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Startup scaleup after 2 years.


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Startup Scaleup results and impact after 2 years.
IoT acceleration Programme.

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Startup scaleup after 2 years.

  1. 1. 1 To build a European ecosystem around 4 consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystems (BluSpecs-Cloud, Ryan, Cross and OCC) for launching and growing companies focused on the Internet of Things and Services 4 HUBS Cartagena-Madrid (Spain) Dublin (Ireland) Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) Vilnius (Lithuania) 539 APPLICATIONS Countries: 47 116 STARTUPS BEGIN Startups: 132 Countries: 17 END Startups: 116 Countries: 17 10,1 TOT RAISED (M€) Mainly Seed Rounds
  2. 2. STARTUPS FROM CLOUD/BLUSPECS– CYCLE 2 2 Growth Stage Early Stage