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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] Leveraging the OGD Platform and Visualization Engine


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Data is one of the most valuable resources of modern digitized governance, but raw data alone can not provide the decision makers valuable insights. To turn the numbers into knowledge, we need to separate noise from the data. We also need to choose the right way to present the data, so that it’s easily interpreted.
There Open Government Data Platform India makes a lot of valuable open government datasets available from different sectors. And you are free to leverage these for creating visualizations and info-graphics using the in-house visualization engine.

Watch the webinar and learn how the OGD platform can help you create data-driven products and solutions.

Key Takeaways:
- Understand the importance of visualizations to showcase valuable insights
- Learn how to use open government data in decision making
- Know how to choose your format of visualization according to the data
- Learn how to create and share maps and charts using the Data Visualization Engine of the OGD Platform

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[Srijan Wednesday Webinar] Leveraging the OGD Platform and Visualization Engine

  1. 1. National Informatics Centre, Meity June, 2017 OGD Platform Visualisation Engine and its use Leveraging the OGD Platform and Visualization Engine
  2. 2. Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone Open Data National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  3. 3. Need of Open Data Citizen’s demand for Transparency and Accountability Need for informed policy making/planning Enhancing the relationship between Government & Citizen Citizen engagement in policy making Integrating stakeholders for governance process National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  4. 4. Evidence-based Planning of socio-economic development processes rely on quality data Government Collects, Compiles & Possess huge data (Crime Statistics, Prison Statistics, Census, Health Survey, Health Statistics, weather, Environment, market prices, Eco Indicators, price index, Demographic, Crime, survey, geo spatial data,.). Often Little Used Analyzed usually from one perspective Possess huge untapped potential Collected using tax payers money Why Open Government Data? National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  5. 5. Open Government Data : Potential Impact Transparency Accountability Citizen Engagement Collaboration Better Governance Better Decision making Innovation National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  6. 6. NDSAP was Gazette notified on 17th March 2012 Objective of the Policy • Facilitate proactive Release of Data by the Government Departments/organizations • For all the data and information created, generated, collected and archived using public funds provided by Government of India National Data Sharing & Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  7. 7. Department of Science & Technology (DST) : • Serve the nodal functions of coordination and monitoring of the policy National Informatics Centre, MeitY • Implementing Agency • Formulate Implementation guidelines, technology & standards for data & metadata • Design, Develop & Manage Open Government Data Platform ( • Facilitate Identification & Publishing of datasets in Consultation with Departments Ministry/ Departments/States….. NDSAP: Key Stakeholders National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  8. 8. Ministry/ Departments /States to • Nominate Chief Data Officer- a Senior Government officers • To drive open data in respective Deptts/ Orgns NDSAP Cell • Members - Domain, Data Analyst, Technology Personnel • Assist in compile, collation, conversion & publishing datasets on OGD Platform in open format Data Formats, Metadata Schema, Guidelines… • Data Quality, Accessibility, Standardization Workshops, Seminars, Stakeholder Engagement • By NDSAP PMU through NIC • Sensitization, Capacity building • Citizen Engagement • Challenges, Contests & Events Implementation Approach
  9. 9. 110Chief Data Officer have been nominated 1,00,000+ Datasets under 4157 catalogs by 105 departments 1000+ Visualizations have been created Datasets 11.4 Million times viewed & 4.7Million times downloaded 446 APIs Statistics as on date
  10. 10. Government Open Data License – India Government Open Data License – India has been developed to give legal frame work to the data consumers National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  11. 11. Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India Provisioning of a Platform to publish datasets proactively and provide open access to data generated using public funds by departments/organizations of Government of India To increase Transparency, Accountability, Citizen Engagement, Collaboration, Innovation and Better Governance through Data Driven Decision making Paradigm Shift in Governance - Direct Delivery of Services to Citizen by Setting up this Platform for Collaboration Innovation National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  12. 12. Resources (Datasets/Apps) Cataloging as Service Platform Software as a Service (SaaS) Visualization Engine as Service Datasets APIs as a Service Embed Catalogs Service Widget to Consume/Link filtered set of catalogs Event Portal for OGD Events OGD Community Portal for Blogs, Visualization, Infographics Suggest / Endorse Datasets Showcase Apps Controlled Vocabulary Services OGD Platform Features National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  13. 13. Why Visualizations Raw data alone can not provide the decision makers valuable insights Real-world data are affected the presence of data noise Data must be processed to provide any meaningful value Visualizations make sense out of data Choice of Visualization Type National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  14. 14. Benefit of Visualizations Data visualization helps the audience quickly absorb and interpret the presented data Data visualization helps to take highly informed decisions quickly Data visualizations is a process to interact directly with data Improve efficiency of the communicated information Simple way to trace data correlations & Identify trends Geo Spatial Visualizations National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  15. 15. National Informatics Centre, Meity
  16. 16. National Informatics Centre, Meity Process Flow of Visualization Engine pr Files Uploaded In Any Format (csv, xls) Create Instance Data is converted to CSV I n s t a n c e Instance ID is generated by saving the Instance in DB The Instance can be retrieved and proceed for Next Step Of Visualization
  17. 17. National Informatics Centre, Meity Library • D3 • NVD3 • C3.js • Jvectormap • leaflet.js • openstreetmap Retrieved Instances from DB, comes as a Json File Chart/Map User Filter/modify the data for the view table according to the requirement Json Process Flow of Visualization Engine
  18. 18. National Informatics Centre, Meity Used Data after Filter/ Modification If the user is already registered then the filtered/modified data would be saved in Database and the same visualization would be reflected on view for the next time Process Flow of Visualization Engine
  19. 19. National Informatics Centre, Meity Data in form of csv or Json Visualization Engine 0 2 4 6 Cate… Cate… Cate… Cate… My Data Tool  Copy and paste csv data or csv/json url directly to make chart/Map  Create, Share (only for visualizations created out of OGD data), Save, download chart/Map  Only registered user can save charts through visualization engine, when user will put his own data and proceed for save the chart, an instance ID with the user (ID) would be generated and would be saved on the visualization database  As per the setting by the user, the default charts would be saved or displayed accordingly
  20. 20. National Informatics Centre, Meity
  21. 21. National Informatics Centre, Meity Features of Visualization Engine Chart Type D3 NVD3 C3.js Bar Stacked Pie Line Area Bubble Line with view finder Horizontal MultiBar Multi Chart Radar Doughnut Step Library Used Map Type jvectormap library India Map leaflet.js and openstreetmap State Map LatLong Map Library Used
  22. 22. National Informatics Centre, Meity D3js(Free+Open Source) License Released under BSD license. Free to use as per as open source terms and conditions.. Features • D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation. • D3 allows to bind arbitrary data to a Document Object Model (DOM), and then apply data-driven transformations to the document. For example, you can use D3 to generate an HTML table from an array of numbers. Or, use the same data to create an interactive SVG bar chart with smooth transitions and interaction.
  23. 23. National Informatics Centre, Meity Charts :  Choose any type of chart with any valid series/variable  Option to change the chart color  Customize title, labels and notes  Save, publish, delete, clone options  Complete view of the dataset  Option of Group function, Filtering, select needed fields to an instance to make chart  Transpose option  Show total number of charts in list with complete view  Share (only for visualizations created out of OGD data) and download option Functionality of Visualization Engine Maps:  Choose options from series to make map  Customized color for label, stroke, scale  Show bubbles on states according to the data  Save, publish  Zoom in/out option  Play/Pause/Stop option with time series  Share (only for visualizations created out of OGD data) and download option
  24. 24. Access the Create Visualization link from the home page of Create Visualization National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  25. 25. Visualization Engine : Way Forward National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  26. 26. OGD Accolades OGD Platform India has won Gems of Digital India Award, 2017 India had been ranked among Top 35 on the Global Open Data Index 2016 OGD Platform India has won the CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards for excellence for the year 2013-14 OGD Platform India has won e-India 2013 Award for e-Governance Initiative National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  27. 27. OGD Awards National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  28. 28. Follow OGD Platform @DataPortalIndia National Informatics Centre, MeitY
  29. 29. Contact Details: Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava Sr. Technical Project Manager Mob: +91-9818079449 Email: Shubhadip Biswas Sr. Analyst Mob: +91-9910453540 Email: