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Webinar MEPcontent for manufacturers


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Thursday 30th June we've hosted the webinar 'MEPcontent for manufacturers'. Attendees learned how MEPcontent helps you to reach BIM engineers in Europe. Discussed was how to convert PIM data to Revit / Autocad content. We gave a live demo of generated content for usage in a BIM environment. Light, fast and enriched with GTIN, product data, pdf files and other technical information.

Feel free to view the webinar recording at your convenience:

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Webinar MEPcontent for manufacturers

  1. 1. Webinar BIM for Manufacturers 26th January 2017
  2. 2. Charles Lekx Senior sales engineer Maarten Sonneveld International sales engineer
  3. 3. …Ask your question using the ‘question button’ in your screen… Q & A session after the webinar Feel free to ask us your questions!
  4. 4. About Stabiplan 170 employees 200+ new customers annually Revit and AutoCAD Software & data for MEP engineers Offices in 5 countries
  5. 5. MEPcontent facts & figures Uniform Revit models 250+ manufacturers 500,000+ articles Europe wide EMCS standard 15.000+ MEP engineers
  6. 6. Multiplatform
  7. 7. BIM adoption in Europe source: Arch-Vision, European Architectural Barometer, 2016 and 2014
  8. 8. • More and more Governments require BIM for public construction projects • BIM adoption increases amongst engineers • Data is essential for reliable BIM projects State of BIM in 2017
  9. 9. BIM content requirements • Compact content (small in size) • Right and correct data • Easy to use and maintain • Deeplinks to documentation • Complies to BIM standards • Easy to find
  10. 10. Toilet -> sphinx Inbouwframe -> viega Boiler ithodaalderop Plenum box -> trox (toevoer) Sphinx Toilet suite Serie 300 basic, toilet suite 54 PK without cover Viega Toilet element GTIN: 4015211708764 Article number: 708 764 Itho Daalderop Electric boiler 30 liter GTIN 8713418000600 Article number: Trox DLQL Plenum box Article number: DLQL-T- A-H/250
  11. 11. One European Uniform Content Standard
  12. 12. Our services for manufacturers
  13. 13. Data to Content
  14. 14. Creation - Manufacturer data for BIM
  15. 15. Enriching models
  16. 16. Manufacturer specific Revit apps Sanha Product Line Placer for Revit MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Revit
  17. 17. Publishing MEPcontent browser Plugin for Revit and Autocad MEPcontent platform
  18. 18. Marketing News channel for Revit and Autocad MEPcontent platform MEPcontent news letter
  19. 19. Localization
  20. 20. Integration Effortlessly present 3D content on your own website
  21. 21. Analytics
  22. 22. 250+ manufacturers
  23. 23. Reach new customers on MEPcontent at the time of design and purchase decision Publish your content today
  24. 24. Meet us! 14th – 18th March Frankfurt am Mainz 29th – 30th March Paris 22nd – 23th February Nürnberg
  25. 25. Thanks for participating! Questions?