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SFSU Fall 2013 ISYS 363 Section 1

Group name - Panthers

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Gp #2

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 – FALL 2013 – SECTION 1 Panthers
  2. 2.  A online collaboration program  Allows users to communicate long distance  Allows users to share content  Allows users to hold meetings and presentations long distance
  3. 3. PRO’S OF USING FUZEBOX  Fuzebox offers Voice and Video conferencing  Content Sharing and editing  Free for 60 days and easy to use  Allows users to hold meetings and share screen displays among meeting attendees
  4. 4. PRO’S CONTINUED….  Compatible with mobile devices and Windows, iOS, Android, OSX, and Linux Supports up to 12 simultaneous conference streams and up to 125 total participants with premium version
  5. 5. FUZEBOX CONS FuseBox consumes a lot of your systems resources FuzeBox uses a lot of cpu power resulting in an inability to multi task FuzeBox Requires both users to install the app even for one time use
  6. 6. FUZEBOX CONS FuzeBox can become pricey  $15 per month basic  $49 per month pro  $69 per month business  VoIP is $.08 per minute
  7. 7. FUZEBOX CONCLUSION There are many pros and cons to the FuzeBox App. In the end If you are looking for a very effective and user friendly online conferencing app and have the money to spend on it, Fuzebox is the app for you.
  8. 8. WHAT IS ADOBE CONNECTION?  Adobe Connection is an online collaborate software developed by Adobe. A software used to create online training, web conferencing, and desktop sharing. The latest version of Adobe Connect is 9.0
  9. 9. PROS OF ADOBE CONNECT Any mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Blackberry Playbook are enabled to access Adobe Connect Adobe Connect provides high quality video conferencing with unlimited participants. Users can breakout sessions to focus on a specific discussion Adobe Connect integrates with existing programs
  10. 10. CONS OF ADOBE CONNECT  Difficult to navigate  Has FAQs, but do not clearly answer questions  Must install add-in to share screen and upload files to meetings  Not a one-click entry into the meeting  For first-time set up for a new meeting, you have to fill out a profile creation document
  11. 11. TRAINING RESOURCES FOR ADOBE CONNECT Go to…  then, take the training class
  12. 12. WHAT IS GOTOMEETING? A web-based group collaboration software developed by Citrix System. It has mobile apps for Android and IOS devices. It allows uses to share desktop, have online meeting and training.
  13. 13. PROS OF GOTOMEETING Gotomeeting allows all the attendees to be able to show their computer screens to others. Gotomeeting allows attendees to control your computer, for example, attendees can move your mouse and use your keyboard. Gotomeeting has drawing tools which can give attendees direct attention. Gotomeeting has high quality video conferencing.
  14. 14. CONS OF GO TO MEETING Network connection must be error-free Mandates a member to sign up for HDFaces, a third party beta service Price of the program goes up with the number of attendees Webinar tools are minimal Mobile connection is limited; only iPads are compatible
  18. 18. WHICH ONE TO USE? Our group chose to use Fuzebox. Because… Fuzebox is the easiest one among the softwares. Fuzebox has longer free trial period.