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Srijan's Drupal Migration Practice - an Introduction


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Migration from:
-- ASP/MySQL to Drupal
-- TYPO3 to Drupal
-- Big Medium to Drupal
-- CakePHP to Drupal
-- Drupal to Drupal

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Srijan's Drupal Migration Practice - an Introduction

  2. 2. OVERVIEW ● Website migrations from: ○ ASP/MS-SQL to Drupal ○ TYPO3 to Drupal ○ Big Medium (flat file DB) to Drupal ○ CakePHP to Drupal ○ Drupal to Drupal (versions)
  3. 3. OVERVIEW ● Large scale content transformation & data optimization (embedded HTML, special characters, SQL cleanups, redundant data management) ● Large volumes of articles, images, image galleries, authors, cross-references ● Contributed to: ○ TYPO3_Migrate module (project promoters) ○ Migrate module (committers)
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORY Migrated 8 user groups, 1200 events, 2000 publications, 3500 news articles - ~7000 nodes from TYPO3 to Drupal Srijan setup a Drupal 6 backend and migrated all content to the new CMS The front end was kept the same visually, without any change A migration module was written for this by Srijan
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORY News and Broadcasting (Audio/Video) portal for Greenland Broadcasting Corporation (KNR) Migration on News, Images/Audio/Video content from TYPO3 to Drupal Messy TYPO3 implementation with redundant data; data cleaned up and transformed Incremental Migration
  7. 7. SUCCESS STORY Migrated 500,000 articles from 4 proprietary legacy DB systems Powerful Apache Solr search implementation Over 8000 tags added as part of Taxonomy Migrated from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
  8. 8. TYPO3_Migrate Module ● What gets migrated: ○ Users (both frontend and backend) ○ TYPO3 pages along with their tt_content elements ○ News (tt_news) and news categories ■ News images and attached files ■ tt_content elements - 'text', 'textpic', 'image' ■ Related news articles ● Migrated data Rollbacks ● Incremental Migration ● Moshe Wietzman covered the module at Drupalcon: http://www.slideshare. net/mweitzman/data-migration-into-drupal
  10. 10. ABOUT SRIJAN Consulting, designing and engineering products and solutions for online businesses for over 10 years India’s largest Drupal company Over 200 clients across US, Europe, Middle East and APAC across industries Agile / SCRUM process maturity Preferred Acquia partners Acquia certified Drupal engineers
  12. 12. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES Web Content Management ● Content Management solution & design ● Editorial Workflows for hassle-free online publishing ● Responsive/Mobile UI design & development ● Content Personalisation ● Integration with 3rd party BPM tools ● Powerful Search solutions (Solr, GSA, Elastic) Drupal Solutions ● Performance & code audits ● Rehabilitation of broken/delayed Drupal projects ● Migration from proprietary CMSs & end-of-life CMSs to Drupal ● Drupal Support & Maintenance ● Drupal optimized hosting ● Custom module development
  13. 13. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES Outsourced Product Development ● Product Conceptualization; Wireframing & UI/UX Design ● Rapid “prototyping” using HTML5, CSS3, Angular.js ● Dedicated product development teams for Drupal, Node.js ● Test Automation using JMeter, Selenium, Behat & Cucumber ● Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments Agile Process Maturity ● Trained SCRUM teams ● Certified Scrum Masters ● Resident Agile Coach ● Continuous Testing, Integration & Deployment ● SCRUM and Project burndown charts using JIRA Agile ● Demo-script document for current-state progress
  14. 14. Contact us Thank You Interested in joining or knowing more about us? Feel free to reach out to us through any of these channels. Happy to help! NEW DELHI NEW YORK GURGAON GOA DHARAMSHALA Headquarter: 8A - Vandana Building, 11 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110001 INDIA