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Nicola Ivory rscd2018


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Research support starts at home: Deakin University Liaison Librarian training and development presented by Dr. Nicola Ivory (Deakin University) at the Research Support Community Day 2018

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Nicola Ivory rscd2018

  1. 1. RESEARCH SUPPORT STARTS AT HOME: Stay Connected • As a team and community • All contribute - no one a spectator • Shared ownership Reflective Practice • Build on existing experience and knowledge • Constantly reflecting Keep them Challenged • Find the sweet spot (not too hard not to easy) DEAKINUNIVERSITY LIAISON LIBRARIANTRAININGANDDEVELOPMENTPROGRAM Three principals for a sustainable and exciting program: About • Three years running and ongoing • Eight scaffolded sessions per year • Research sessions 2017: • Deakin Publication workflow • Systematic Reviews • Research impact assessment