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Out With the Old, in With the Open-source: Brainshark's Complete CMS Migration


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Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for your business requires a lot of thought, research and evaluation. Are you getting enough site monitoring and support? Is the workflow user-friendly? Is the environment secure?

Brainshark, the leader in sales productivity solutions, needed a new CMS to support its business goals. The flexible, supportive framework and user-friendly interface of Drupal, combined with the availability, scalability and security of Acquia made for a platform that correlated directly with their business needs.

In this webinar, you will learn how Brainshark accomplished a successful migration, including topics such as:

-Their evaluation process for a new CMS, and key criteria they could not overlook
-Their migration strategy, execution and lessons learned
-The success they've seen thus far, and the results they're expecting

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Out With the Old, in With the Open-source: Brainshark's Complete CMS Migration

  1. 1. Out With the Old, in With the Open-source: Brainshark's Complete CMS Migration -  Arthur Gehring - VP of Demand Generation, Brainshark, Inc. -  John Money - Senior Solutions Architect, Acquia
  2. 2. Arthur Gehring VP Demand Generation
  3. 3. About Brainshark
  4. 4. Project Goals •  Evolved during project •  Initially to migrate to new CMS •  Launch new brand and positioning (re-skin) with a time constraint •  More redesign then planned
  5. 5. CMS Evaluation Process Key Criteria
  6. 6. Former  CMS  Issues   •  No  support  and  maintenance     -  Security  risk   -  Limited  .NET  support  internally/externally       -  No  enhancements   -  Ini<al  customiza<ons  made  upgrades  very   difficult   •  Poor  template  implementa<on   resulted  in  design  constraints  that   require  frequent  coding   •  Not  user  friendly     -  Not  intui<ve   -  No  workflow   -  50-­‐100  clicks  (~10  clicks/asset)  to  publish   single  page     -  No  batch/bulk  item  publishing       -  Easy  to  accidentally  republish  the  en&re  site   •  Licensing  model       -  Maximum  5  users  can  be  logged  in  at  a  <me     •  Re-­‐directs  were  challenging  
  7. 7. •  Objective: Migrate to another CMS -  Resolution by January 29, 2016 §  Minimize business traffic impact in slow period §  3 month development timeline (October-December) •  Research  &  Discovery  milestones: -  Guidance from analysts @Sirius, Forrester, Gartner -  Establish CMS requirements -  Assess recommended vendors -  References -  Estimate timeline and cost -  Build test site -  Test traffic management Resolu/on  Plan  
  8. 8. •  Establish priorities, requirements, and assess/choose vendors -  August - September •  Design/Development phase (~2.5 months) -  Kick off: October 20 or sooner -  Alpha test: December 8 -  Beta test: January 2 •  QA test -  January 3 - January 14 (~1.5 weeks) •  Buffer -  January 15 - January 28 (~2 weeks) •  Launch -  January 29, 2016 Timeline   No  new  branding  planned  for  this  implementa<on  
  9. 9. •  Minimize IT support needed •  Strong external support model •  Reusable & flexible page templates •  Robust blogging capabilities •  User-based permissions & content review process •  Easy-to-maintain URL redirect manager •  Supports traffic management needs •  Path to data integrations for social media, SFDC, Eloqua New  CMS Solu/on  Requirements  
  10. 10. Gartner's  2015  Magic  Quadrant  for  WCM

  11. 11. Vendor   Acquia  (Drupal  7)   Sitecore  8   EPiServer  8   AutomaOc  (WordPress   4)   Minimize  IT  support  needed   ●●●●○   ●○○○○   ●○○○○   ●●●●○   Strong  external  support  model   ●●●●○   ●●●○○   ●●○○○   ●●●○○   User-­‐friendly  reusable  &  flexible   page  templates   ●●●●●   ●●●○○   ●●●○○   ●●●●●   Robust  blogging  capabili<es   ●●●●●   ●●●○○   ●●●○○   ●●●●●   User-­‐based  permissions  &  content   review  process   ●●●●●   ●●●●○   ●●●●○   ●●●●●   Easy-­‐to-­‐maintain  URL  redirect   manager   ●●●●○   ●●●○○   ●●●○○   ●●●○○   Possibility  of  integra<ons  for  social   media,  SFDC,  Eloqua   ●●●●○   ●●●●○   ●●●○○   ●●○○○   Supports  traffic  management  needs   ●●●●○   ●●●○○   ●●●○○   ○○○○○   Requirement  Comparisons  
  12. 12. Acquia     Sitecore     EPiServer   AutomaOc   Framework   Drupal     .NET     .NET   WordPress   Pros   Fast-­‐growing  op<on  with   expanding  global  presence;   enterprise-­‐level  support;   easy  upgrades       Partnership  with   Microso[;  wide  range  of   capabili<es  (engagement   analy<cs,  AB  tes<ng)     Granular  "atomized"  content   and  high  interoperability;   merger  with  Ektron  Jan  2015   Most  popular  framework;   abrac<ve  and  scalable   pricing;  simple  and  extensible   placorm   Cons   More  expensive  than  other   open-­‐source  op<ons;  might   be  too  complex  for  some   midmarket  organiza<ons     License  model;  increasing   pricing  strategy  has  raised   concerns;  nega<ve  change   in  customer   communica<on  &   experience     License  model;  reported   lapses  in  updates  and   customer  service,  and   increase  in  pricing   Interface  not  as  rich  as   compe<tors;  advanced   capabili<es  require  extensive   customiza<ons   Gartner's  Vendor  Comparisons  
  13. 13. Acquia   Sitecore   EPiServer   AutomaOc   Framework   Drupal   .NET   .NET   WordPress   Model   open  source  hosted  by   leading/local  partner.     Cloud-­‐based  subscrip<on   Re-­‐deploy  current  version  of   Sitecore.    On  premise  vs.   hosted?   Can  be  hosted  internal  or   external   Hosted  by  leading  partner   Costs   Pros   Will  have  both  internal   and  external  support.     Grow  into  our  needs   None   Less  expensive  than  Sitecore   Popular,  easy  to  use   Cons   More  expensive  than   other  open-­‐source   op<ons   Would  s<ll  need  .NET  support   from  Engineering;  addi<onal   cost  to  license  current  version   and  return  to  maintenance   agreement   Would  s<ll  need  .NET   support  from  Engineering,   limited  external  support,  not   widely  used   Configura<on  restric<ons  don't  work   with  our  traffic  management   customiza<ons   Solu/on  Comparison  
  14. 14. •  Modular framework supports any type of content •  Large development community •  Actively updated documentation •  Easy to upgrade •  More user-friendly What  we  liked  about  Drupal  
  15. 15. Acquia:  Drupal  Managed  Hos/ng   Trellon:  Cer/fied  Partner  
  16. 16. •  Enterprise-level website and infrastructure support -  Manages patches and security updates -  24/7 live support team for critical issues -  Provides support and strategy •  Drag and drop development workflow •  Site monitoring & troubleshooting tools •  High availability, scalability, security •  Open-source -  Large development community What  we  liked  about  Acquia  
  17. 17. •  Drive  conversion  through  real-­‐<me  personaliza<on   •  Shorten  sales  cycle  by  using  real-­‐<me  segmenta<on  and  targeted  campaigns   •  Integrated  repor<ng  of  personaliza<on  campaigns  and  site  ac<vity     •  Consolidate  external  data  to  provide  a  unified  customer  profile   •  Can  target  known  contacts  and  anonymous  prospects   Acquia  LiX  Features  
  18. 18. Positioning Drupal and Acquia •  Demonstrate out-of-the-box content editing tools ▪  Lightning distro provides all the required workflow, in-place editing, and WYSIWYG templating •  Highlight flexible content model ▪  Sophisticated developer team quickly understood value of structured data and benefits of content reuse for a dynamic web property •  Enable B2B personalization with Lift that integrates with existing marketing stack ▪  Best practices for supporting user journey and converting unknown visitors to known customers •  Meet custom traffic routing requirements ▪  Remove risk by demonstrating custom forwarding with Acquia Cloud Free environment
  19. 19. Migration Strategy, Execution and Lessons Learned Strategy, Execution and Lessons Learned
  20. 20. •  Build out functionality, user roles •  Templatize as much as possible •  Agile process, Redmine, rapid prototyping •  Do the re-skinned pages first, redesign pages last •  Rapid testing and feedback Migration Strategy
  21. 21. Trellon's Process 1.  Discovery -  Define goals and understand what kinds of content, tools, message -  Deliverables: Content Type Analysis, User Role Analysis, and Creative Scope document 2.  Design -  Visualize design with mock ups -  Deliverables: Site Maps, Wireframes, and Mock Ups 3.  Core configuration -  Install, configure, and customize Drupal to meet requirements in Discovery/Design phases -  Module selection, content type configuration, user role configuration, plan custom modules, page layouts, configure SEO and search settings 4.  Development -  Weekly meetings to demonstrate progress, collect feedback, and set priorities for the next sprint (weekly) 5.  Implementation -  Prepare for launch, perform regression and unit testing -  Import data and content, cross-browser/cross-device testing 6.  Deployment -  DNS switchover, final server configurations, test code on server before migration 7.  Post Delivery
  22. 22. •  Rapid feedback and fix, move through multiple QA environments before production. •  Maintain best practices and takeaways from previous website – a/b testing. •  Launch date was a very exciting day: Updated our web site, our App, all our content, social sites, ad sites, etc… •  Hit our target despite a few curveballs….Fastly CDN, app integration •  Maintaining any 3rd party integrations from previous site (QA, analytics/insight, loss of data) Execution
  23. 23. •  Have a good partner •  Frequent communication •  Document points of integration •  Scheduling Lessons Learned
  24. 24. Results
  25. 25. WCMS Move •  Requirements addressed •  Faster turnaround for site updates, new initiatives •  Page load time has improved using the Acquia platform and Fastly CDN Re-brand •  Very positive feedback on the brand and the site •  Traffic, conversions •  Successfully launched into a new space Still on the journey Results
  26. 26. Q&A