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Eu Excel: European Virtual Accelerator


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EU Excel: fostering ICT entrepreneurship in Europe. Results and impact after 2 years.

Published in: Technology
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Eu Excel: European Virtual Accelerator

  1. 1. Fostering ICT Entrepreneurship in Europe Startup Europe After 2 Years 2nd February, 2017
  2. 2. Project Partners
  3. 3. The Core Challenge Fragmented Entrepreneurial Eco-System in Europe Single Nationality Start-Ups – No European Vision Local limits on access to co-founders, resources, expertise & markets Limited collaboration at the entrepreneur and institutional level
  4. 4. Programme Key Actions 12 one-week-long intensive startup scrums over 2015-2016 12 weeks training on a virtual accelerator platform to get startups "incubator ready“ 2 Annual challenge finals to connect with investors and successful tech entrepreneurs 6 Month extension to support active startups to progress to market readiness.
  5. 5. Participation Key Figures 1,049 applicants with 426 participants from 25 member states 31% Female Total Number of teams 86 26 Finalists 21 Start-ups still active 9 Investors
  6. 6. Matching Entrepreneurs
  7. 7. International Team Building
  8. 8. Ideating
  9. 9. Business Modelling
  10. 10. Pitching
  11. 11. Final Reflection Europe needs to promote, support, and embed a culture whereby international start-up teams are within the realm of the possible for young entrepreneurs Only through the direct experience of intercultural and international collaboration in entrepreneurial projects can boundaryless and truly European-wide horizons become the standard for the young European Entrepreneur
  12. 12. Thank You