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It`s not Facebook. It`s not


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Evry`U is based on the Social Sciences theory of Social Circles and it allows you to have many online profiles, in parallel, to fit each of your different social roles or personas.

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It`s not Facebook. It`s not

  1. 1. 1. Target market 2. Context and the idea of the product 3. Private profiles and public profiles 4. Practical purpose of Evry’U 5. Why Evry’U is different? 6. Competitive overview 7. Quotes 8. FAQ 9. References 10. Contact
  2. 2. TARGET MARKET - WHO WANTS THIS AND WHY? Ideally, a single person 18-36, interested in connecting with real people and making new friends based on interests and location, and whos still keen to stay in touch with friends (s)he already has. Someone who might also want to enjoy the fun of flirting and mobile dating and open up social possibilities where they can express their individuality online. Mobile, where discovery Page 2
  3. 3. What app should (s)he use ? ? Page 3
  4. 4. PEOPLE YOU WANT TO KNOWAlthough there are many mobile apps,they are usually too narrow in scope… CASUAL INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE YOU KNOW EvryU combines these needs into one social experience! Page 4
  5. 5. MOBILE MAKES SOCIAL INTERACTION MORE DYNAMIC…MORE ON THE GO…Mobile dating is more “immediate” than online dating andallows “intuition” and “mystery” tostill play an important role in getting toknow somebody new – its not about matching!Its about real people, in real places!EvryU is social discovery app formeeting new people and even flirting .It makes it easier to break the ice and toget through the 1st barrier ofconnecting with someone new anddo it with less fear of rejectionwhile keeping a little aura of Page 5
  6. 6. CONTEXT AND THE IDEA OF THE PRODUCT We are all unique, and we have different aspects to our identity, our personality. And although we are unique, we are social beings at heart. We interact with many different Social Circles. The nature of our Social connections depends on the types of relationships within our Social Page 6
  7. 7. But regardless of the type of relationship we care very much how people see us. In mobile, your online profile is how people see you. It is your online identity. Online profiles can showcase different aspects of your identity. These online profiles determine how we relate an the interact with our Social Page 7
  8. 8. FAMILY CO-WORKERSOur private lives include our family,our friends, our colleagues, our hobby friends...all grouped into separate Social Circles.We relate to each one differently. FACEBOOK FRIENDS FamilyU FACEBOOK FRIENDS BusinessU EvryU allows you to create a different profileFitnessU to help you relate and interact in a unique manner with each of your Social Circles Page 8
  9. 9. GOING PUBLIC, DISCOVERING NEW SOCIAL CIRCLES… But our real life social network is an open and Dynamic process that yearns to expand its horizons, to discover new people and create new social circles. FAMILY A key missing component is… DISCOVERY… hello! hello!CO-WORKERS FACEBOOK FRIENDS FACEBOOK FRIENDS Social Discovery plays an important role in our lives! Page 9
  10. 10. PRIVATE PUBLICOur real-life social networks can be FamilyU FlirtyUdivided into two categories of social circles;Private Circles, people you already know, and BusinessU FunUPublic Circles, people you meet through discovery. FitnessU TennisUWith EvryU, create any number ofprivate or public profiles. FacebookU SocialU Page 10
  11. 11. PRIVATE PROFILES ARE FOR ORGANIZING YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. EvryU private profiles are for people you already know - such as family, friends, co-workers, and even your Facebook friends. These are the people already in your phonebook or contacts lists because you dont want to miss an opportunity of discovering them nearby and meeting with them, whether in an airport, a mall, or even a nightclub – keeping connected is a good thing. PUBLIC PROFILES ARE FOR SOCIAL DISCOVERY, FOR EXPANDING YOUR NETWORK. EvryU public profiles are like mobile identities allowing U the freedom to re-create yourself for discovering new people Page 11
  12. 12. For example, take Eli... She is 23 and a student of Page 12
  13. 13. She has... Page 13
  14. 14. She has... FAMILY COLLEGE Page 14
  17. 17. ELI IS A DIFFERENT PERSON TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE...That is why she created different private profiles... Each profile she created is unique and it contains different information, different photo gallery, different chats, different visitors, different visitors notes, even different blocked users lists.Content in one profile is not visible tothe other profiles, and that is howshe arranged her private life! Page 17
  18. 18. But Eli`s social circles are not closed... FAMILY She want to discover and meet new people.COLLEGEFRIENDS ACQUAINTANCES ON FACEBOOK Page 18
  19. 19. That is why she created public profiles! In social Discovery mode, parallel profiles help protect your privacy by limiting the information others can see, to what you want them to see… Page 19
  20. 20. Most unique is that multiple profiles are created in parallel making it easy for users to switch from one profile to another, no need to log-out or re-enter your passwords... Evry`U, connects U to each of your existing Social Circles and helps U discover new Page 20
  21. 21. WHAT MAKES EVRY`U DIFFERENT...1. Possibility of creating parallel profiles within one account2. Every profile contains different: personal info, photo gallery, visitors, visitors notes, blocked users list3. Division of personal and public profiles4. Real-time display of users location on a map5. “Hide me” option for additional safety and privacy6. Advanced chat features - winks, smiles, pictures and location7. Extra feature: classifieds with map8. It`s Page 21
  22. 22. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER With a good user interface, Badoo is the User interface translates in popular and its really focused on a great user experience. dating. There are many users, so it has a potential to find someone nearby. EvryU is for both finding friends and mobile dating/flirting. There are no unnecessary features to clutter the app, but you have to pay for With the “People Around Me” and Map “superpowers” which really brings it features, users can find flirts, date and alive. friendship as well and have a separate profile for each need. But watch your contacts lists, they scoop them all out and send annoying EvryU is not limited if a picture or some invitations to all your contacts asking detail is missing. Its very user friendly. them to join. On the more negative, Badoo is forcing users to upload about 5 pictures about themselves before users can view other users and its inbox without having pictures uploaded. Badoo is also forcing users to upload a profile picture every time they log-in. Lastly, Badoo wants to know your Page 22
  23. 23. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER Skout is good for flirting and has a good is completely free! feature in the backstage. Users can use the application without But user beware, you have to pay for having to be interrupted by ads or every step to be useful. The application commercials and without having to is always prompting users to buy their fork out hard currency to pay for stuff which is really annoying. Be points – just to see if someone prepared to pay and pay and pay and viewed their profile. pay… Its also cluttered with features, making it difficult to handle. When they say “people nearby” they mean within a country: Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Italy etc. which is not really nearby… Yet, in other countries there is nothing, such as Serbia. Too many notifications – especially about spending points to unlock and view Page 23
  24. 24. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER SpeedDate is for users to find matches, is not meant to be a but users complain that the matches “matchmaking” app, there is interest rarely have anything to do with the based matching for those interested. registered user. Its not about finding people nearby, that could be interesting. Its complicated for new users to understand as no instructions are EvryU is also very helpful in walking provided. You have to figure out how users through the app on a step-by- the application works by yourself, and step basis when you first log-in with its not obvious. very friendly and understandable tutorials. SpeedDate Matches: shows every registered woman in a country, with no way to filter out those that are not real matches… Only has a grid mode while discovering people showing only a small picture, it lacks a list view which would include basic info on each person. Buttons are way too small for thumbs. Bottom line, nothing special, nothing Page 24
  25. 25. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER Flirtomatic allows users to search for people, meet new people and play “Look at Me” Because its also location based encounters game. EvryU allows you to find people on the map but it also includes an adjustable But it doesnt have detailed filters and the chat filter for better search results. feature is very simple without the option to send pictures or locations. Yet you can set whatever Discovery range Users can invite friends via sms, Facebook, you find most useful for U, whether 50m Twitter and e-mail, and have the ability to link or 5km or 500k, and do it whenever you their Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare want, its very dynamic. profiles to improve their private profiles. Sometimes however, when log-in with EvryU chat includes sending locations, Facebook the app crashes. (too often really). pictures, smiles and wink/flirt. Most annoying are the Bots!!! Bots are constantly spamming the mailbox with ads and commercials. The colors in the application are ugly in my opinion, and it is not possible to change theme. Tiny buttons Has a notification, when a saved user comes online, so the phone is ringing when the WiFi is turned on, I think this is annoying. Of course it can be turned off, but it is on by default. The application is slow, even on the hi-end Nexus S. Ads everywhere! Page 25
  26. 26. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER Jazzed is very popular mostly in the has a quick and easy registration, United States, but it asks a of the app does not force users to share frustratingly ton of personal questions anything they dont want to, and they and information during the setup, and can do it anytime they want. that step cant be skipped. EvryU is for everyone worldwide. Very match oriented . Being a user by subscribing only app, it mean that the user has a higher probability of finding a date. Jazzed always asks for the password while logging in, had to reset multiple times because I forgot it. Without the pricy subscription the application is virtually useless. Jazzed is for dating or really matchmaking only, not for Page 26
  27. 27. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER MeetMe shows whos near you and is not just for finding people ready to chat! But it doesnt have a map who are near you, you can set your and detailed filters. Users can meet discovery range as wide or as narrow as new people or make friends only near you wish, even worldwide if that is your you. thing. MeetMe was originally “My Yearbook” EvryU includes detailed filters so you can easily use our search based on interests. Too many features which are not really After all, its more fun to talk to someone important. who is interested in the same things youre into… Basically this is a Facebook knock off if not rip-off… Poor Map Poor Filters No tools for flirting (winks, flirts, icebreakers) No information on user profiles Really, why? Page 27
  28. 28. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER Lovoo is for flirting and meeting new is not just for flirting and meeting people and is restricted to Germany; it new people, it offers more than that with doesnt recognize postal codes for other the parallel profiles option. countries for example. Users can create many unique public and The app doesnt have map, but has a private profiles, suitable for each a flirt radar function with max 400km separate social circle. distance. Multiple profiles also help protect your Best user iterface of all competitors and privacy while you go “social discovering” is the best looking app Ive seen, but it by limiting what users can see… but as is only for Germany. importantly by letting users see what you want them to see… Cant really say bad things about the app, but the language: some parts are EvryU icebreakers and winks and help in written in German, so I cant starting to chat with a new person. understand what it does. One to watch! Page 28
  29. 29. Quick look at the competitor app WHY EVRY`U IS BETTER Miumeet can get the job done but is not the best looking app. It is also not the fastest. is optimized for all new platforms [android, iPhone and WP7], so it performs It is cluttered with many unnecessary faster even on most devices without lags features and remains plagued with many or crashes. Also it looks and feels great. and ongoing technical issues. Very intuitive Ux. Miumeet doesnt really feel like an android app, but rather more like an old flash EvryU is better from every aspect, design, application converted to android. speed, look and feel, UI, Ux… there is no The landscape mode doesnt change the real comparison to be made here. EvryU aspect ratio, it stays the same, but if you is the best choice hands down! have to scroll, it doesnt make sense to use it that way. Miumeet is cluttered with useless features that make it even slower… like “Horoscope” and “Love calculator”… really, why? People near my location means “Europe”. Cant change to country or even City which would be more useful. Miumeet is suggesting other free apps time after time which Im not interested in - its a really annoying feature. Users cant quit the application with the hardware back button on their phones, you have to press the menu button and close it manually – tricky developers… too bad they dont understand essentials of good UI or Ux. One to avoid! Page 29
  30. 30. Mark Zuckerberg founder and CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg,“ You have one identity. The days of you having a different image for your work friends or co-workers and for the other people you know are probably coming to an end pretty quickly … Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity. But is it really like that ... John Suler cyberpsychologist Suler, “ …in the real world, we adopt different social roles. The way you behave at work is different than with your family, and different than with your friends. In an ideal life style, we “create” these different identities to fit the roles we play, thereby getting the most of what we need from a certain social environment. What happens online with ones identity is not very different than this, for most people.About flirting and privacy…“Imagine trying to flirt with someone new and theyve already checked yourfacebook - now they know everything about you, your family, your friends, yourlikes, your dislikes… !” “Are you ready for that?says Milenko Radic, marketing manager… “Theres no privacy left. Its a bit creepy!” Page 30
  31. 31. About love in social discovery… “Love is something that is most often discovered accidentally. It is a mysterious process of developing chemistry. Its not about searching on facebook how cool someone looks with his/her friends. Its about turning a spark into fire.” says Ramon Martensen, blog writer “What happens privately in facebook becomes public in facebook?” “We are on the cusp of Social discoverys true potential… its all about how mobile delivers the real world nearby, interactively in real time. Its the difference between “youve got mail” and “somebody just checked you out”. You dont just reply, you interact, and when you interact, you create sparks!” Says Marc Bisnaire, president of Page 31
  32. 32. FAQ ? Another social network… Why should I sign up for it? Because you want to have fun from your mobile. This is a Social Discovery App to find and meet new users nearby, or far away, using your mobile. It is to connect to and open the possibility of meeting new people nearby. You sign up and the discovery begins… and besides, with our private profiles, it lets you connect to your other social networks too. ? Why should I use location based apps ? I dont want people to know where I am all the time. Yes, we understand. What’s pretty cool with revealing something about your location is that you can find other people and they can find you. It makes it easy to meet, whether for work, family dinner, drinks or dates. With Evry’U, you can set different location settings for each profile… so family and maybe friends will see your exact location, but your flirting profile will show you within a radius of 5 km from the club or just somewhere within your city... its really up to you and its pretty easy to change. It’s more fun to let other people know at least a little about your location such as what neighborhood youre in... But if you must, you can disappear altogether… but where is the fun in that? After all, this is a Social Discovery App, not a ghost Page 32
  33. 33. Parallel profiles are useless and I dont really see the point of selectively sharing. Im the same person to everybody! Do you really act the same with your parents as with your friends? I think not! Were like a box of chocolates, a lot of different flavors, one for every occasion. So why not socialize like we live - expressing our individuality according to the situation. For once, we encourage you to be creative and it wont cost you anything more... you get to control how different people in your life sees you... the different aspects of the same person. I hate when they say "free! Free! Free!!!!!!" And it’s not free!!!! $$$$$ Yup! It happens... but not with us. Our app is 100% free to download and use. You dont have to pay for any features or actions. Keep your wallet closed and have fun. A lot of mobile apps are impossible to Page 33
  34. 34. Of course they are... they dont want you to uninstall or to leave... and to be perfectly honest, neither do we! But even if it makes us sad, were going to let you do it! However, youre always welcome to come back anytime and if you do leave and delete a profile or your entire account, youll have to start over, because we dont keep anything you delete. Theres nobody around to chat with? This is useless! Yes, this is regrettable situation! But the more friends you invite the more friends those friends will invite and before you know it, there are a lot of people around. Social discovery is not new, but it is new to a lot of people around you. Give it a bit of a chance... it will be worth it. My daughter is 15, there is no way I want any creep out there to be able to stalk her through GPS location tracking. And neither do we. That is why we put some really cool features for "masking" her location. For each profile she can set different discovery ranges. For example in a public profile, she could be within a 5km or even a 100km range. But for her private family profile, she could allow all family members to see exactly where she Page 34
  35. 35. REFERENCES (2004) Duyvendak, J. W . en M. Hurenkamp (red. ) Kiezen voorde kudde. Van Gennep: Amsterdam (1966) Charles Kadushin. The Friends and Supporters of Psychotherapy: On Social Circles is Urban Life , American Sociological Association, Washington, DC (2009) Burch. W. R. Jr. The social circles of leisure: competing explanations, Journal of Leisure Research Vol. 41 No. 3 pp. 313-335 (1911) Jeanne S. Hurlberti, Social Networks, Social Circles, and Job Satisfaction, Sage Jurnals: Work and Occupations Vol. 18 No. 4 415-430 (2009)Lynne Hamill and Nigel Gilbert, Social Circles: A Simple Structure for Agent-Based Social Network Models, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation vol. 12, no. 2 3 http://www. evryu. com/ Page 35
  36. 36. Available FREE for ANDROID, for iPhone and WP 7 - coming soon! Screenshot pictures can be found on this URL address: Page 36