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Netflix - Enabling a Culture of Analytics


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These are slides from a conference where I presented how we are enabling a culture of analytics at Netflix. I highlight aspects of our culture, our Data Science team organization, our BI tool evolution, and how we are making data accessible.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Netflix - Enabling a Culture of Analytics

  1. Enabling a Culture of Analytics Blake Irvine Manager, Data Science & Engineering
  2. Quick Intro Who is this BI guy? What does a Culture of Analytics bring?
  3. Netflix is Reinventing Television “The Secret Sauce Behind Netflix's Hit, "House Of Cards": Big Data” -- Fast Company “Giving Viewers What They Want” --New York Times “The Science Behind the Netflix Algorithms That Decide What You’ll Watch Next” --Wired Data-Mining Boosts Netflix's Subscriber Base, Showbiz Clout --AdAge
  4. Foundations Cultural values Team structure Technology changes Data accessibility
  5. Cultural values High Performance Freedom & Responsibility Context Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled
  6. Team Structure Vertical alignment Specializations, not pigeonholes
  7. Team Structure - Vertical Engineering Analytics Reporting Modeling Reed Hastings Finance David Wells Content Ted Sarandos Marketing Kelly Bennett Product Neil Hunt Business Development Bill Holmes DSE Content DSE Finance DSE Marketing DSE Streaming DSE Partner Analytics
  8. Team Structure - Specialization Analytics Reporting Modeling Engineering Analyst Engineer Viz Engineer
  9. Technology Changes What are our BI tools, and why?
  10. Technology - Past Process Analyze Report
  11. Technology - Present Process Analyze Report
  12. Technology - Future Process Analyze Report
  13. Data Accessibility Metacat Big Data API Big Data Portal
  14. Data Accessibility - Metacat
  15. Data Accessibility - Big Data API
  16. Data Accessibility - Big Data Portal
  17. Making it Happen Cultural bias, team structure, innovative tools, and accessibility Training Talent
  18. Questions / Future Blake Irvine Netflix culture: