areas of Delhi NCR. SVCT Programs CATCH THE CANCER CANCER AWARENESS & DETECTION PROGRAM: Cancer is the most rapidly growing disease in India and is now reaching epidemic proportions. The largest segment affected by cancer is Breast & Uterus Can-cer in Women and Mouth & Throat Cancer in Men. These happen to be amongst the most ignored symp-toms of illness as there is very little or no awareness about them in people & especially in the urban poor. We at SVCT feel that if detected in time, these can be easily treated. Our vision at SVCT is to help spread awareness and help detect these problems in as many people as possible. CHANCE FOR CHANGE REHABILITATION OF CONVICTS: All people who are convicted are not per say criminals. They are more often that not victims of circum-stances. They too were normal citizens who made a mistake & ultimately they too will join mainstream society and therefore they should be given a chance to change. We at SVCT strongly believe that human beings are not bad but circumstances fare differently for different people. Therefore, SVCT is trying to help effect this change.Roadmap for SVCT activities 2
  3. 3. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust HUMAN TOUCH CHILD EDUCATION PROGRAM The children of jail inmates suffer for want of educa-tion, books and medical attention as usually their earning parents are in jail and they also become stigmatic. Therefore, we at SVCT feel that it is our moral duty to try and help out & support as many families as possible. These children have done nothing wrong & deserve a chance to build their future like all other children. They should not pay for the mistakes of their parents. By helping these children, we will help build a better society. Present Initiatives Presently, the NGO is involved in the following activities:  Helping the families of Jail inmates by paying for the school fees, providing for books, uniforms, shoes, etc to their children  Providing vocational training to them like tailoring, animation courses, etc to make them financially independent  Holding weekly health camps in backward and poor areas, providing free medical check- up from doctors of various fields like allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, dental, etc.  Holding painting exhibition of the paintings made by jail inmates in order to provide them recognition as well as some monetary support. Future Initiatives Planned 1. Corporate sponsorship in health camps: A corporate sponsorship for health camps would benefit the corporate to increase the awareness of their products among the attendees of the camp and would also be advantageous to the attendees by gaining exposure to their products. If the sponsors offer a monetary sponsorship, the same money can be used to assist some family in need.Roadmap for SVCT activities 3
  4. 4. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust Companies: The companies that can be targeted for sponsorship can be in the pharmaceutical sector, dental care, etc. Some of these companies are:  Johnson & Johnson  Ranbaxy  Colgate-Palmolive  Oral B  Pfizer  Piramal Healthcare  Eli Lilly  Genzyme  Dr. Reddy’s  Cipla  Sun Pharma  Aventis Pharma  Glaxosmithkline  Dabur  Biocon  Ipca Laboratories Hospitals: In addition to companies in the pharma sector, private hospitals and government agencies can also be contacted and collaborated with to improve the level of the health camps and also to provide free medicines to the camp attendees. The following can be contacted:  Apollo Hospital  Artemis Hospital  Escorts  Fortis  Batra Hospital  St Stevens Hospital These private hospitals have CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities under which these hospitals can sponsor events that the NGO holds.Roadmap for SVCT activities 4
  5. 5. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust Also, certain government institutes and hospitals can be contacted as these also have programs where they have free supplies of medicines for the needy. These are:  India Cancer Society  Patel Chest Institute  Cancer Research Institute Plan of Action In order to contact these organizations, the main requirements are:  A single point of contact for a particular company: This is necessary as it creates confusion and depicts un-professionalism on the part of SVCT if different people are contacting the same company every time. A single person would assist smooth and fruitful interaction.  Complete knowledge of SVCT activities: The volunteers contacting these organizations should have a clear knowledge of the activities, objective and expected result of the sponsorship activity.  Skills: The person contacting these organizations should have effective communication and persuasion skills. He/she should also have a passion and drive to contact companies on phone as well as personally meeting them in their office.  Process: The process is enlisted in the following steps:  Obtain e-mail id, phone number and office address of the short-listed company from the company website (from the “Contact Us” section). Usually, the HR (Human Resources) department will be involved in these activities unless the company has a separate contact for CSR activities.  Draft an e-mail explaining the work of the NGO, details of the health camps, number of people attending health camps, venue and other details like general diseases, requirements of medicines, etc  The same information should also be conveyed to the person over the phone. Preferably, an appointment should be fixed as a personal meeting would be more effective in persuading a company.  Actual field visit: For small companies and government institutes, visiting the premises of the organization would be more beneficial rather than seeking an appointment before-hand. Interns required: 2, To meet companies, to draft letterRoadmap for SVCT activities 5
  6. 6. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust 2. Painting exhibitions in schools and colleges The purpose of holding painting exhibitions in schools is to generate awareness among the school students about the NGO and its work. Also, the students can be provided information related to cancer awareness and other such issues. This can prove to be an initial step for progressing towards moving on to colleges and further to art galleries and make these exhibitions commercially viable to assist these inmates financially. Pre-exhibition:  Short-listing of Schools: Schools that have to be contacted should be chosen wisely according to convenience of logistics as well as taking into consideration any previos relationship with the school.  Meeting Teacher Co-ordinator: The first point of contact should be the teacher coordinator for these activities. The concerned teacher should be informed about all the activities of the NGO, told about the objective of the program and also explained, in full detail, the procedure that will be carried out at the school. Each and every detail like the documentary, pamphlets, presentations (if any) should be shared with the teacher. This is necessary to avoid any surprises on the final day and also to inform the teacher of all details to gain approval.  Preparing Pamphlets: The pamphlets should be prepared in advance and all the necessary details about the NGO should be added. The pamphlets should be attractive and attention-seeking, preferably with pictures.  Documentary about SVCT: A documentary depicting the activities of the NGO should be prepared which can be shown to the students during the program. Exhibition:  Arrangement and logistics: The logistics of transferring all the paintings to the school, arranging for an appropriate pace and setting for the exhibition in the school is the first step.  Interacting with Students: Two or three students should interact with the students, explaining them the working of the NGO. These students need to make the students feel comfortable with them and also encourage them to ask questions and clear their doubts.  Distribution of SVCT Pamphlets: The pamphlets also have to be distributed to the students along with providing them verbal information.  Contact Point Information: Information about the contact point of the NGO should be provided to the students so that they have a source to connect with in case they need any information about the NGO or its activities.Roadmap for SVCT activities 6
  7. 7. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust Once these exhibitions are held successfully, the students from the following institutes can also be contacted:  Delhi School of Art, University of Delhi  Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi The student representatives from these institutes or the social work club of these institutes can also help in holding these exhibitions at a larger scale in the university campus or in college festivals. Interns: 3-4. Liaison with school (1), to interact with students (2), arranging logistics and distributing pamphlets, etc. The interns should have good communication and rapport building skills. Proposed Initiatives 1. Micro-financed Self-Help Group An initiative can be taken in the direction of forming self help groups of the families of the jail inmates. These SHGs can be given small loans which can help them to gain vocational skills and start up their own venture towards financial independence. Such an initiative would assist the member of the SHG, make them financially independent and also benefit the NGO. 2. Cancer Awareness Activities More activities like tying up with cancer related larger institutes and conducting cancer awareness programs at a larger scale in public places like malls, markets, colleges, etc can prove to be effective in spreading cancer awareness. 3. Jail inmates Rehabilitation Certain steps like starting educational courses within the jail, providing short-term vocational training immediately after release, providing lodging, job security and general safety to newly released (especially old or dependent prisoners) can also be taken.Roadmap for SVCT activities 7