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Hotel Data and Analytics News - Feb 2016


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SnapShot's monthly recap of the most relevant, important, and interesting news in hotel data and analytics.

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Hotel Data and Analytics News - Feb 2016

  1. 1. This month’s must reads in Hotel Data & Analytics News @snapshot_demand Kurfürstendamm 212, 10719 Berlin
  2. 2. More data, less time. It’s the mantra every manager is thinking and it applies to news as well as data. Every day, we look for, publish, and/or curate articles that we think hoteliers can use when it comes to data and hotel analytics. But with so much to read and so little time it’s helpful to have a recap of the best content from the past month or so. In this slideshare we summarize the most relevant, important, and interesting news so hoteliers can swipe through and pick the most important articles to read. We hope you enjoy. Regards, Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome at Editorial A monthly recap of hotel data and analytics news
  3. 3. Analytics software will soon be as common as Excel “ ”Christian Chabot, CEO of Tableau Image source: Tableau How to Choose Big Data Analytics Tools for a Hotel. What to consider when looking for a new solution. Many hoteliers, general managers, and revenue managers wish they could get a better handle on available data to improve guest experience, revenues, and gather valuable business intelligence. Yet Excel can sometimes feel frustratingly limited. A more robust, sustainable, and useful solution is necessary. But what solutions are out there? And how do we go about choosing the right big (and small) data analytics tool for your hotel? Read on our blog
  4. 4. Data security has been a huge issue recently. Just look at the issues Starwood, Hilton, and Hyatt have all had in the past six months. So how can hotels protect their prized clientele, the business travelers? And why are some hotels' systems so vulnerable? It seems patchwork integrations between POS and backoffice systems, plus lack of technical education are quite often to blame. Read on Biz Travel News Hotel Data Breaches: Can You Protect Business Travelers? Photo credit: elhombredenegro via VisualHunt / CC BY
  5. 5. We have a soft spot for TED talks and this one is great. Consultant Philip Evans gives an illuminating lecture on how the massive amounts of data available to us will shape how the entire world operates. While the medical industry is a prominent example, it’s very easy to imagine how this explosion in access to data and insight could transform the hospitality industry. And if you’re short on time skip to about 07:30 or so. Watch on TED How Data Will Transform Business. A TED Talk on how data will shape the future of all business.
  6. 6. With more data available than ever before, not using it would be a wasted opportunity. The problem, though, is it’s not easily accessible. I mean, humans don't process numbers like computers. Data needs to be organized and designed so we can use it and understand it. This Medium post is a great primer on why design is so important when interfacing with large quantities of data. Read on Medium Designing Data- Driven Interfaces. The future is data, designed.
  8. 8. If you think a spreadsheet is going to run your business, get out. “ ”Wulf Van Alkemade Insights from The Soap Man: Hotelier Wulf Van Alkemade Before analytics, before Excel, there was the soap index. Created by an Amsterdam-based amenities supplier, the soap index became a go-to rubric for a secret club of hoteliers who used it to predict hotel trends to a surprising degree of accuracy. We chatted with its creator, hotelier and international man of mystery, Wulf Van Alkemade about his track record predicting major trends in hospitality and the so-called “Soap Index.” Read on our blog
  9. 9. This article does a great job at breaking down the seemingly complex terminology behind data, explaining what's really going on and what really matters. These are the kind of rules that are so great, you can apply them to just about anything. Some of our favorite takeaways: "If you can’t explain it to a 5 year- old, then you’ll have a tough time selling it to others," and, “The focus should not be on the tools [you use], it’s on the core message of your story.” Read on Dataconomy 7 Habits of Highly Effective Data Analysts Skills everyone can use.
  10. 10. As hoteliers we don’t always consider data to be a fundamental tool in our daily operations. We’d rather focus on making our guests happy than crunching numbers. So why does data matter to hotels? Because at the end of the day data is just information. When we look at the right data in the right way, we can not only ensure our guests are having a great stay, but we can optimize revenues, occupancy, and organizational efficiency. Read on our blog A Guide to Hotel Data and Analytics. A 101 guide to understanding types of data and analytics for hotels.
  11. 11. At SnapShot, we believe hoteliers should have a right to their data, and a right to use it intelligently. That's why we built SnapShot Analytics. Analytics is a cloud-based hotel analytics tool that presents a comprehensive overview of your hotel data on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard. Everything you need in one place: PMS data, benchmarking, pricing, web analytics, and social media stats. Dig as deep as you want, or keep it surface level for immediately actionable intelligence. Click below to learn more about us. Learn more About Us Everything you need to see, nothing you don’t HOTEL ANALYTICS This Hotel Data and Analytics Monthly news roundup is brought to you by Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. BOOK A DEMO