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Social internship final by jbs student


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Social internship final by jbs student

  1. 1. Jaypee Business School A constituent of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (Deemed University) A-10, Sector 62, Noida (UP) India 201 307 Social Internship ReportSubmitted as a partial fulfillment for the award of the Two year Full Time Program in Master of Business Administration Name: SHRUTI JAIN AND RIYA CHAUHAN MBA 2009-11 Enrollment No.: 09609176, 09609165 Supervisor from NGO Name: MR.A.K. PASSY Contact details: 9971796526 Mailing Address: Academic Supervisor: Name: DR. ANIL SERAWAT Start Date for Internship: 25TH FEB, 2011 End Date for Internship: 25TH MARCH, 2011
  2. 2. NGO DetailsName of NGO : SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLE TRUSTName of Chairman : MR. A.K.PASSYArea of Operation : HUMAN TOUCH, CATCH OF CANCER, CHANCE OFCHANGERegion Covered : DelhiAddress : C-2/16 JANAKPURI, NEW DELHITelephone : 011-45751984Mobile : 9971796526Website : www.siddharthavashishta.comStarting Date of Internship : 25 February 2011Completion Date of Internship : 25 March 2011
  3. 3. Self Certification by the InternI hereby certify that I, Shruti Jain and Riya Chauhan have successfully completedmy internship with “SIDDHARTHA VASHISTHA CHARITABLE TRUST” inthe month of February 2011 from (25th February to 25th March 2010). This is alsoto certify that this report is an original product and no unfair means like copyingetc have been used for its completion.Name: SHRUTI JAIN, RIYA CHAUHANSignature:Date:
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTNo task is a single person effort, same is with this project. Thus I would like to extend mysincere thanks to all those people who helped me in accomplishing my project.I owe my project success to all faculty members, especially our Director Sir, Prof. Ravi Shankarfor providing us with this wonderful opportunity and guidance. I would like to extend my specialgratitude to Prof. Anil Sehrawat for providing excellent facilitation for the successful completionof this project. This project provided me a platform to increase my knowledge and empoweredme with a better understanding of concepts in the real world scenario.And last but not the least special thanks to “SIDDHARTHA VASHISHTA CHARITABLETRUST” who accepted me in spite of my inexperience in the field and gave me the opportunityto work and learn with them. I, with immense pride and deep sense of gratitude give sincerethanks to Mr. A.K.Passy, Head of NGO during the tenure of my training, without whom thiswhole project would have been an impossible dream of me. With constant help and time-to-timesuggestions to me come out with this dissertation, in a presentable form. I hereby extend mysincere thanks and gratitude to him.
  5. 5. INDEXSr. No. Topics Page No. Executive summary1. 6-7 Introduction of NGO2. 8 Events3. 9-16 Activities of NGO4. 17-29
  6. 6. Day wise ActivitiesDAY Activity(s) carried out during InternshipDAY Activity(s) Carried out during Internship1 Visited NGO and went through orientation2 Understanding the functional issues and working of the organisation34 Finalised the theme of working i.e. Funding, Marketing, Organising and sponsorship of event5 We did basic research on various sources of funding and sponsorship67 Detail action plan and presentation given to NGO representative 8 Sponsorship letter and presentation and basic strategy prepared for proceeding to 9 sponsorship10 We approached different corporate houses and local markets and learned how to11 approach an organisation and promote a event . Fortunately we found a sponsor12 which provided about 30 percent of total expense of the event.131415 Actively participated in organising their annual event of HEALTH CAMP, 20111617 SWOT analysis and recommendation for improvement in diverse areas1819 Report preparation for NGO2021 Final report and presentation submission to NGO
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSVCT is an institution for child eduction program, cancer awareness and detectionprogram, and rehabilitataion of convicts. In there child education program theyprovide education fees, books, and uniform to the children of convicts, in therecancer awareness and detection program SVCT holds medical and cancer detectioncamps for the underprivileged they also organize film shows to demonstrate selfexamination techniques, exhibition of educational posters on cancer prevention andhazards of tobacco consumption .in there rehabilitation of convicts they facilitateconvicts vocational training and help them in getting suitable jobs or setting uptheir own business enterprise.As the part of my social internship my objective of the project was to understandthe current functioning of the SVCT. To understand how an organisation works inthe financially and resource constraint environment. How do they manage the costof functioning, as cost controlling is challenging task, we could learn the variousnew things to do so. How the employees get motivated and works full of theirpotential. After understanding the organisation our next objective was to look fordifferent ways in the light of our management and technical knowledge with thehelp of which its productivity could be improved.We could find certain areas in which we could help like suggesting the new waysof getting funding which svct has not looked upon yet. We helped them in gettingsponsorship organizing and marketing of their roadshows .For this we preparedsponsorship letter, sponsorship form and visited various organization and gave thepresentations about the svct, and their event and how this can be marketingopportunity for marketing their product. It gave us detailed corporate insight andthe practical exposure.
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION OF NGOThe Jail system is like kidneys of society which filters out the toxins & re-introduces the clean fluid back into our system. This aspect is important and has tobe understood that everybody who is in jail will one day be re-introduced into thesociety. Therefore, we have to try & reform these people and not punish them, aspunishment will only bring in ill-will & bitterness.Ours is the land of the Vedas, the Upanishads and of Gandhi where love &forgiveness conquers all. Therefore, this approach of punishment and hate has totranscend into one of reform & change. It is the future of society that is at stake,therefore let it not be someone else’s problem. Make a difference. And you can doit by just changing your attitude of negativeness towards those in jail, to an openmind and to look at the positive side also because everyone has a positive side.People who are in Jail are just like everyone else, they just happened to be at thewrong place at the wrong time. Maybe there are a few rotten apples but they arejust about 5% of the peole in jail, the rest are in jail because of incidents &accidents, which can happen to anyone. So extend a hand and don’t shrug off yourresponsibilities towards the future of our society. This is a cause for the bettermentof all. I understood it after spending more than 8 years in jail & I feel it is myresponsibility to let it be known to as many people as possible.Please join us, to help us make a better and safer tomorrow. • Work for Child Education Poverty is not only related to hunger or homelessness.It relates to the consequences of being uneducated thus making the children incapable of coping up with problems of life and improving their social and financial status. SVCT understands all aspects of poverty and emphasizes education as an effective remedy. • Work for Catching Cancer Spreading awareness on the dangers inherent in accepted social practices such as chewing of tobacco, early marriage, multiple pregnancies, etc, which are responsible for approximately 70% of cancers in India. . • Work for Prisoners Employment Every human being on the planet Earth is righteous by virtue of his/her creation and has the right to lead a dignified life of freedom, where the values of honesty, love and compassion for fellow human beings are innate.
  9. 9. Circumstances and surroundings sometimes place a person at the wrong end and govern his righteous action to wrong doing.EVENTS:Participated in Annual Fest At J.P.Business School, Noida (01-03-2011)Mr.Gaurav has represented SVCT .He arranged 11 Volunteer of M.B.A fromJ.P.Business School, Noida to the stall where approximate 5000 student visited thisstall .Many of the students shown their interest to work with SVCT as volunteer orinternship.5 student come from J.P.Buisness School for internship program.HEALTH CAMP ( 26-02-2011 )A Health Camp was organized with the help of Backward Patron Society on 26thfebruary 2011 at Tilak Vihar, New Delhi. 120 O.P.Ds were conducted. peopleappriciated this camp.Mr. S. Samuals (President)of Backword Patron SocietyThanks to SVCT for this noble causes.Non-Formal Education Camp ( 23-02-2011 )A Camp was organised on 23rd february 2011 at PeeraGarhi Jhuggi Camp ( TheSlum Basti ) .Here a street children meeting was organised for Non-FormalEducation in PeeraGarhi ( Slum Basti). 30 students were participated in this camp.It was successful attempt by SVCT.HEALTH CAMP ( 19-02-2011 )A Health Camp was organised with the help of G.Bhandri of Self Help Project Forthe Dalit Women on 19th february 2011 at PeeraGarhi Jhuggi. 220 O.P.Ds wereconducted. The camp was succesfully completed and people appreaciated theefforts done by SVCT this camp.HEART CAMP ( 16-02-2011)A Heart Camp was organised with the Help of Mr.C.K.Pandy Chief Manager ofAllahabad Bank on 16th february 2011 at Allahabad Bank, Janakpuri, New Delhi.102 O.P.Ds were conducted . This Camp was appreciated & visited by Mr.VipulSingla Zonal Head & Mr. M.C.Singal (A.G.M) Allahabad Bank, Delhi.Participation in Annual Fest (Tempest) At Mirenda House College, DelhiUniversity(09 -02-11 to 11-02-11)Large no. of students came from Diff. college are shown thier interest to work withSVCT as Volunteer.
  10. 10. HEALTH CAMP(05-02-2011)A camp was organised on 5th february 2011 at Shiv Mandir, Sangam Vihar OldKakrola Road, New Delhi from 11a.m. to 3p.m. with the help of Dr. U.P.Singh(Roshan Garden).245 O.P.Ds were conducted. People appreciated the effortsdone by SVCT.HEALTH CAMP(01 & 04-02-2011)A camp was organised on 1st & 4th february 2011 at MCD Primary School,Janakpuri C-4 Block, New Delhi from 10a.m. to 1p.m. with the help of MataChaudhary Heera Devi CharitableTrust.508 O.P.Ds were conducted.which includeChildren & School Staff .School Staff was happy & thanks to SVCT.HEART CHECK UP CAMP(30-01-2011)A free heart check up camp was organised on 30 january 2011 at Shree SanatanDharam Mandir sabha D-Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi from 11a.m. to 3p.m. inassociation with Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute, Preet Vihar,Delhi. 89O.P.Ds, 75 E.C.Gs, 75 R.B.S(Sugar Test) and 26 Echo Test wereScreend.Mr.Deepak Wadhera & Mrs. Sharma(President) Appericiated this efforts.HEALTH CAMP(29-01-2011)A general health camp was organised on 29th january 2011 at Ranaji Enclave,Najafgarh Road, New Delhi from 11a.m. to 3p.m. with the help of Mr. Bhola Nathand Mrs. Suman Taneja. 220 O.P.Ds were Screend .Efforts of SVCT wereappreciated by everyone.BREAST CANCER CAMP(24-01-2011)A camp was organised on 24th january 2011 at Gita Mandir Complex, C-2 Block,Janakpuri, New Delhi from 10a.m. to 3 p.m.with the help of ROKO Cancer. Thecamp was held to get people awared about the effects of breast cancer.46 O.P.Dsand 27 Memography were conducted.Mr. Singhal General Secirty of Geeta MandirTrust Thanks SVCT for This Noble Causes.Drawing Competition(23-01-2011):A drawing competion was organized for different age groups (i.e. 5-7 years,8-10years and 11-12 years) at Shree Ram Vatika Park, Mayur Vihar-2, Delhi with thehelp of Resident Welfare Society(Regd) from 10a.m. to 1p.m.. Prizes weredistributed by MLA Ch. Anil Kumar and Counsellor Mr. Devendar Kumar to besttwo of each group.on 26 Jan on the Occasion of Repubic Day function Mr. AnilGrover (President of Resident Welfare Society) thanked SVCT for this event.
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES OF NGO 1. HUMAN TOUCHVISIONThe children of inmates suffer for want of education, books and medical attentionas usually their earning parents are in jail and they also become stigmatic.Therefore, we at SVCT feel that it is our moral duty to try, help out & support asmany families as possible. These children have done nothing wrong & deserve achance to build their future like all other children. They should not pay for themistakes of their parents. By helping these children, we will help to build a bettersociety.OBJECTIVE • The objective of this program is to make Educational & Medical Aid available to all the families of poor & underprivileged inmates • To develop self worth in them • To help to face life with their heads held high. • To give them a feeling that they are not outcast from the society. • To ensure they do not get frustrated & take wrong ways. • To help build a secure society which has love, forgiveness & not condemnation 2. CATCH THE CANCERVISIONCancer is the most rapidly growing disease in India and is now reaching epidemicproportions. The largest segment affected by cancer is Breast & Uterus Cancer inWomen and Mouth & Throat Cancer in Men. These happen to be amongst themost ignored symptoms of illness as there is very little or no awareness about themin people & especially in the urban poor. We at SVCT feel that if detected in time,these can be easily treated. Our vision at SVCT is to help spread awareness andhelp detect these problems in as many people as possible.
  12. 12. OBJECTIVE • To help create awareness about Breast, Uterus, Mouth & Throat Cancer in the urban poor. • To hold medical & cancer detection camps in underprivileged areas to diagnose & treat cancer patients. • To hold seminars in the slums to teach people about self-detection methods and spread awareness.CHANCE FOR CHANGEVISIONAll people who are convicted are not per say criminals. They are more oftenvictims of circumstances. They too were normal citizens who made a mistake &ultimately they too will join mainstream society and therefore they should be givena chance to change. We at SVCT strongly believe that human beings are not badbut circumstances make them different from other people.Therefore, SVCT is trying to help these people better life hence providing chancefor change.OBJECTIVE • Training in different fields (vocational training) • Help in getting suitable jobs. • To create awareness among youth & business enterprises to help them rehabilitate. • Help them in becoming self-reliant, build self-worth & live a dignified life after release. • To finance & support needy inmates after their release.