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Experimentation Platform at Netflix


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A high level explanation of the AB Testing Platform at Netflix and current open positions on the team.

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Experimentation Platform at Netflix

  1. 1. A/B Testing at Netflix: Experimentation Platform Steve Urban
  2. 2. • Technology is just one part of the equation: a culture of experimentation is the other essential part • All product ideas are subjected to the scientific method, with actual data supporting changes before changes are rolled out to all users • The effectiveness of any idea is measured without bias - the seniority of the person proposing the idea is irrelevant Importance of A/B Testing at Netflix
  3. 3. A/B testing enables product decisions throughout Netflix, with our users spread across all departments • Data Scientists: Does this new ranking algorithm result in more plays? • Product Managers: Does this new UI reduce the time for users to find content? • Marketing: Which email campaign resulted in more new subscribers? • Content: Which thumbnail image resulted in more streams of Daredevil? • Engineers: Is the new implementation of this streaming algorithm more performant when internet connectivity is spotty? • and so on... Our Users
  4. 4. • Being an internal tool is not an excuse for poor UX • Given the diverse expertise of our users workflows must be simple and effective while providing value • Cover all generic test management scenarios • Easily accommodate unique experimentation needs as they come up • Ingest and combine real-time behavioral and batch metadata from numerous sources A/B Testing Platform Objectives
  5. 5. We’re looking for a Full-Stack Engineer to help across the board: • Collaborate with users across Netflix to understand their UI needs • Be part of a team of engineers and UX experts • Tech stack: Java, React, Node • Data visualization experience is a plus We’re Hiring Netflix has a unique culture. Read about it here. We need a Server-Side Engineer with expertise designing distributed systems: • Help design and rebuild our allocation engine • Experience processing large datasets - including efficient incorporation of near real-time data • Expertise with various Big Data databases • Machine learning experience is a plus
  7. 7. orA B Which Version is Better?
  8. 8. Which set of recommendations is better? orA B Given that I Watched House of Cards...
  9. 9. Hard to Answer Without Disciplined Experimentation orA? B?
  10. 10. A/B Testing Process Target Population Hypothesis: Retention and/or engagement will improve with new recommendation algorithm. Process: Randomly group users into different buckets. Other than the tests, all other factors are constant. Control Group: Continue to experience the current version (A) Test Group B: Experience version B Test Group C: Experience version C
  11. 11. A/B Testing Process Continued Analyze & Compare Key Results Algorithm A (Control) Algorithm B Algorithm C? ... Viewing hours delta: N/A N/A as this is what we are measuring other options against Viewing hours delta: +2.3% Statistically Significant: Yes Viewing hours delta: -5.7% Statistically Significant: Yes 2.3% better than the control, and we’re confident about it Ouch! Don’t use this algorithm.
  12. 12. Data Driven Results orA B
  13. 13. Experimentation Service Persist/Retrieve Allocations Experiment Criteria Define Experiments Sampling Metadata Allocations Evaluate Eligibility Ad Hoc queries R E S T A P I * Allocate Customers * Retrieve Allocations Real-time Analysis & MonitoringPersist Metrics Health Metrics Visualize Technology Stack Other Netflix Services
  14. 14. Allocation & Stratification All US Regions ● Randomly distribute and assign customers to a variant in the experiment utilizing Stratified Sampling ● Start, Stop, and Track allocations in near real-time Percentage of Users*: North East 22% South East 13% South West 17% ... ... *Numerical values are for illustrative purposes only and are totally made up “Random sampling” with enforcement of sample proportions across regions Percentage of Users
  15. 15. Segmentation Target Population ● Divide a broad target population into subsets with similar properties ● Some tests are meant to measure impact on specific populations ● Must maintain scale and low latencies Segmentation by specific properties Haven’t used a tablet to access Netflix in n days Used a game console to access Netflix within last n days Smart TV users
  16. 16. Test Health ● All test experiences are not equal, but we must ensure this isn’t due to buggy implementations ● Issues can be device specific, so must monitor at device, test, and experience granularity ● The example below is super-simplified - we need to create visualizations which effectively convey test health, internationally, across thousands of devices Control Cell Experience B No errors/fallbacks Experience A Issue on TV UI detected No errors/fallbacks
  17. 17. ABlaze UI: Test Lifecycle Management Initial Planning: Test Configuration Screens ● Determine hypothesis ● Implement each test experience Schedule Test: Scheduler View ● Define real-time rules & conditions ● Consider potential conflicts Monitor Test: Dashboard and Alert Views ● Monitor test health over time ○ Real-time analysis and alerting on metrics and allocations ● Pull test if bugs/issues present themselves Hypothesis Evaluation: Comparison Views ● Interactive filtering, analysis, & visualization of data ● Call success or failure of test Implement or Re-Test ● Devise plan to roll winning experience (if any) out to production ● Else, potentially revise hypothesis and retest
  18. 18. Some Challenges • Operate resiliently and at low latencies, despite: • Customer allocations taking place in real-time • Need for near real-time insights into test health over massive datasets • Data that is distributed across multiple clusters • Data processing: • Joins across billions of rows of data from many sources can cause massive increase in number of rows • Efficient management of datasets to support interactive analysis, dashboards, etc. • Rich and flexible filtering to support interactive analysis • Extract forecasts and insights • Oh, and make it as easy to use as possible for the users...