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Svct social internship by parul sharma


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Svct social internship by parul sharma

  1. 1. Jaypee Business School A constituent of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (Deemed University) A-10, Sector 62, Noida (UP) India 201 307 Social Internship Report On (JOB and HEATLTH CARE Awareness)Submitted as a partial fulfilment for the award of the Two year Full Time Program in Master of Business Administration Supervisor from NGO: Mr. A.K. Passy Contact details: 09971796526 Mailing Address: Academic Supervisor: Mr. S.Suresh Start Date for Internship: 25th Feb, 2011 End Date for Internship: 25th March, 2011 Submitted by Parul Sharma Enrl no. 09609075 MBA 2009-11 batch Jaypee Business School 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsS.No Topic Page Number1 Acknowledgement2 Executive Summary3 Vision4 Aims and Responsibilities5 Visit wise activities6 About the scenario7 Analysis and Interpretation (SWOT/SWORT/ETOP)8 Recommendations9 Conclusions10 References/ Bibliography 2
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI am deeply honoured and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thankthe following people for their help and support which enabled us to complete our reportin time and effectively.I would like to thank Mr. A.K. Passy for giving us this opportunity to work with the teamand lending his great support.I would even like to thank Mr. S.Suresh for being there as a guidance for me during myinternship and the entire staff of the NGO who has been a great support, by providingvalid inputs to us not only for our project but also as a learner. 3
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUSTThe Jail system is like kidneys of society which filters out the toxins & re-introduces theclean fluid back into our system. This aspect is important and has to be understood thateverybody who is in jail will one day be re-introduced into the society. Therefore, wehave to try & reform these people and not punish them, as punishment will only bring inill-will & bitterness.Ours is the land of the Vedas, the Upanishads and of Gandhi where love & forgivenessconquers all. Therefore, this approach of punishment and hate has to transcend intoone of reform & change. It is the future of society that is at stake, therefore let it not besomeone else’s problem. Make a difference. And you can do it by just changing yourattitude of negativeness towards those in jail, to an open mind and to look at thepositive side also because everyone has a positive side.People who are in Jail are just like everyone else, they just happened to be at the wrongplace at the wrong time. Maybe there are a few rotten apples but they are just about5% of the people in jail, the rest are in jail because of incidents & accidents, which canhappen to anyone. So extend a hand and don’t shrug off your responsibilities towardsthe future of our society. This is a cause for the betterment of all.Therefore, SVCT tries & reforms these people and not punish them, as punishment willonly bring in ill-will & bitterness. 4
  5. 5. VisionSIDDHARTHA VASHISHTHA CHARITABLE TRUSTThe children of inmates suffer for want of education, books and medical attention asusually their earning parents are in jail and they also become stigmatic. Therefore, we atSVCT feel that it is our moral duty to try, help out & support as many families aspossible. These children have done nothing wrong & deserve a chance to build their future likeall other children. They should not pay for the mistakes of their parents. By helpingthese children, we will help to build a better society 5
  6. 6. AIMS AND RESPONSIBILITIESCATCH THE CANCERCancer is the most rapidly growing disease in India and is now reaching epidemicproportions. The largest segment affected by cancer is Breast & Uterus Cancer inWomen and Mouth & Throat Cancer in Men. These happen to be amongst the mostignored symptoms of illness as there is very little or no awareness about them in people& especially in the urban poor. We at SVCT feel that if detected in time, these can beeasily treated. Our vision at SVCT is to help spread awareness and help detect theseproblems in as many people as possible.objective: • To help create awareness about Breast, Uterus, Mouth & Throat Cancer in the urban poor. • To hold medical & cancer detection camps in underprivileged areas to diagnose & treat cancer patients. • To hold seminars in the slums to teach people about self-detection methods and spread awareness.HUMAN TOUCHThe children ofl inmates suffer for want of education, books and medical attention asusually their earning parents are in jail and they also become stigmatic. Therefore, we atSVCT feel that it is our moral duty to try, help out & support as many families aspossible. These children have done nothing wrong & deserve a chance to build theirfuture like all other children. They should not pay for the mistakes of their parents. Byhelping these children, we will help to build a better society.objective • The objective of this program is to make Educational & Medical Aid available to all the families of poor & underprivileged inmates • To develop self worth in them • To help to face life with their heads held high. 6
  7. 7. CHANCE FOR CHANGEAll people who are convicted are not per say criminals. They are more often victims ofcircumstances. They too were normal citizens who made a mistake & ultimately theytoo will join mainstream society and therefore they should be given a chance to change.We at SVCT strongly believe that human beings are not bad but circumstances makethem diffrent from other people.Therefore, SVCT is trying to help these people better life hence providing chance forchange.Objective: • Training in different fields (vocational training) • Help in getting suitable jobs. • To create awareness among youth & business enterprises to help them rehabilitate. • Help them in becoming self-reliant, build self-worth & live a dignified life after release. • To finance & support needy inmates after their release. 7
  8. 8. Visitwise ActivitiesVisits Activity(s) Carried out during Internship 1 We were asked to sit with the kids for 3 days. We were there with the kids, helping them out to understand their problems as their exams were on. 2 Second day of our internship. We were with the kids again this day. Saw the way they studied. How difficult it was for them as well as for the teachers to make them understand. 3 The next time when i went there i was told to visit few of the prisoners family with a questionnaire which includes the questions like; • when their family member went to the jail • Do they wish their children to study • How they manage to fulfil their cover their basic amenities • Whether their rest of the family members are willing to work or not, if yes then the organization works on arranging the same for them. 4 Repeated the same process Though, The Hilton group of hotels does the funding for the organization but Today we all, the interns and Mam sat together to talk and chalk out the plans for future. The main issue of school is funds, so we all formulated some plans and went ahead to accomplish them. 8
  9. 9. 5 We went to the government schools and paid the fee for the children, kept one copy with the school and one with the organization. This was actually a great feeling to do all this for those children. 6 Last Sunday we organized a drawing competition for the children, arranged sheets and crayons so that they can better put their imaginations on the paper. 7 Went to Shipra Mall regarding the stall which can show the talent of these students through a stall n people get to know about the organization and can donate as per their understanding. 8 They too agreed for it and have given the permission for the stall in April, 2011 9 As we have asked the ladies of the families about their willingness to work so finally , we took the initiative to take it further10 We intarrogated about the type of work they are versed in and planned accordingly.11 We gave them the opportunity to work in the organization premises only to cleaning up ,, cooking food etc so that they can rely more on the same12 This organization works on the health related issues also. They organizes two camps a week on an average 9
  10. 10. 13 Being an intern i attended three camps which includes cancer awareness camp, health awareness camp and education camp14 The organization personnel are regularly in touch with the hospital to collaborate SVCT with the hospitals in the case of any emergencyWhile doing all this for the school we faced some problems too as people are not thatinterested in doing charity for people they don’t know. But the main problem is thatthey don’t even want to know about them. It becomes very important for us to makepeople aware about the difficulties these special kids suffer from and to help them inany possible way we can. This is our responsibility being a part of the society becauseeven these special kids live in the same society.About the Scenario 10
  11. 11. Name of organization: Siddhartha Vashishtha Charitable TrustDuration of the project: 25th February 2011 – 25th March 2011Our Internship goal was to curve out maximum amount of knowledge about the nonprofitable NGO sector and organizational structure of the same and to make peoplemore aware about the same.While working with the organization the most important learning that came across isthat the organization has bulk potential in terms of skills that staff, volunteers andadministrations have. All they need is to be a little organized since the number ofemployees is less and the numbers of tasks to be accomplished are extensive. Theindividuals are co-operative and each of them understands their constraints.The project was very interesting and challenging at the same time the body of work ishuge and there is tremendous overlap in the key responsibility areas of variousemployeesA fact that needs to be appreciated about the organization is that it is run by peoplewith tremendous credentials and grounded characters.Analysis and Interpretation 11
  12. 12. SWOT ANALYIS Strength Weakness • Getting out maximum f the • Lack of funds. available resources. • Lack of members. • Working for the society. • Not much known. • Zest to work overcoming obstacles in its way. Opportunities Threats • Expansion of network. • Already existing bigger • More companies getting NGO’s with more funds. involved in charity. • Lack of awareness among • Increasing awareness of people about work of society towards the weaker organization. side of society.Recommendations 12
  13. 13. • To provide the necessary medical and surgical services to all children’s under one roof • To provide specific therapeutic services • To start fully furnished and well equipped residential home for these children’s • To intake more experienced therapist • To intake more qualified teachers • To create safe environment in public where they can work and live independently • Every public place including shopping complexes, theatres, stations and airports have special facilities for them.Conclusion: 13
  14. 14. This internship was a good learning experience not only from professional aspect butalso from personal aspect. They are meeting their mission of running such anorganization as they could provide education to every kind of children under one roofirrespective of their financial challenges, motivating them by making them understandthe usefulness of education in the life. This in itself is a big challenge. SVCT in thismanner is meeting this tough challenge head on with the support of its patrons,trustees, volunteers and not to forget the employees .The project was not merely anassignment that was to be completed but a memory for a lifetime of being able tocontribute in a small way.SVCT is moving towards the fulfillment of its mission and vision with each step it takes.With a little bit of more structure incorporated in their day to day working theorganization will be no less than any other prominent N.G.O.References/ Bibliography • • Brochure of SVCT 14
  15. 15. • Supervisor from the N.G.O Mr. A.K Passy 15