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Case Study: The Toughpad Engagement Plan


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With the focus on a unique product like Toughpad, Panasonic wanted to engage its Twitter community from its @PanasonicInNews Twitter handle.

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Case Study: The Toughpad Engagement Plan

  1. 1. The  TOUGHPAD  Engagement  Plan Creating Brand recall + Generating positive conversation For the ‘Toughest’ tablet EVER!
  2. 2. Our  Objective Creating Brand Awareness & Brand Recall around the Panasonic Toughpad tablets in the Digital media
  3. 3. The  IDEA? •  PHASE ONE o  Preparing a Content strategy marrying toughness & Toughpad •  PHASE TWO o  A Two-day Twitter contest from the @PanasonicInNews handle o  Encouraging User-generated positive content around the Toughpad product range
  4. 4. Phase One : Preparing a Content Strategy marrying toughness & Toughpad
  5. 5. Creating  buzz…
  6. 6. Creating  buzz…
  7. 7. Phase  ONE  Stats Total Tweets = 6 Total RTs (our content) = 56 Total Favorites (our content) = 39
  8. 8. Phase Two : A Two-day Twitter Contest – •  #MyToughpadIsSoTough •  #MyToughpadAndI
  9. 9. DAY  ONE   #MyToughpadIsSoTough The Approach : Encourage the Twitter users to share positive engagement around the toughness of the Toughpad with the hash tag: #MyToughpadIsSoTough
  10. 10. The  Engagement…
  11. 11. What  Tweeters  had  to  say
  12. 12. #MyToughpadIsSoTough   Stats Total Tweets with hash tag = 2950+ Total Mentions for Panasonic PR handle = 2900+ Total RTs (our content)= 163 Total Favorites (our content) = 72
  13. 13. The Approach : Personalizing the contest by asking the tweeters to write-in an interesting story in 140- characters on the topic 'My Toughpad And I' DAY  TWO   #MyToughpadAndI
  14. 14. The  Engagement…
  15. 15. What  Tweeters  had  to  say
  16. 16. #MyToughpadAndI  Stats Total Tweets with hash tag = 2440+ Total Mentions for Panasonic PR handle = 2440+ Total RTs (our content) = 210 Total Favorites (our content) = 54
  17. 17. Phase  TWO  Stats Total Tweets with hash tag = 5390+ Total Mentions for Panasonic PR handle= 5300+ Total RTs (our content) = 373 Total Favorites (our content) = 126
  18. 18. Huge  Follower  Increase! The  @PanasonicInNews  TwiMer  handle  has  seen  a  tremendous  increase  in   the  number  of  followers  (249)  during  the  Toughpad  engagement   strategy  (from  21st  to  25th  April  2014)
  19. 19. Yes,  We  were  TRENDING! Huge  involvement  and   excitement  with  both  the   hash  tags  trending   across  India   proving  that  Panasonic’s   Toughpad  message   is  delivered  and   reaches  to  the  TwiMer   community
  20. 20. And also…
  21. 21. The  Thought  Leaders   interacted… Manish  Sharma Daizo  Ito Manish  San  &  Ito  San  interacted  with  @PanasonicInNews  TwiMer  handle   during  the  contest  and  got  a  great  positive  engagement  for  the  handles
  22. 22. Thank You