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Xella BIMobject LIVe Milan Presentation

  1. 1. Xella – Steps towards a digital building world of tomorrow BIMobject® LIVe Milan Thursday, 24th of September 2015 Markus Heße, Xella International GmbH, Duisburg
  2. 2. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP Xella – Four business units with strong brands Xella Group (2014: Sales 1,273 m€, FTE 6.686) ■ Ytong AAC blocks ■ Silka Calcium silicate blocks ■ Multipor Mineral insulation boards ■ Hebel AAC elements ■ Fermacell Gypsum fibre boards ■ Aestuver Fire protection boards ■ Fermacell Cement- bonded drywall 
 system boards ■ Fels Lime ■ Fels Limestone ■ Ecoloop Recycle to Gas* LIMEBUILDING MATERIALS DRY LINING SYSTEMS RECYCLING * Under construction: Ecoloop located in the test phase "2
  3. 3. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP "3 10/2013 First meeting with BIMobject and discussion about technical solution 01-06/2014 Decision making process and preparation of the first Xella BIM strategy 01-12/2014 Workshops technical and marketing together with BIMobject 04-05/2015 Revision of Xella BIM strategy in cooperation with BIMobject 01/2015 First solution for Ytong masonry walls presented on BAU2015 fair in Munich 09/2015 Going live in Milan with the Ytong tool for masonry unitization 05-10/2013 Market assessment towards “BIM trend or need?” Local and global 03/2013 Management attention “Buy this kind of software”
  4. 4. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP Xella’s digital building in the future "4 Full chain software integration – invisible for our customers (SAP, CRM, XPPS, etc.) Worldwide digital cloud based product ranges Local digital marketing under company guideline Local technical services with digital customer advisory Central E- Commerce services Digital on site support in logistic and execution
  5. 5. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP From information on paper towards digital value "5
  6. 6. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP Shifting processes in daily work "6 Today Tomorrow Print Media Internet Digital media for BIM Sales Reps Technicians Traditional Traditional DigitalDigital Tools PeopleInformation Benefits: up-to date-information, focus on project business, efficient internal workflows
 and better accessibility towards customers Savings: unit related selling expenses, Travel costs and time, paper, CO2-Emissions
  7. 7. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP First steps and lessons learned ■ Prepare a digital strategy and be brave to change it over the time ■ BIM is an ongoing process with a high speed of evolution ■ Be open minded towards the technology development ■ Be BIM digital visible ■ Estimate the grade of quality of your digital information ■ Start on a low level and improve your product visibility "7
  8. 8. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP First steps and lessons learned ■ Add digital value to your information ■ Be unique and provide to all customer tailored information ■ Create digital interaction to your customers ■ Work on digital integration ■ BIM for manufacturers is an added tool towards the internet presence ■ One stop solution for the presentation of the product offering and the daily product guidance "8
  9. 9. SILKAYTONG HEBEL FERMACELL FELSMULTIPOR ECOLOOP Premiere of the Ytong unitization with BIMobject "9 Thank you very much.

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Xella's journery to implement BIM technology into the company.


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