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Trey songz


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Trey songz

  1. 1. Trey Songz Official Website Trey Songz official website promotes the image of him. It contains various aspects about his music career life and tours. The first home page of the site has a banner with a black white image of him as the main focus. The colour scheme behind it is effective, as it used monochrome with hints of red. It is sticking to the black and white and red colour palette. Due to the black and white effect, the image of Trey draws in his facial feature with essentially grabs the audience’s attention. The shadow beneath and beside his image creates a sense of tense and seriousness, which compliments well with his image. Trey Songz is represented as a very serious man who is serious about his music. Instead of using bright colours for his website which will give a more pop like outcomes, the use of monochrome reflects the R&B genre. Trey Songz is not as established artist as other huge bands therefore his image is necessary in order to attract as many fans and audience as possible. The banner includes the artists name, new album name and number of hyperlinks that can direct them to different pages of the site. The house style is kept consistent throughout his website.This particular page contains videos of Trey Songz songand each video has a comment section where fans areable to interact and comment on his music. The siteprovides history of his previous work, which will increasehis popularity and promote his
  2. 2. This is another promotional feature that engages the fans and audience intoTrey Songz music and life. By using images from his personal life andexclusive back stage images will make the fans feel closer to the artist whichwill increase their chance of relating and identifying with the artist, This waykeeps the fans satisfied and interacted with their stars which will essentiallyinfluence the success rate of the artists himself. Gratification Theory Trey Songz videos fall under quite a few of the gratification theory. They are mostly for entertainment purpose so therefore falls under the affective gratification theory. This is when the videos are view for emotional satisfaction and entrainment. Personal integrative could also be an important theory behind his videos as many youngsters are able to relate to his music video. For example many of his videos are based upon relationships, break ups and genuine love. This is a common topic in everyday people’s lives especially the younger generation so his videos can This section of the website gives an overview of the also be relatable as people are able to relate to certain situations. Along upcoming tours of Trey Songz, the location, date time and with personal integrative, social integrative can also be found in Trey Songz ticket prices. It provides the fans and audience with the videos. These revolve around general issues within the society. essential details beforehand.
  3. 3. On the left hand side there is a little bio on Trey Songz which gives an overview of his lifeand career. This allows the audience to get a perception of his lifestyle and feel interactedwith the star. On the right there is a special feature of his most popular tracks which willcontributes in making improving his image and increasing his popularity. People are able tosee the most popular tracks and relate to them or download them if not yet. This essentiallypromotes his music to wider audience, for those who are his fans and new comers. There isalso a section below where you can stream the music straight away, this makes the musicmuch more convenient and provides a method of downloading. Meta tag allows us tonarrow down information to precise and specific details which may be of interest to anindividual. This saves time and also makes the process more straight forward instead of allthe hassle to go through everything inorder to get to that page. An example of this could beusing the # tag on twitter after a comment of Trey Songz which will enable people to readeverything about him only. At the bottom of the home page there is another banner with his discography with the names and album covers of his previous work. This acts as a timeline which informs the audience about his previous albums which can be triggers and enables a continuity of his work. Some statistics at the bottom of the page that indicates the number of followers of Trey Songz in twitter Facebook and YouTube. This also indicates his popularity rate, which helps him promote both his music and image. This aspect is an extra feature on an official website. Web 2.0 enables interaction for the audience. These make it possible for audience to engage in activities. For example commenting on songs and interacting with stars via twitter. The internet has evolved from its previous web 1.0 which only allowed the audience to absorb information and only inform them. Web 2.0 has impacted the music industry as it allows the artists’ image to be promoted widely and for them to be establish.