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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Building a High Performance QA Team


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Speaker: Karim Fanadka, HPE Software
Session Slides:

Karim is a DevTest manager at HPE Software and his team is responsible for testing their new SaaS product, the StormRunner Load. In this webinar, Karim shares his experience of building a QA team that is agile, efficient, and uses the latest testing frameworks. He will also talk about continuous testing, automation, test based analytics and hotfixes.

Karim start's off the challenges in agile QA and then moves on to solving these challenges. The best part is when he shares the trick to delivering to production every 1.5 months, even for a high pressure enterprise product.

The Q/A session also brings out some very interesting topics, going into greater details and various suggestions that you can implement for your own QA teams.

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[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Building a High Performance QA Team

  1. 1. Building a High Performance QA Team Mr. Karim Fanadka DevTest Manager @kim0z85
  2. 2. About me: Karim Fanadka Job: DevTest Manager at HPE Software, 7+ Product: StormRunner Load Favorite activates: Traveling, Ski, Blogging Ski – France 2013 Road Trip – Iceland 2015 @srijan #SrijanWW
  3. 3. We are going to talk about: Agile Modern QA SaaS Automation Environments Hotfixes Continuous Deployment @srijan #SrijanWW
  4. 4. SaaS – Software as a Service @srijan #SrijanWW
  5. 5. Before SaaS – On Premise Software Users @srijan #SrijanWW
  6. 6. SaaS – Software as a Service Data Base Servers File System Firewall Users SaaS @srijan #SrijanWW
  7. 7. StormRunner Load - SaaS product Which product my team is testing : Performance testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run, and scale web and mobile testing over the cloud. @srijan #SrijanWW
  8. 8. @srijan #SrijanWW
  9. 9. 9 1 Create and run a load test using your favorite scripting tool 2 Load Generators spin up in AWS EC2 or MS Azure 3 Results and app insights are available in real time The product my team is testing: StormRunner Load New Soo n Performance testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run, and scale web and mobile testing over the cloud. @srijan #SrijanWW
  10. 10. @srijan #SrijanWW
  11. 11. StormRunner Load as a Service Data Base Servers File System Firewall Users SaaS Cloud @srijan #SrijanWW
  12. 12. Agile – Do It Fast @srijan #SrijanWW
  13. 13. Before Agile - Delivery Timeline 1 or 2 Major releases to production in 1 year @srijan #SrijanWW
  14. 14. Agile StormRunner Load Delivery Timeline March April AugustJune Nov Dec Whats the CodeName of the next release? If you know the answer, I will invite you to a AlleyCat BubbleBobble Elevator Action Frogger Golden Axe Hang-On FebruaryDec CommanderKeen Digger 6 Major releases to production in 1 year Year: 2015 @srijan #SrijanWW
  15. 15. Agile – The Challenges • Test new features • Test Regression • Automation • Environments • Continues Integration / Continues Delivery • Hotfixes Do it in 1.5 months • Data Migration (When update SaaS with the newer version) • Performance Testing • Security Testing • Globalization • Documentation • And more … @srijan #SrijanWW
  16. 16. Modern QA Team (DevTest) @srijan #SrijanWW
  17. 17. What is DevTest? Using top end QA/DEV practices combined with DevOps techniques QA & DEV Working very close, on the same IDE, code base, and in united process Automation is a MUST Manual is for new features / exception flows that are difficult to automate NO MORE “Deliveries for QA” YES for “Push to Production” @srijan #SrijanWW
  18. 18. Training “we are testing, and breaking code constantly but we help rebuild it better…….” @srijan #SrijanWW
  19. 19. Continues Testing Push new code Master Release branch (1.5 months) Test new code Short Regression Push to production Automation X Many times a day Developer Engineer Test Engineer DevTest Team Builds in 1 Release (1.5 month): 1,400 • Full: 236 • Commit: 1,164 @srijan #SrijanWW
  20. 20. Modern QA DevTest DevOpsSaaS Dev Product Customer @srijan #SrijanWW
  21. 21. Automation @srijan #SrijanWW
  22. 22. Automation 85% Coverage 100% Coverage 65% Coverage X 2 Browsers Builds Number (JumpMan 1.95): 1,617 • Number of Full : 427 • Number of Commits: 1,190 @srijan #SrijanWW
  23. 23. @srijan #SrijanWW
  24. 24. @srijan #SrijanWW
  25. 25. Frameworks: Framework s Tests Client Testing Framework API Testing Framework Cloud Framework Results @srijan #SrijanWW
  26. 26. Testing based analytics from production @srijan #SrijanWW
  27. 27. Client automation framework @srijan #SrijanWW
  28. 28. Backend automation framework @srijan #SrijanWW
  29. 29. API discovery tool @srijan #SrijanWW
  30. 30. Cost cloud tool @srijan #SrijanWW
  31. 31. Cloud Testing @srijan #SrijanWW
  32. 32. Example for Automation challenge 17 Regions in the Cloud 6 different images for each region 15 different metrics 102 Tests (~1500metrics) @srijan #SrijanWW
  33. 33. Automation – Cloud Framework - Report @srijan #SrijanWW
  34. 34. Test Environments @srijan #SrijanWW
  35. 35. Test Environments Farm QA Security Performance IntegrationLocal (Linux) Staging @srijan #SrijanWW
  36. 36. Hotfixes in 1 day @srijan #SrijanWW
  37. 37. Hotfixes Lifecycle 07:00 Production bug 08:00 Research by QA and Dev 10:00 Fixing bug 16:00 Testing (Staging) 14:00 Testing (Local) 18:00 Push to production @srijan #SrijanWW
  38. 38. Articles • 10 best practices for QA teams to deliver quality software, fas • Blurring the lines: How the development tester role changes o teams • 3 steps to building test databases for the real world @srijan #SrijanWW
  39. 39. Tip “Changing our mindset takes precedence over technology. When we work together, we will succeed.” Thank you @srijan #SrijanWW
  40. 40. @kim0z85 Question? Karim Fanadka DevTest Manager HPE Software @srijan #SrijanWW
  41. 41. Neat Picture!