SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software Fact Sheet


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SMART Bridgit Conferencing Software Fact Sheet

  1. 1. SMART Bridgit conferencing software ® Collaborate face-to-face with more people in more places with SMART Bridgit conferencing software. The latest version supports up to nine webcam video streams, making it easy to hold meetings that are visually engaging, dynamic and interactive. Meeting participants anywhere can work together as if they are in the same room. Intuitive toolbar Access audio and video controls, participant lists and presentation tools. Chat function One-touch options Communicate with participants through integrated text messaging, without disturbing other participants. Access features and tools at the click of a button. You can invite participants, share your desktop and select the pen tool. Webcam support View high-quality video streams from up to nine locations simultaneously. Write over shared desktops Participants can share their desktops and write notes on shared content.
  2. 2. Encourage active participation Rely on secure software Everyone can fully participate in your remote meetings. Password protection and an encrypted media path ensure that confidential information is protected. A shared collaboration space enables participants to see and write notes in digital ink. Easily connects meeting rooms, local teams and remote participants. Participants can share their desktops and use integrated audio and instant messaging. Integrates with SMART Meeting Pro™ software and Microsoft Office. Key Features Quick meeting start-up Participants can join meetings through an automatically generated email invitation or participate on an ad-hoc basis using the knock-to-join feature. And SMART Meeting Pro software’s auto-join capability ensures that your meeting begins on time. Fully interactive remote experience Remote and local participants can experience the same level of interactivity by sharing video, webcams and screens. See up to nine video feeds simultaneously and use multiple interactive displays in your collaboration sessions. Integration with Microsoft Outlook Using Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to schedule meetings, which can be turned into collaborative sessions with a single click. Participants can use SMART Bridgit software in the meeting to access video and audio controls, participant lists, instant chat and other tools. Maximise meeting productivity All participants can share desktops, and use SMART Ink to write annotations on important documents such as drawings, spreadsheets and reports. Participants can take control of the desktop and add their ideas, and all notes can be saved for use later. Collaborate with iPad Participants can collaborate in sessions using their iPads and a WiFi or mobile network to interact with the content being presented. Simplify administration The software works with corporate firewalls, which reduces the need for IT support and simplifies administrative and security processes. Virtualisation enhances cost efficiency The software is easy to install on a virtualised server running vSphere 4.1, which reduces hardware costs and IT support. Maximise your technology investment Extend the value of your investment in SMART interactive displays with SMART Bridgit software, which requires no additional conferencing solution. The software is integrated with all our SMART displays and Meeting Pro software, ensuring that you are using the full power of SMART solutions. UK and Ireland Authorised Distributor: Steljes Limited Bagshot Manor, Green Lane Bagsot, Surrey GU19 5NL Tel: 08450 758 758 Email: © 2013 SMART Technologies. All rights reserved. SMART Board, SMART Bridgit, SMART Meeting Pro, SMART GoWire, smarttech, the SMART logo and all SMART taglines are trade-marks or registered trade-marks of SMART Technologies in the US and/or other countries. All third-party product and company names are for identification purposes only and may be trade-marks of their respective owners.