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2-1. Startup Ecosystem in France and French Tech intro_021517


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Startup Ecosystem in France and French Tech was introduced by Jonathan Lauer-Stumm, French Tech Coordinator of Expertise France in Korea.

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2-1. Startup Ecosystem in France and French Tech intro_021517

  1. 1. 주한 프랑스대사관 프렌치테크 에코시스템과의 만남 주한해외대사관과 함께 하는 비정상회담 2016년 2월 15일 - 디캠프 FRENCH TECH INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. Contents French Tech initiative French Tech in the world and in Korea French Tech programs French Tech Ticket French Tech Visa Private initiatives
  3. 3. French Tech Initiative French Tech initiative Spectacular growth since 2013 2016 & 2017 Trends Introduction Presence all over France
  4. 4. French Tech Initiative o Set in 2013, “La French Tech” is a public initiative which aims at improving the French startup ecosystem and developing its international attractiveness. o “French Tech” is the term used to describe the French startup community: everyone who works in or for a startup in France or for a French startup abroad. Entrepreneurs of course, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, incubators, media, public organizations, research institutions, etc. o A shared ambition, driven by the government, but built by and carried out with all players. Introduction
  5. 5. Presence all over France o Turning the whole country into a huge startup incubator with 14 ‘’Metropoles French Tech’’ all over the country with dedicated areas of expertise. French Tech Initiative
  6. 6. French Tech Initiative o Financing to French Tech reaches record high in 2016: 486 deals (+265% in 4 years) and over $2B invested (+239%)  $ 6.07 billion tech funding across 1 154 deals since 2012 o Foreign investments rose up by 118% in 4 years Spectacular growth since 2013
  7. 7. French Tech Initiative o CES 2017: 2nd most represented country after USA with 233 startups, growing presence every year. 37 French companies awarded (44 awards) @ CES Innovation Awards o Paris still concentrate most of the deals (231) but other cities emerge as hot places, like Montpellier (11 deals) or Lille (8 deals). o 88% deals made through co-investment. o Strong comitment to women in tech 2016 & 2017 Trends
  8. 8. French Tech abroad French Tech in the world and in Korea French Tech Hubs French Tech Seoul
  9. 9. French Tech abroad French Tech Hubs o A strong international presence via its global network with 22 French Tech hubs (New York, Israel, Tokyo, San Francisco, Montreal, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, Barcelona, London, Abidjan, Seoul, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Milan, Beijing, São Paulo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Vietnam)
  10. 10. French Tech abroad o Launched in March 2016 by French minister of Foreign Affairs & a coordinator fully dedicated to the French Tech Seoul since January 2017. o The goal of the initiative is to create a community to connect French and Korean startup ecosystems to build partnership, exchange information, and create business. o Over 30 partners : entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, incubators, accelerators, experts, large groups, media, and officials. French Tech Seoul Korean and French Ecosystems Korean and French Startups, incubators, accelerators, VCs and officials French Tech Seoul
  11. 11. French Tech programs French Tech programs French Tech Ticket French Tech Visa
  12. 12. French Tech programs French Tech Ticket o 12-months program designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to create their startup in France (€45,000 funding, incubation, acceleration program & resident permit) o Season 1 in 2016 : 1 380 candidates, 23 startups selected in 13 incubators o Season 2 in 2017: 2 700 candidates from 100 countries, 70 startups selected in 41 incubators o Season 3 : application to be launched in Spring 2017
  13. 13. o French Tech Visa to be launched in Spring 2017, to complete curent “Passeport Talent” o A visa for foreign tech talents: startup founders, employees and investors o Open to foreign talents mentored or hired, in France, by designated members of the French Tech ecosystem (scale-ups, start-up incubators or accelerators, and VC firms) o Fast-track residence permit application procedure o Valid for up to 4 years and also open to applicants’ family members French Tech programs French Tech Visa
  14. 14. Private Initiatives Private initiatives Station F Ecole 42
  15. 15. Private Initiatives Station F o World biggest startup incubator to open April 1st, 2017 o 3,000 desks for tech companies of all kinds o 10+ international startup programs o Funded by Xavier Niel, "France’s most influential entrepreneur", and located in the heart of Paris o First Facebook startup program (“Startup Garage from Facebook”) to be at Station F
  16. 16. Private Initiatives Ecole 42 (‘42’ Coding school) o Totally free coding school o Also funded by Xavier Niel in 2013 o Unique 'open education' model o New campus in Silicon Valley opened in 2016 o No academic degree, high school diploma or even coding knowledge required
  17. 17. France ecosystem mapping
  18. 18. Contact Point Jonathan LAUER-STUMM - 조나단 French Tech Seoul Coordinator – 프렌치 테크 담당관 010-2510-2546 @FrenchTechSeoul @FrenchTechSeoul French Tech Seoul – 프렌치 테크 서울
  19. 19. French Tech Introduction 감사합니다! Feel free to contact me