[Case study] meinestadt’s web analytics department develops data culture.


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meinestadt’s web analytics and business intelligence department creates a complete company reporting process and develops data culture.

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[Case study] meinestadt’s web analytics department develops data culture.

  1. 1. meinestadt’s web analytics and businessintelligence department creates a completecompany reporting process and developsdata culture.meinestadt.deOnline Intelligence SolutionsC a s e s t u d y
  2. 2. 2AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / meinestadtINTRODUCTIONmeinestadt.de is a local portal for each city and town inGermany. It provides information about jobs, events, movies,addresses, restaurants and classified ads for house renting,cars, bikes, clothes, shopping etc…It is aimed at locals,businessmen and women, and tourists who need informationabout their trip location. To utilise special services users cancreate their own account or use their Facebook profile forregistration.THE CHALLENGEThe web analytics and business intelligence department isrepresented by only 2 people. Their mission is to providebusiness data to over 200 “internal customers” at all levels ofhierarchy, or partners such as:• Product managers producing regional and local content: they needinformation on content performance to make their editorialchoices• Internal classified ad teams: information on traffic volume• Classified ad partners for houses and flats: the businessmodel is based on click remuneration so this data is requiredto invoice partnersClientmeinestadt.deIndustryMedia/classifiedSellerAT InternetIn figures• 200 million page impressionsper month.• 22 million visits per month.Solutions• Analyzer III• DataExplorerBenefits• Tailor-made reports for instantdecision-making• Reporting autonomy• “Data culture” developmentContactAndreas Stanitzok, Web analytics Business Intelligence manager -meinestadtC a s e s t u d y
  3. 3. 3AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / meinestadt• Marketing teams: advertising and SEO data for their budgetadjustments• Sales and senior management: they use reports to compareone period with another and make decisionsIn this context the reporting mission represents a massiveproject with high business challenges and very specificrequirements for each team.SOLUTIONSThe web analytics and business intelligence department,managed by Andreas Stanitzok, was no longer able to managethe work load to provide ad hoc reports to each team on aregular basis. Instead, they chose to focus on providing therequired data set and advise teams on how to use it.Technical aspects and outputAT Internet Analyzer data is automatically imported every dayinto a data warehouse, processed and aggregated according tomeinestadt’s business requirements.The data is then consolidated and exported into Excel templatescreated specifically for each team by the web analytics andbusiness intelligence unit.At the beginning the web analytics team worked with thebroader, more general figures and to this data they addedspecific data related to the activity of each “internal customer”,who now has their own custom Excel template. They meetregularly to incorporate new needs or better tune the reports.“Automise what you canautomise, educate whoyou can educate andalways be there to help!”Media reach data Partner revenue data SEM+ + +Data WarehouseChiefeditorsInternal classifiedad teamsClassified adpartnersMarketingteamsSales and seniormanagement
  4. 4. 4AT INTERNET / CASE STUDY / meinestadtTraining and educationSome teams have direct access to the Web analytics toolswhilst others only use custom Excel extracts. The web analyticsdepartment wanted to offer a free approach of the data andshow how it helps each team in their daily work. They createdthe environment to automate and facilitate this approach andtrained the teams on how to use the tools. They are alwaysavailable to provide help and advice.THE RESULTSThe examples of improvements made by each team in termsof website and content optimisation would be too numerousto list and are somewhat “expected”. The major advantage ofthis “project” or veritably “company process” resides in theevolutions it has brought to the company’s organisation andwork culture.- Senior management’s custom reports include, for example,period comparisons and alert signals on the strategicindicators. This type of tailor-made format is created for eachteam according to their needs to facilitate decision-making- It has made each team completely independent in terms ofperformance reporting. The recurring tasks have now becomeautomated and the data can be extracted and acted upon inreal time by everyone- The teams have embraced the data culture and have includedanalytics in their everyday work. Having constant access toreports that they need is a real support to their role.Each team is now clearly responsible for analysingperformance. . The web analytics and business intelligencedepartment is here to support, advise and guide them. benefits• Tailor-madereportsforinstantdecision-making• Reportingautonomy• “Dataculture”development“We help people shine! ”
  5. 5. Bordeaux (HQ) / Paris +33 (0)1 56 54 14 30London +44 (0)20 3178 5356Madrid +34 (0)911 105 829Montréal +44 (0)20 3178 5356München / Hamburg +49 (0)89 / 324927-0About AT InternetAT Internet is one of the world’s major players in Web Analytics.Its decision-making solutions and services provide companieswith an integral analysis of their performance and presence onall online digital platforms: the web, mobile and social media.The strength of AT Internet technology and the quality of itscustomer relations are recognised worldwide.AT Internet has more than 3,500 clients all over the world fromall sectors.The company, which has more than 150 employees, is present in20 different countries through its subsidiaries and partners.About meinestadt.deThe meinestadt.de web portal is a unique platform for Germanywith comprehensive local information, such as events, ticketing,yellow pages, classifieds and travel guides as well as a wholerange of local advertising.The majority of the meinestadt.de content is also available formobile devices. meinestadt.de is a leader in regional online-marketing and local internet search.The meinstadt.de platform that holds top position amongGermany’s internet portals, according to AGOF, is operatedand developed by allesklar.com AG and wholly-owned by AxelSpringer Digital Classifieds.The expanding company currently staffs over 300 employees atseveral business locations.Contactwww.atinternet.com© 2013 AT Internet. DE.CL.3-000001090Online Intelligence Solutions