Heart attack analysis


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Heart attack analysis

  1. 1. Smita Roy. SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS OF A SIMILAR EXISTING MUSIC VIDEO:Trey Songz: ‘Heart-Attack.’This music video starts of at a very dramatic noteand uses what Goodwin would describe asamplification and illustration of the lyrics by literallytranslating the actions of Trey Songs palpitating andjumping referring directly to the title of the song;Heart-Attack.The song revolves around the coupleseveryday life and allows audience to relate to thecommon romance in everyday couples whichimproves the number of viewers of this video as it allows the audience to relate to the story line. Wehave taken this concept further into our final product and have been influenced by the illustration ofa relatable story through the images of a couple in their everyday life. This video correspondswithTorodovs 5 stages that make up a music video. The video begins with the original equilibrium in the form of flashbacks shown of the couples life but we are immediately focused towards the repetitive glances of Trey Songz in pain which Torodov will explain as the recognition of disruption,’ Here we come across the main problem caused between the couple. As for our final video, we have decided to emphasise these particular stages but in a simpler way. Ourvideo will initially begin with the ‘disruption,’ of the couple and the ‘original equilibrium’ will bedemonstrated through the flashbacks of the couple’s previous lives. Here we see a clear similaritybetween our and Trey Songz video through the slight alteration in the proposed structure ofTorodov’s theory where both these video introduce the disruption first and then go onto to explainand visualise the ‘original equilibrium.’After all the disruption, eventually the video ends on a sad note; yet it may still be defined as a newequilibrium, (Torodov) as it aims to show the potential in their relationship having recovered theterrible incident that has left him in this physical state also shown in the very beginning. This allowsthe audience to treat this whole music video like a whole life cycle where both the ends finally meet.In contrast to that, we have decided to use this idea as an inspiration however the only subversionfrom this video is that we want to end our video on a happy note where the couple realises that theyare made for one another and that such insignificant disruptions should not affect their relationshipThroughout the video we see several close ups ofTrey Songz when he is repenting on his actionswhich signifies the attempt to restore, and theintensity in doing it. However the girl is hard toplease and does not reconcile easily. For our video,we do not intend to show any repentance as suchby the male protagonist as our video mainly consistof visuals divided between the vocalist and thecouple’s life and therefore the disruption and
  2. 2. Smita Roy.equilibriums will primarily be imaged through the use of flashbacks and the present day.The use of black and white is vital for this video becauseit distinguishes between their past life and their presentwhere the couple’s happy moments were shown inblack and white whereas the parts where Trey Songz isrepenting are shown in colour. This helps the audienceto clearly identify and understand the story line. Asoppose to this, we have decided to use the flashbacksfor their snapshots in particular and leave someelements of the picture in colour, such as a red rose,which exaggerates that particular object and providedsomething appealing to the eye. We conformed to the use of leaving the vocalist’s portions in colourto provide contrast. The most important difference in the our video, is that we will use a separate girl to be the vocalist and 2 separate individuals to be our couples as it allows the audience to see the life of an ordinary couple through the eyes of someone else and thereby provides an objective view of their relationship whereas in ‘Heart Attack,’ Trey Songz both were incorporated in the role of the vocalist and the couple which provides a combined plot of a guy looking back at his own life.