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Digital Spring Clean Workshop rscd2018


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Workshp presented at the Research Support Community Day 2018 by Ashley Sutherland, Arts Faculty Librarian, Kylie Tran, Senior Client Services Librarian, and Kathryn Lindsay Senior Librarian Bibliographic Software, University of Melbourne.
The University of Melbourne Library recently ran a series of workshops to raise awareness of online security, privacy and identity. They developed a suite of resources to help research students check their online privacy settings, identify if their data has been breached, and provide some tips for keeping their online presence “clean”. In a networked world, managing your personal online presence is a vital digital literacy skill. This workshop offered advice on how to run your own ‘Digital Spring Clean’ session and take you through some of the practical ways you can help researchers evaluate their social media settings, secure their online accounts and manage their online identity.

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Digital Spring Clean Workshop rscd2018

  1. 1. DIGITAL SPRING CLEAN R E S E A R C H S U P P O R T C O M M U N I T Y D A Y 2 0 1 8
  2. 2. Presenters: Kylie Tran Ashley Sutherland Kathryn Lindsay Senior Client Services Librarian Arts Faculty Senior Librarian Bibliographic Software au ashley.sutherland@uni
  3. 3. Outline of the workshop: Topic Time Welcome and get settled 2:45 pm Background Our Experience 2:50 pm Q & A 3:05 pm Hands on Exercises 3:15 pm Wrap-up 3:35 pm Afternoon Tea! 3:40 pm
  4. 4. Inspiration: Defence Against the Dark Arts - Cryptoparties in Libraries Athina Mavromataki, Melbourne Library Service Recording: 3c4f78001c1d Presentations and handouts: Ran cryptoparties since 2015 Idea from: ThoughtWorks 2-2.5 hours, 3-4 topics: 1. Smartphones 2. Password managers and two-factor authentication 3. VPNs 4. Internet browsers and browser plugins (Optional: PGP and Tor.)
  5. 5. DIGITAL SPRING CLEAN SESSIONS (2017) • 5 – 20 September : • 19 October: • 6 – 24 November: • 23 November: TOPICS COVERED  Digital Life checklist  Know your browser  Password security/management  Account and data security  Social media settings 4 x Library Pop-Ups Research Community of Practice Module 5: Connect (Frontline Services Scholarly & Digital Literacy Program) Graduate Research Festival
  6. 6. L I B R A R Y P O P - U P S • 4 x sessions in 4 locations • Staffed by liaison teams, client services teams, Student IT & collaborators • LibGuide created: up • Students engaged with topic and wanted to know more • On-the-spot checks (interactive)
  7. 7. L I B R A R Y P O P - U P S Digital Spring Clean Sessions Numbers 5 September, 1-2pm: ERC Foyer 93 students 12 September, 1-2pm: Giblin Eunson 84 students 14 September, 1-2pm: Baillieu 34 students 20 September, 1 –2 pm: Kwong Lee Dow (MGSE) 80 students
  8. 8. M O D U L E # 5 : C O N N E C T F R O N T L I N E S E R V I C E S S & D L P R O G R A M • Participants: 30+ Client Services staff • 2 hour workshop and appraisal task • Topics covered: • Impact of tech on the way we work • Digital well-being • Passwords • Filter bubbles/browser comparison • Managing your online ID • Professional networking • Most popular topic out of all 5 modules
  9. 9. S H A R I N G I N F O R M AT I O N W I T H S TA F F Research Community of Practice • Working through activities • Considering applications for research students
  10. 10. 2017 Graduate Research Festival What will I find if I google you? Will it come back to bite you?
  11. 11. Image CC0
  12. 12. Guide: Library Pop-Up Sessions: Digital Spring Clean 6
  13. 13. ImageCC0 Activities! 1. How to create a strong password (no device needed) 2. Checklist for your digital life. 3. Social media. 4. Secure your accounts/data. 5. Know your browser.