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Silica has introduced new MIT Studio Test Coaching DVD Pack, Easy to learn at home. now crack the MIT Studio Test by preparing you self at home 24x7. Learn like a classroom, rewine, pause, forward etc facility available

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Mit studio test coaching

  1. 1. MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching PackDesigned by NIDiansSILICA’s “MIT Studio Test Coaching DVD Pack” is conceptualized, created and directedby Vaishali Malahara, NID PG in Film and Video Communication.The Studio Test video lectures have been hosted by Gaurav Juyal, NID UG and host ofpopular TV show on Disney Channel called “Art Attack”.The following persons have provided course inputs and lectures:Aditi Dev – NID PG, Textile DesignNarayan Subramaniam – NID PG, Transportation DesignSunil Gupte – NID UG, Graphic DesignFarzan Dalal – NID UG, Exhibition DesignExhaustive Course Contents – 7 Days with 4 modules each dayThe following 7 modules are covered as part of the home coaching pack:Module 1 – Orientation towards Design - Generally NID studio tests are conducted tocheck your understanding of design beyond the scope of pen and paper. This module helpsyou understand and learn through exercises concepts such as design disciplines, creativeaptitude, ergonomics, futuristic-contemporary-historical designs, thematic understandingetc.Module 2 – Doodling tests - One question asked in the NID studio tests is the Doodleexercise. You have to create drawing of something meaningful from just lines, dots,curves, squiggles and caption your drawing suitably. This module will prepare you onpurpose of doodle exercises, how to solve doodles, how to caption and present doodles.Module 3 – Observation tests - Another very important question asked in the NID studiotest is the observation test. A good observation skill is the key to good designing and thusto check ones observation skills these questions are asked. This module takes you throughexercises for mental attentiveness, noticing and registering things, objects, products,environment and cultures.Module 4 – Material Handling test - At NID Studio test there are always certainmaterials given and students are asked to handle these materials and make things out ofthem. This module will introduce you guys to these materials and tell you about the basicways to handle these materials and what to keep in mind while practically using these Buy MIT Test Coaching DVD Pack
  2. 2. MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching Packinteresting materials i.e. POP, Thermacol, MDF boards, Foils, Clay, Wires, Cloth, Wool,Thread, Pins, Plastic, Origami techniques with paper etc.Module 5 – 3D Model making – This module will explain to you step by step how to create3D models based on a brief and given materials. The lectures will be followed by intensivehome exercises to be completed by students.Module 6 – Portfolio Arrangement – This module will cover:1. A detailed portfolio build up,2. Arrangement made out of the past works of the student3. Understanding the purpose of portfolio and arrangement techniques4. Sharing of some selected students portfoliosModule 7 – Interview tips and Mocks – This module will cover a detailed discussion onthe personal interview. It will also cover purpose of the interview, expectations out ofstudents and tips to face the interview.Homework Practice Questions – Practice material is based on last 5 years sample papersof MIT Studio Test. Visit for downloading MITStudio Test Sample Papers.Learn like Classroom from Home.Benchmark your work with other students. • Order online and get the DVD pack delivered to your doorstep in 3 days. • 7 days coaching with 4 Modules each day – Doodling, Observation test, Material handling and 3D modeling. • The interactive framework helps you jump between days, modules and lectures. • Just put the DVD in the computer and Learn 24 x 7. • Benchmark your work with other students in 3 easy steps: Step 1 – Click a picture of your 3D model Step 2 – Upload the picture on and add your explanation Step 3 - Tag all your friends. Don’t forget to add “Silica Inst” as a friend and tag it. Gaurav and our team of faculties will send you feedback on your work. Buy MIT Test Coaching DVD Pack
  3. 3. MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching PackReplay-Rewind-Relearn - Its Easy! • Order online and get the DVD pack delivered to your doorstep in 3 days. • Take the 3 days to buy the materials as per list provided by SILICA. • 7 days coaching with 4 Modules each day – Doodling, Observation test, Material handling and 3D modeling. • Students can: 1. Just put the DVD in the computer and Learn 24 x 7. 2. Work on exercises simultaneously by Pausing lectures as and when required. 3. Rewind and replay lectures as often as they want. Clear their doubts completely. 4. Keep referring back to lectures to solve homework exercises. Buy MIT Test Coaching DVD Pack
  4. 4. MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching Pack • NO extra software required. The DVD plays on a normal computer with the following specifications: 1. Hard Disk space: 100 GB 2. RAM: 1 GB 3. Processor: Core 2 Duo 4. Operating System: Windows Vista or above. It will play in Windows XP but not at optimum quality. It will not work on Mac machines.How to order MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching Pack?Students can order the pack at the following link: cost of the DVD pack is only Rs 1,575/- (including VAT).How to make payment for DVD packStudents can choose any one of 3 easy options:Option 1: Online PaymentPay through a range of options of- Secured with: 1. Credit Cards 2. Debit Cards 3. Net banking (see bank details below) Powered by:The payments are completely safe from internet fraud.Option 2: Deposit into bank accountDeposit to the credit of our account at an HDFC Bank branch (Cash / Cheque).Account Details:Bank A/c No. : 05412320000418NEFT No. : HDFC0000541A/C Holder Name : Edit Systems Pvt LtdBranch : Mahim, MumbaiNOTE:Option 3: Pay at a SILICA centre Buy MIT Test Coaching DVD Pack
  5. 5. MIT Studio Test DVD Coaching PackPay at any of the following SILICA centers in Cash / Cheque:Mumbai – Dadar (W), Andheri (W), Charni RoadPune – MG Road (Camp), LC Road (Erandwane)For more information:Call - 9920432723SMS - “MIT” to 9819646072 Buy MIT Test Coaching DVD Pack