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Hotel Data and Analytics News - May 2016

SnapShot's monthly recap of the most relevant, important, and interesting news in hotel data and analytics.

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Hotel Data and Analytics News - May 2016

  1. 1. @snapshot_demand Kurfürstendamm 212, 10719 Berlin
  2. 2. This month we’ve got a real mix of juicy content for you. First up, our brand new Types of Hotel Data infographic that shows you just what data is out there for hoteliers to use, how it relates to other data, how it’s sourced, and the tools used to analyze it. We’ve also got a fantastic list of data visualization tools (for non-techies, too!), modern approaches to revenue management and hotel marketing, better ways to look at data and technology, why it’s even important in the first place, and the always-useful hotel marketing tips for small hotels, specifically hotel websites. With so much happening in our industry and so little time, we hope this monthly recap helps keep you up-to- date. We hope you enjoy the read! Regards, Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. Editorial A monthly recap of hotel data and analytics news
  3. 3. Why must we subjugate ourselves to frankly boring Excel charts and uninspired graphs? How you communicate information doesn’t end at the data used, but actually how it’s presented. Human beings are visual learners so when data is presented in easily understandable ways that are also aesthetically pleasing, more information is retained. With that in mind, here is a great list of data visualization tools for both non-techies and developers. Why look at never-ending lists of numbers when you can look at pretty (and informative pictures?) Get those XML files ready! The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools
  4. 4. Perhaps one of the largest trends in hospitality today is the “convergence” of different areas of expertise within the hotel in working towards shared, digitally-linked goals. With various management and strategic roles in hospitality taking on more holistic approaches to what they do, revenue management and digital marketing are converging in an unprecedented manner. The Convergence of Revenue Management and Digital Marketing
  5. 5. There’s a lot of data out there. I mean, the hospitality industry has more guest data than almost any other industry, so it can be naturally kind of intimidating. Once that data is organized, however, it starts to make a lot more sense. That’s what this Types of Hotel Data Infographic is all about. It’s the Wheel of Discovering Your Hotel Data… Or something like that. No matter what you call it, this chart will help you understand the types of data your hotel encounters: big data, small data, their sources, and the tools used, so take a look and get a better handle on your data today. The Hotel Data Types Chart 2016
  6. 6. No matter the field you’re in, data makes a big difference. Smart marketers are using new data analytics tools including predictive analytics to make better decisions, and to create more compelling and effective content. Here's a great guide to using predictive analytics more effectively, including examples like churn propensity and credit analytics. Wave of the future, my friends. Expanding Your Marketing Playbook With Predictive Analytics
  7. 7. Airbnb has developed a user-friendly analytics platform that allows all of their employees to better understand their data, instead of only data scientists. If all employees had access to valuable data, and could easily explore it, there’s no telling what new opportunities could arise. Big fans of the idea, over here. After all, everyone should care about their company's data. How Big Data is Used to Disrupt the Hospitality Industry
  8. 8. Hello. My name is Toni. I’ve been a Director of Sales and Marketing in hotels for more years than I can remember. I recently came across SnapShot and loved the Analytics tool. So much so that I’m now giving demos and helping hundreds of hotels learn about it. If you want to find out more about analytics book a demo and I promise to give you an excellent walk- through of how it can help you better manage your hotel.
  9. 9. Hospitality has been evolving at a breakneck pace, but revenue management specifically is developing at an unprecedented rate. Here’s a look at how you can use tech and data to customize and improve the guest experience, from the time they book through arrival. (It's pretty useful during their stay and after their departure, too). Everything from destination marketing, personalized emails (and other communication tools), and building better guest profiles. 10 Key Trends for Modern Revenue Management
  10. 10. "Data is only as good as its use." “ ” Image source: Tableau Data For Dummies: Small Business Data Analysis Strategies Many small hotels believe that they don’t have the budget to invest in massive data- driven revenue or marketing initiatives. Yet, even if you're running a mom-and-pop business, you can use the data you're already collecting (or can easily collect) to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. Check out this Fortune article providing data 101 tips for small businesses, and is totally applicable to hoteliers.
  11. 11. Hotel marketers often get concerned with getting good stats rather than investigating whether they are actually using the right metrics. This article lists some highly useful tips on the hotel marketing numbers that actually matter today. Agreed on the important categories mentioned here by Vikram, and also will use any reason to sneak an awesome dinosaur picture into these slides. Dinosaur Metrics Are Taking a Bite Out of Your Hotel Marketing Performance
  12. 12. SnapShot’s COO and co-founder, David Turnbull wrote this great post for us recently, explaining how hotel technology and data can help hotels to better understand their customers, market to them more effectively, and create better experiences. If you like the article, check out the online course we made in partnership with ESSEC Business School for an even more detailed look. How Hotels Can Use Technology To Better Understand and Serve Guests
  13. 13. If you’re looking for a all-in-one no-B.S. guide to what your hotel website should look like in 2016, take a look at this guide put together by Tambourine. It’s an awesome checklist of features that any successful hotel website should have. After all, it’s one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal, so make the most of it! The 25 Most Important Features Of Your Hotel Website
  14. 14. In case you missed it, here’s our recap of the top stories in hotel data and analytics from last month. Some great reads in here including articles on cloud computing, machine learning, hotel asset management, and tips from an experienced hotel marketer (plus much more). Until next time. Hotel Data & Analytics News - April 2016 Our Recap from Last Month