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Aauw1 sm slidesandnotes


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Part 1 of AAUW Social Media presentation by J. Lotz giving an overview of social media as of 4/11

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Aauw1 sm slidesandnotes

  1. 1. AAUW’s Experiment In Social Media Using Modern Methods of Mass Communication & Sharing 1I hope to present an overview of current media tools and detail some of the mostpromising social media platforms. 1
  2. 2. Those under 30 have NEVER known a world without the Internet 2Nearly half the human race is under 30 – they have never known a world withthe Internet. 2
  3. 3. Well how do we reach THEM? Meet them where they are: at school and online with the TOOLS they use! 3Meet them where they are: at school and online – using the TOOLS they use.AAUW attracts young women on campus by offering excellent workshops andscholastic opportunities. Of special note are::“Elect Her” (Campaign College) – how to run a campaign for college officeand beyond.$tart $mart – how to negotiate for a better salary, make business growthplans, and how to budget.How can AAUW keep in touch? Please remember to get contact informationfrom attendees and follow up. But sadly AAUW will lose contact becausestudents generally give their college email addresses which are discontinuedas soon as they graduate.Lets try to keep up with them beyond college and get them to invite theirfriends to learn more about AAUW by using the social media tools they uselike Facebook. 3
  4. 4. We will NOT be left out! Women over 55 are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook! 4Many my AGE rely on the Internet too!Computers and fast communication are essential tools for today’s business.For a good deal of our working lives, we have worked with computers.We know or can learn how to use these tools!Online tools are especially valuable to those with family around the world or toreach those infrequently seen in person or another way to update best friendsseen almost every day. Media and social media tools are also fun way toshare information, interests, thoughts and photos instantly with all your familyand friends.We can also advocate for AAUW issues. 4
  5. 5. MEDIA TOOLS 5 AAUW uses 4 main tools today: Website(s), Blog(s), Facebook Pages, and Twitter. Emailis still very effective for fast mass announcements. AAUW’s Social Media Task Force has surveyed the Internet looking for AAUW activity anduse of online media and social media tools. These are just a few of the social media tools withAAUW activity allowing us to communicate and share in spectacularly easy ways. Electronic communication and sharing advances were first driven and controlled by themilitary and academia. When the Internet was opened up to individuals and business in themid 1980’s, tools such as these started to refine solutions to real needs (video sharing,document sharing, link sharing, feed sharing, broadcasting and publishing).Social Media Platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, myspace, meetup and Ning are true social media platforms andwill be discussed later. Google is trying to develop a SM platform of their own too. MySpace - A personal MySpace page is highly customizable with background graphicsand colorful content. The contents of a MySpace profile are: Moods, Blurbs, Blogs,"interests", "details". It also has the possibility to upload music, photos and receivecomments from other users. At least one AAUW college group was still active on MySpace inearly 2011 . GetGlue is a social network for entertainment. Check-in and rate things to discovernew favorites, see what your friends are into: books, movies, music, clubs, etc. SecondLife is like social media on steroids. It is a 3D virtual environmentwhere people can actually meet “face to face” in the “persona of avatars” (likeanimated 3D cartoons) It has great potential but it is a very techie environment leaving it only for those with high-end equipment and the time to learn how tonavigate this 3D world. 5
  6. 6. These are all just TOOLS What is important is WHAT WE DO with the technology 6 People generally use social media to express their personalities, beliefs andsense of humor. So it is not surprising that many people state that social mediahas brought them closer to their families and friends by getting to know them ona deeper basis. It is also so easy to reconnect with long-lost friends, distant relatives, andmeet people with similar interests via social media. For example: anacquaintance may note that you enjoy Scrabble and then challenge you to anonline game; then in the process of playing this game, you can become closefriends. But we can also use social media to advocate for AAUW. 6
  7. 7. What do we hope to ACCOMPLISH? $ AAUW visibility $ Name recognition Increase $ Mission understanding $ Active advocacy $ Audience $ Reputation and trust $ The general public Reach $ Potential members $ Younger Women 7AAUW social media entities have been created primarily to reach out to thegeneral public hopefully reaching future members; rather than used as justanother tool to keep AAUW’s existing members informed of AAUW news. 7
  8. 8. AAUW Tweets TWITTER 8 Twitter is considered a “microblogging” broadcasting tool where people writevery short status updates called “Tweets”. Since each tweet is limited to 140characters, abbreviations are often used along with some special characters. It is aspecial lingo that is second nature to those addicted to Twitter but it all seems verycryptic to those reading tweets for the first time. Twitter is very valuable for broadcasting and receiving real-time news. Veryoften today you will hear where a large news story has been first broadcast viaTwitter. It is also an excellent tool to keep abreast of what’s going on at remoteconventions and conferences in real time. For example: I couldn’t attend theAAUW convention where Lily Ledbetter spoke, but I could read quotes fromher speech shortly after her words touched the hearts of my Twitter friends. Another example is shown on the slide where I followed tweets from the2011 Virginia State AAUW convention. I want to know what Alan Callenderand Peggy Woods-Clark were saying about AAUW’s use of social media. So Isearched for all tweets using the hashtag: “#aauwva11.” A hashtag is aspecial code which is always prefaced by “#” to help define the content /interest of the Twitter post. Here you can see I read in real time good socialmedia information and a compliment I received from Alan at this conference. 8
  9. 9. What is Social Media? $ A method of mass $ With personal control communication – Your choice of friends $ Interactive dialogue – News from only your favorite pages and friends $ Sharing: – Your choice of optional – Thoughts applications – Photos – You set your own security – Videos levels – Links – News – Events – Messages / updates – Philanthropy – Documents / notes – Games 9Sharing & interactive dialog with personal control is what truly sets social mediaapart from other media tools. Members personalize their environment, newsfeeds, friends, favorite groups and page lists.If a person joined a simple discussion group in the past, they received email fromall those who subscribed to the discussion list. This is a good way to share whileeveryone stays on topic. If someone becomes offensive, a fellow subscriber hasno control over the subscription list. In a social media environment, this offensivepersons remarks could be easily hidden from view or removed from your list offriends. 9
  10. 10. What’s Good About NING? 10Ning is a social media host. Ning is currently a paid service where members /organizations build their own social media platform. When Ning was free,several AAUW entities were using Ning but now there is only one: “AAUWAlumni Exchange” which was created to help former AAUW fellows and grantrecipients share information and resources. Membership is closed to thosemeeting the requirements.The AAUW Alumni Exchange has been set up to have a discussion forum,events, special interest groups, and automatic display of the AAUW blog, andlinks to other AAUW social media tools such as Facebook, twitter and You Tube.It is also interesting that members can create their own identity page, see a list ofother members and see a world membership map. 10
  11. 11. Local Events: MEETUP 11 Meetup is a very promising social media tool used to advertise actualphysical events . While is FREE for individuals to join, anyorganization wanting to create a meetup group must pay a monthly servicefee. This tool has shown a lot of promise for advertising branch and statelevel AAUW events to locals looking for things to do. Individuals register for meetup, give their zip code and indicate that theywant information on all activities defined by any number of miles radius fromtheir home. Individuals then receive “Meetup Reminders” and “MeetupWeekly Calendar”. On the screen you can see the AAUW Covington – Mandeville branch’smeetup home page showing upcoming events which will be automaticallypublished to all asking for information on activities around Mandeville. If anindividual clicks for more information about any of these events, they will seea description of the activity, a MAP to the venue, a note how to find us at thevenue, cost and ticket information. They are also urged to email us for moreinformation. 11
  12. 12. Local Events: EventBrite 12 EventBrite is a new tool very similar to Meetup that AAUW national hasrecently started to use. It is currently free to post information for free events: Like Meetup, it displays a description of the event, a map to the location, listsRSVP’s, and members can add any event to their personal calendar. But itallows visitors to easily share this event: by email, LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter. EventBrite fees for paid events are subtracted from the ticket price. You canalso sell tickets and collect registrations directly from your own organizationsWebsite by embedding the EventBrite ticket widget. 12
  13. 13. Professionals Like LINKEDIN 13 Lindedin is a social media tool very attuned to business and self-promotion. An active AAUW experiment is ongoing to see how muchoutreach value LinkedIn has compared to other tools. It has the potential toreach a totally different set of people. While blatant self-promotion is unacceptable behavior in most other socialmedia and forum environments, it seems to be the norm in LinkedIn. SeriousLinkedIn groups often moderate posts on their wall to quickly removeinappropriate posts: solely for self-promotion, off topic, or offensive. “American Association of University Women” and “Social Media forNonprofit Organizations” are 2 LinkedIn groups worth following. 13
  14. 14. What’s so special about FACEBOOK? • Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform with more than 500 million active users world-wide. • Its easy to sign up for and to use • Its FUN! • Marti says "Connecting and re-connecting with people who share my history and interests; the opportunity for CIVIL discourse with those who dont." 14Facebook is easy, popular and fun. Ill discuss Facebook more in part 2. 14
  15. 15. How To Get Started Join It’s Viral: • Sign Up & Create Your Invite Friends Personal Profile • Find FRIENDS HAVE • “Like” AAUW Pages • Invite Friends To Be FANS FUN! • Invite Friends To Invite Their Friends .... 15 What does, “It is viral” mean? It doesnt mean that youre sending PC virusesto your friends. It means that news travels through social media as a virus doesthrough the body: your friend posts something and you want to share so you do,then several of your friends see your post and they share it too. Posts are spreadbecause they are relevant and touch other people in some way. This viral approach to sharing is what makes social media such a powerfultool for AAUW advocacy. So join find friends and have fun! 15