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Olly Murs' Website Analysis


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Olly Murs' Website Analysis

  1. 1. Olly Murswebsite analysis:
  2. 2. Enter WebsiteAs you enter the website you immediately come across his latest hit single alongside Flo Rida called ‘Trouble Maker,’ which immediately engages a viewer’s attention as it provides us with something recent of his to demonstrate his current talent and style.
  3. 3. Immediate Convergence: Much before entering the site, we as viewers are bombarded with convergence to go and purchase his album which emphasises the fact that his musicis good enough to spend on but most consumers will want to know more about him and to do so we will need to enter the main site.
  4. 4. As soon as we enter the site we come across an image of Olly Murs looking straight at usand thereby providing direct address through his eyes which makes it seem more personal almost as if he’s inviting us. The image has him casually dressed which reflects his music and personality as he is an artist who does not take himself seriously. This quality of his helps fans to easily identify with him as a normal common man. The picture is yet againtaken out and enlarged form his new album which promotes and encourages us to buy it.We are constantly reminded of the product throughout the pages as shown above on this webpage.
  5. 5. The Font used reflect the artist’s dualpersonality of traditional yet modern.He has the voice that people can easilyidentify to and enjoy but he remainsto paint an image of him beingcontemporary and fun loving who is notconcerned on how he is portrayinghimself or whether he is a role model. The font used for this websiteis easily recognisable as it has been used in the past to construct andmarket other of his products. This builds up a recognisable brandthat people not only will find familiar but will also help connect allhis products with one another. The font used uses Sans-serif which isnormally used on traditional singers and therefore it says that thatartist is serious about his music however the slight curved edges onthe letter gives the youth appeal and brings out the livelypersonality of his.
  6. 6. Navigation Bar: Navigation Bar provides the viewers withchoices and provides a sense of control in whichthey have the power to choose what and where to browse therefore a navigation bar gives theviewers of this website a chance to indulge into the several options that are provided accordingly to their interests.
  7. 7. Interactive: The website is scattered with several moving images which draws the viewers’ eyes as well asprovide an interactive element that engages fans tobrowse and explore. Moving images yet again gives choices for people to take and visit the aspect they are most interested in.
  8. 8. Convergences: Several different convergences in the form of different media forms such as Facebook and Twitter are all bundled in to this one webpage which integrates all sorts of medium into one. The number of different convergences providesthe viewers with abundance (Dyer) and therefore attends to a variety of needs and interests.
  9. 9. Social Networking:Facebook and Twitter allowsviewers and fans in particular tostay updated on what theirfavourite personality is up to. Itreduces the distance that oncewas between a star and their fanand therefore allows fans to be alot more involved and closer totheir stars hence reinforcing bothparties equally.
  10. 10. Brand: ‘Olly Murs.’ Products are sold in the name of ‘Olly Murs,’ which not only enhances his star power but also builds up the brand ‘Olly Murs.’ Once people start owning products with his name with it, they will join a group and belong to a community in which everyone have common interests. The idea of Brand allows audience to get involved as well as increase the artist’s popularity with not only music but also other seasonal products; therefore people will purchase these products with 2 purposes which develops and constructs his star identity as well a combine synergies.
  11. 11. Information: Surveillance is provided through the sections that inform us on the latest news on Olly Murs and also informs us on the upcoming events which not only allows the fans to be updated but also increases profits by engaging people to spend money to attend these specific events.
  12. 12. Purchase:Finally, having explored the whole website andassumingly been intrigued by Olly Murs the singerand Olly Murs the person, the website eventuallyaims to sell you the product which is the initialreason why he is a star. Here is where Media usesall its techniques to get people to spend money onthem. Even though in the modern era, people aremore likely to download from ‘itunes’ rather thanpurchase CD, websites still don’t shy away frompromoting CDs as they still successfully manage toencourage and interest buyers as a result of thestar construction that Dyer describes. In otherwords people will still buy CD in order to hold anactual valuable product instead of the mere mp3download that is just kept in a folder of your phone.