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Drupal for Enterprises


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Drupal, an Open Source Content management system (CMS), is one of the most stable CMS' available today, the White House using it is a quick testimony of its robustness and stability. A quick view on why/how Drupal is ready to be used at the enterprise level.

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Drupal for Enterprises

  1. 1. Drupal – ready for the enterprise Industry pioneers, Enterprise integration
  2. 2. > MIT (several depts)[a VoIP project with Drupal built -] Group includes the father of the internet, Tim Berners LeeNote: Click on images to see the respective websites
  3. 3. > Harvard (several depts)
  4. 4. > Harvard > Drupal products, Adoption ● Harvard even built this product – a Drupal distribution pre-built for higher education institutes ● Discussion forum for increasing adoption of Drupal at Harvard ● Participants – academics, students, admin department
  5. 5. > White House“To some, the White House shift to “White House isnt putting muchDrupal from a proprietary software stock in the argument thatpackage represented a serious collaboratively-built software isntseal of approval for open-source stable or secure enough forsoftware” ~ NY Times government use” ~ Tech President
  6. 6. > White House > Enabling adoption ● The IT Dashboard is a management tool for the United States federal government CIOs to use in overseeing their IT spending. ● Built in Drupal; contributed back to the community by the White House
  7. 7. > The Economist ● 20-30 million page views; 3-4 million unique visitors per month ● Evaluated OpenCMS, Alfresco, Joomla; met with other newspapers; considered building a custom system, and even buying a proprietary system ● Found Drupal as a “strategic fit” ● Migrated 3 million registered users and articles from a Coldfusion based system to Drupal ● Went onto build other group websites in Drupal as well
  8. 8. Why are they choosing Drupal?“Drupal has better tools for helping ● Drupal is free, flexible, robustcompanies quickly change their websites to ● Constantly being improved by hundreds ofmatch consumer interests. There is no thousands of passionate people from alllonger a unidirectional flow of information over the worldwhen it comes to managing your brand.Today, it’s a very interactive process and ● Lower TCO including during maintenancerequires very fast reaction times” ~ Acquia / term; no vendor lock-inNYTimes ● Integrates with 3rd party proprietary and open source systems such as SAP,“Customers were unhappy with “relevance Sharepoint, Alfresco,of search results”. Integration with ApacheSOLR – an enterprise search system with ● SEO readyfaceted search – solved this” ~ Economist ● Thousands of ready-to-use contributed modules
  9. 9. Use case for using Drupal● Flexibility in implementing complex themes (expect complex designs with Itu Chaudhuri Design)● Out of the box social collaboration modules – Sign-in and Registration using Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Gmail, Disqus (for commenting), Share with Friend, Facebook “Like”● Community engagement – rapidly build and deploy build communities of students, professors/academics, alumni
  10. 10. Use case for using Drupal● Maintain user-profiles and dashboards – integrate with Facebook/LinkedIn profiles● Enable Blogs for students, academics and industry professionals; moderate content before publishing; Publishing workflows available● Event management and registration● Setup campaign based micro-sites on-the-fly● Publish videos directly or integrate with YouTube, Kaltura, Vimeo channels
  11. 11. Use case for using Drupal● SEO ready – all pages will automatically have semantic URLs that correspond with the pages title; add meta keywords, description● Pluggable modules available for Mobile integration - ; enable clean display of website content on mobile devices● Frameworks available for integrating iPhone and Android apps with Drupal websites
  12. 12. Use case for using Drupal● Content aggregation – from internal Blogs or through connects with external systems (Sharepoint)● Powerful Search using Apache SOLR● Publish timed content; display/hide in various sections of the website based on pre- configured time settings● Build and quickly deploy ISB magazine website using OpenPublish – free Drupal distribution for online magazine publishing
  13. 13. Use case for using Drupal > Open Scholar● Setup unlimited student and professor websites out of a single install base● Publish research papers● Manage personal Calendar; integrate with Google Calendar● Theme picker; tens of themes to choose from (more getting added)● Pluggable modules : choose from tens of modules available● Test out an OpenScholar Sandbox at:
  14. 14. Use case for Drupal integration with Sharepoint● Continue using Sharepoint on Intranet (Intranet has “Classroom management” and “Courses management” apart from a range of content publishing); Build website using Drupal● Use Sharepoint for document authoring, MS-Office document workflow and versioning, Metadata entries● Use Drupal for web content publishing, brand communication, and social tools integration;● Drupal to consume articles (selected by admin) with meta information from Sharepoint and publish on external website● Drupal “may” be required to push edited content from Drupal to Sharepoint
  15. 15. Level of Drupal integration available with Sharepoint● Drupal-Sharepoint integration module available at:● Integrates with SharePoint through the SharePoint SOAP Web Services● Consumes Sharepoint data available in “Sharepoint Lists” into publishes to “Feeds” and “Views” modules of Drupal; one-off batched imports, on-going content aggregation from external sources; RSS/Atom/CSV files aggregation
  16. 16. About Srijan > Technologies we work in
  17. 17. About Srijan > Values and Culture ● Winner of WorldBlus Most Democratic Workplaces award for 2009 and 2010 ● Open Salaries culture : Everyone knows everyone elses salaries including the promoters and executives ● Financial Transparency : All project values are known everyone. Profits of each quarter is known to everyone
  18. 18. About Srijan > Clients across the world
  19. 19. Partnerships and Alliances ● Acquia Silver Partners : For Drupal development and Drupal Training ● Design partnerships with Itu Chaudhuri Design and Dolka Innovations ● Datacenter partnership with Colocube in USA
  20. 20. Way we our organised